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Monday, 31 May 2010

Swensen, Subang Parade many to choose from. What shall I have?

Abang, I want this and this.

An Ice Blended cold drink for Papa with plenty of naughty cream. The cream must have been very naughty to have been whipped till turn into flower.

Spaghetti..I enjoyed eating this very much. Just see my video appended below.

Here is a video on how I enjoy eating and dancing to the music

Hamsup kucing eating spaghetti.

Sizzling Chicken for Mamarazzi. Taste superb. Delicious.

Ice Cream...I wannnnnnnn...gimme gimme gimme...


Cold cold....frozen jaw.

Papa "draw" a "Fa Min Mau". Miaoooooo....

I give it two Thumbs Up. Yummy

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Makan-ed, BX-ed And Dan Neh Noh-ed

Had a nice outing yesterday. Met up with Mamarazzi mad cap chums and their kids.

Had a great lunch at Kanna Curry House which involves a run away Fried Chicken Drumstick. Hey! this confirmed that the Chicken served there is REALLY fresh, right? After goreng, the drumstick can still run punya wor.

After lunch, we proceed to BookXcess. Mamarazzi went mad in the store again la.

Yoh! Mamarazzi! Finish browsing or not. Faster la coz all your chums pengsan liao. I climbed on one Uncle head and nearly broke his collar bone. The Uncle scared of me liao.

Pulled one Auntie pusing-pusing till she pening and wanna vomit. Anyone have Asamboi ?

Then I stolen a hug and a kiss from of the chums' cute daughter. I think I have earned myself a "Mother-in-law" as the girl's mum mentioned something about dowry.

Mamarazzi! I want this Tigger book. I want I want I want. Buy for me. Buy for me.

Kor Kor, you very Lengchai la. Can buy this book for me or not? Mamarazzi don't wanna buy for me wor. What? Your Mommy also tarak give you money ah?

Perseverance is the key to success. Kor Kor no money, I ask another Auntie to buy for me lo. The Lenglui Auntie who was very innocent and kind hearted fell for my "angel face" and bought this book for me. *kissy*kissy *sayang*sayang* Tigger.

My Tigger book *happy*

Mamarazzi's hoard. "James Herriot's Dog Stories" came highly recommended by Winnie of BX.

"Dear John" recommended by Auntie Cleffairy and Auntie Irene .

"Sparkles" by Louise Bagshawe seems to be a good book.

"Call Girl" by Jenny Angell is said to be a true story. Hmmm...don't know got hamsup story or not?

Looks like BookXcess is expanding to Malay books also. Good for them! Promote some of our local authors. Mamarazzi grabbed a few for friend.

While Mamarazzi was busying borong-ing, I also proceed to "psycho" her chums to bring me to Dan Neh Noh(McD) which is located opposite of BX.

After paying for the books, I finally managed to drag everyone to Dan Neh Noh. One Auntie belanja everyone Ice Cream. Yummy...

Then hor...while we syok syok having ice-cream and fries, the Uncle slip away and tapau-ed Happy Meal for us kids. Thank you very much Uncle! Next time tapau some more ah. free dinner and supper liao. Some more got nice Happy Meal toy.

End of the day, everyone went home "balik kampung" style. Each with a few bags full of goodies. Got McD, indian rojaks, cakes, books, toys, food and drinks. I bet Auntie Cynthia would be laughing at the "Balik Kampung" style when she read this post. Oh was a really fun day.

Bedtime Stories And Prayers By Enid Blyton - Jesus And His Twelve Friends

Friends...Some are like angels..

some are as sweet as jelly.

some are as cute as a miow miow..

some are as warm as a tub of warms soup on a rainy day

While some are like bad potatoes. Smooth skin on the outside but is heart as black as charcoal.

Everyone need a friends or two no matter how independent they are. Even Jesus needs friends.

The 4th Chapter of Enid Blyton's Bedtime Stories and Prayer is about Jesus And His Twelve Friends.

Guess everybody knew that Jesus was born in Bethlehem ya? Well, he found his calling and he wanted to go out to the country side to tell people to be good and kind. He also wants to help and heal the sick.

In order to help him to do good works, he have to have friends. And off he went.

He went down to Lake of Galilee. He saw two fishermen busy in their boat and call out to them "Come With Me!"

The two men were brothers, Simon and Andrew, looked up. They knew they must go with Jesus, whose face is noble and strong. They pulled up their net and asked "what do you want us to do? We will do all you ask".

Further away there were two brothers, James and John with their father in another boat. Jesus called out to them and they followed him. After that he chose eight more but he love and trust these four the best.

Among the four, was the brave, kind and lovable Simon. People said he could not always be trusted. But Jesus knew better.

He gave him a new name, Peter. Simon asked why. Jesus explained Peter means Rock. He wants someone who is as steady as a rock for he is going to build a great Kingdom of Love, and it must be built on rock so that it will always stand.

Thus Jesus and his twelve friends went out to the country talk to people and heal them when they are sick.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Jalan Jalan At 1Utama

NOTE : This is not a paid post nor a sponsor post written for any company. Just kebetulan the company logo was in the picture.

After my jab jab we went to 1Utama to jalan-jalan a bit. Found a small pond. Plenty of lovely fish.

Gimme five, fishy. duno how to "High Five" one ah?

Such a Zen Place. Nice place to do Tai Chi. car car. brummmmmm..

Tiring leh ...such a big place to jalan.

Sit sit and have a rest first.

Aiks...kenot sit here ah? Got gigantic ball behind likey...kick ball kick ball. FIFA coming.

Nice seat..nice view too. Big big LCD TV. Papa buy? No money ah? Wait ah..I grow up. I buy, ok.

Alamak! why got little "Birdie" in between the kangkang one? Naughty Papa. Put finger there.

Carry me ..carry me...

Nice gai-gai. Now time to sleep. Tidur tertonggeng coz bum bum pain pain kena jab.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Mark's Asam Laksa, 1 Utama (Updated 5/2010)

After my H1n1 jab jab the other day, we went to 1Utama coz Mamarazzi wanted to get some herbs from Effective Herbs store.

I wanted Kaw Por to hold my hands the whole time. Don't want Papa nor Mamarazzi.

Mamarazzi grabbed the chance to drop by Mark's Asam Laksa to try out their curry laksa. Previous experience (click here) with their Asam Laksa was real nice.

Papa ordered their Nasi Kunyit. Alamak...super tiny plate. Even the fried egg have covered 1/3 of the plate liao. Taste?'ll have to ask Papa lor.

Mamarazzi's bowl of Curry Laksa. Quite a lot of liu. Taste nothing to shout about. Not as good as Ah Loy's Curry Laksa but a least better than Village Park Curry Laksa.

ABC. Quite a big bowl. Taste not bad.

And once again, I wanted to manja with Kaw Por. I want Kaw Por to feed me instead of Mamarazzi.

Ouch...too much ABC....brain freezed.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Restaurant Jin Cheng, Tapah(Updated May 2010)

Blur blur liao. Very winding road on the way down from Cameron Highland.

Mamarazzi have been to Cameron Highland many time. This is the first time that she vomitted when arrived at the restaurant.

At Restaurant Jin Cheng again. We stumbled upon this humble restaurant on our previous trip to Cameron Highland. Click here to see previous post.

Papa said to order something with Ginger since Mamarazzi was feeling woozy. Thus, we order Sheong Thong Lala.

Not recommended. The Lala was not that fresh and the soup taste artificially sweet.

Salted Vegetable Soup. Yummy ...very nice.

Last round we had this dish too. Taste good. This round the standard remain the same. Delicious.

I had nearly a whole plate of rice with the Salted Vegetable soup.

Price wise is reasonable. If not mistaken, it's RM37 only. Got prawns and Lala wor.
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