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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Bedtime Stories And Prayers By Enid Blyton - Jesus And His Twelve Friends

Friends...Some are like angels..

some are as sweet as jelly.

some are as cute as a miow miow..

some are as warm as a tub of warms soup on a rainy day

While some are like bad potatoes. Smooth skin on the outside but is heart as black as charcoal.

Everyone need a friends or two no matter how independent they are. Even Jesus needs friends.

The 4th Chapter of Enid Blyton's Bedtime Stories and Prayer is about Jesus And His Twelve Friends.

Guess everybody knew that Jesus was born in Bethlehem ya? Well, he found his calling and he wanted to go out to the country side to tell people to be good and kind. He also wants to help and heal the sick.

In order to help him to do good works, he have to have friends. And off he went.

He went down to Lake of Galilee. He saw two fishermen busy in their boat and call out to them "Come With Me!"

The two men were brothers, Simon and Andrew, looked up. They knew they must go with Jesus, whose face is noble and strong. They pulled up their net and asked "what do you want us to do? We will do all you ask".

Further away there were two brothers, James and John with their father in another boat. Jesus called out to them and they followed him. After that he chose eight more but he love and trust these four the best.

Among the four, was the brave, kind and lovable Simon. People said he could not always be trusted. But Jesus knew better.

He gave him a new name, Peter. Simon asked why. Jesus explained Peter means Rock. He wants someone who is as steady as a rock for he is going to build a great Kingdom of Love, and it must be built on rock so that it will always stand.

Thus Jesus and his twelve friends went out to the country talk to people and heal them when they are sick.


  1. Some friends, they are like salt. Without them life will be tasteless. Agree or not? So, the soup taste nice ornot? =D Drink on rainy day, sure nice wan leh, Smallkucing. Too bad you dun live nearby auntie cleff's house, else, hujan turun liao, auntie cook some cream chicken+potato soup for u. :D

  2. Sigh...good friends are hard to find...

  3. I'm your friend...but I'm like a potato - fat and round and thankfully, not a rotten one. This potato very nice! Yum! Yum! LOL!!!

  4. Kelvin

    Friends no need a lot. Just a few good ones are enough :D

  5. Auntie Cleff

    Of course taste nice ler the soup. Huh huh cream chicken & Potatoes soup ah? got Garlic bread to go or not :p

  6. STP

    Potatoes..Mamarazzi wanted to cook Black sauce chicken with potatoes geh...Mana tau the potatoes rosak..become Black Sauce chicken only lo.

  7. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE30 May 2010 at 13:27

    We never know a human's heart but thx for sharing story on Bible - still remember the story though not church-goer for long :-)

  8. MRC

    Shhh...Mamarazzi also didn't go to church for long time already :p

    But still love the lovely stories from the bible. Sometimes stories from the bible are hard to understand. A lot of hidden meaning. Enid Blyton books makes it easier to understand

  9. kathy.. my church would love u to be a sunday school teacher... teach the kids.. i think u will make a good kids teacher too.. :p

  10. Good friends are really hard to find. Just when you think you are good friends, suddenly she backs away and stop being a friend...

  11. Agreed with reanaclaire....mamarazzi can be a good teacher :)

  12. Claire

    No way..Later become ajaran sesat pulak kakaka

  13. uLi

    if Mamarazzi become a teacher..sure kena report as child abuser kakaka

  14. Agnes

    Go Uncle Lee's blog(

    I remember his posting. One of the saying was Friend for a reason, a season and forever.

    Something about sometimes there will be friends that comes into your life for a season..after that will melt away

    Then some come into your lefe for a reason..maybe to help you go thru a difficult time or some who are evil just wanna use you..

    but there are some who will be with your for your whole life

  15. Yes, I remember reading this story before as a child. Also heard it before in Sunday school classes long time ago.

  16. Alice went to Sunday school ah? Good leh :D


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