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Friday, 21 May 2010

Bewitched by The Witch of Portobello

What's for lunch? Makan buku again ah?

Isk..isk..isk...Mamarazzi really lazy to cook. Fried rojak vege. Said Vitamin A-Z already in the vege wor. Some more got egg.

*Not Again*

Every time Mamarazzi is lazy, she would cook soup. Easy wor coz just need to throw in everything, boil and can eat liao wor. Some more said got papaya soup. Good enough already wor.

The reason? Coz Mamarazzi was bewitched by this Paulo Coelho book lor. The Witch of Portobello.

Mamarazzi said Joanna Jie Jie have very good taste in books. Mamarazzi said it's very good book. Wanna finish it fast fast. No time to cook complicated meal.

This book tells the story of Sherine Khalil or better known as Athena in the later days, from baby to her death from the eyes of various people who knows her. Special lo. Never saw the whole story of the book that is written from the point of view of various people. Like a 3 dimensional thing.

This book is very different from The Winner Stands Alone. This one is more seductive and soul searching.

A must read for those who love reading.


  1. Cute-nya his expression haha! I thought mamarazzi cooked Portobello mushroom tim haha. The vege and egg dish looks good wat... I cook that very often and C loves it :p

  2. wow...the rojak fried eggs and papaya soup should be very tasty to go with white rice.

  3. Poor smallkucing, tonight as papa to eat out, leave mommy at home to read books...LOL!

  4. Chloe Mummy

    easy and fast kakakaka

  5. Manglish

    Nice...but need a lot of concentration

  6. mNhL

    Coz malas lor...all simple and fast kau tim punya dishes

  7. Pete

    Ya...leave Mamarazzi at home eatbooks :p *evil grinz*

  8. kat.. u want to charge membership fee or not next time? i sure be the first one to sign up for your mini library.. :)

  9. really cute o....^^
    he act really cute =)

  10. haha.... we all have days like these where we feel lazy to cook :p

  11. Papaya soup increases milk production,, mama having planning another baby? Smallkucing jeles.

  12. uhuhu..poor smallkucing.. sokay when mamarrazi free..sure she belanja one..hehe..

    I've been meaning to get this one for a while now (at least 2 visits ago)but always got distracted by another book .. maybe will get it next time.. :)

    PS: good thing ur smallkucing eats veggies..mine dont ahaha

  13. Mandy


  14. Kelvin

    Ya lor coz tarak F.O.O.D kakaka

  15. Kristie

    Yup...some days think and think but dont know what to cook

  16. kesian. Come, ask ur mama send you to Sibu. I feed you all the nice-nice things to eat. Want a lawyer - I've got friend...can sue for child neglect!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

  17. i read that book. didn't like it lor... too atas for me!


  18. Hidayah

    This books need a lot of concentration. Coz have to "see" from other view point. Not a straight forward book

    He eat almost everything one :)

  19. Prince and princess mum

    kerja orang malas lor kakakaka

  20. sulyn

    when going to start a blog?

    This book okay for me but needs a lot of cencentration. Can only read at night when the boy is asleep

  21. nice food wor. all the vitamins there, hehehe. now may i have a bowl of delicious soup pleeze?

  22. Tuti

    Can can :D Most welcomed

  23. rojak vege is always good and easy to prepare. healthy than mamak rojak too. hehe, mamarazi has transformed to mamarojak, bewitched indeed!

    the portabello book got show papaya or not? maybe that's why it ended in the soup. Mamarojak got hypnotized liao.

  24. oh Paolo Coelho again?? how many books of him you had bought huh??

    i'm going to training again at AmCorp mall next week, will go to that bookshop to find books again~~ :p

  25. Gus

    This Portobello tarak show papaya one. Danielle Steel or Harold Robbins ones got show papaya la :p


  26. SK

    3 books :-
    1) The Winner Stands Alone
    2) THe Witch Of Portobello
    3) Brida

    Now looking for The Alchemist. If you see it in BX, please let me know ya. BX havent updated the list yet on their new shipment. So cant check :(

  27. OMG...qhat that mon will cook if she decides to read "The winner is alone"...I prefer not wonder about

  28. Do you know Paulo Coelho, himself, read your post?
    it's true, he has make a comment on twiiter!

  29. FernandB

    Mamarazzi have already read Winner Stands Alone and she didn't cook anything.

  30. Terpsichore

    I didn't know. No wonder there is a sudden surge of traffic coming to this blog. Thanks for alerting me. Have created a twitter account to "kaypoh"(busybody) on it.

    Thank you once again


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