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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Sentul Ah Yap Charcoal Hokkien Mee restaurant @ Kota Damansara

Mamarazzi gila Hokkien mee again. Saw this restaurant have quite many customers. Decided to try it out. Location No 10 Jalan PJU 5/5, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya. Open from 11am - 1am

Wow...apart from Hokkien Mee, they seems to have a large variety of food also. Steamed chicken, dumplings, vegetables....

Wow! That was fast.

Quite a large portion. RM11. Papa said not enough "wok hei".Mamarazzi said okay. Not bad. Noticed the noodle is flatter as compared to others. The Taukeh said it's because the noodle don't have "Kan Sui".Hmm...that is good. Coz Mamarazzi doesn't like "Kan Sui" smell in noodles.

Not much "liu". Only have cabbage, sawi, prawns and pork.Very little pork lard. No sotong nor pork liver like the Paramount one. However, it's noted that this one is less oily as compared to many others.

Where is my drink? Noodle lai ler but drinks yet to arrive.

Finally, watermelon juice and Sea-coconut with Red Dates. Hmmm that is special. Normally is sea coconut with snow fungus or longan. Taste a bit too sweet. Mamarazzi claims that she can do better. Then Papa said Mamarazzi should open shop sell Leong Sui and Thong Sui.

Overall, I liked this noodle. I ngap so much. Spoon not fast enough so I used hand. Ter-wipe my hand on my baju. Kena Mamarazzi scolding....sob sob sob...


  1. *shake head* makan again! tell me, which lubang u havent explore? everywhere oso u sudah makan.. :D

  2. u really know where to makan.. i guess u r like me.. never cook much, right? :p i never heard of watermelon with red dates...

  3. Claire...

    you must have been sleepy leh. It's watermelon juice and Sea-cocnut juice with red dates. LOL.

  4. Merryn

    I have many lubang yet to explore leh :p. Care to follow muhahahaha

  5. Business hour from 11am-1am, walau eh... they operate until midnight! Judging from the photo it looks quite delicious wor, not nice meh? (LOL, I reckon your husband must be a picky eater)

    Have a pleasant week ahead!

  6. Nice! Yum! Yum! Not a fan of Hokkien me but this one looks really good... LOL!!! Claire needs a crash course in speed reading...

  7. I want to follow!!! when when? eh 2 ppl eat no shoiok one... come la add me and my baby!

  8. must be pretty delicious!

  9. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE11 April 2010 at 10:11

    Joshua eye a bit pop out when see the food :-D

  10. Alice

    Taste okay la.But not as much ingredients as the one in Paramount

  11. STP

    Hokkien mee nice nice ah especially if they have lotsa crunchy p.o.r.k lard.

  12. I wanna join oso... CYyyyyynnn... bring me go!

  13. Cleff...

    come we go bodek Cyn. Cyn just did some baking :p

  14. Looks nice to me. I'm going to cook Hokkien noodles one of these days.


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