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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Saga Of Darren Shan

Remember this book that Mamarazzi bought from BookXcess for Kor Kor Jon? Mamarazzi tak malu. Went and"pinjam" it first. Read and finished it after two nights of burning midnight oil.

This book is meant for teens but yet Mamarazzi enjoyed it very much. Guess, she is still young at heart gua.

It consists of 3 books in 1.

Book 1 : Cirque Du Freak is about how he was turned into a half-vampire in order to save his friend who was bitten by a poisonous spider. Very cham. Was turned from a care-free boy love by his friends and family into a loner who loss everything. Even his humanity.

Book 2 : The Vampire Assistant talks about how he started to learn the life of a vampire and how he tried as hard as he can to retain his humanity and restraint from sucking human blood. By doing so, he might die.

Book 3 : Tunnels of Blood. The story turn "darker" here with introduction of Vampire General and Vampaneze(those who suck dry their victims).

Scary? Nah....Mamarazzi said it's like Harry Potter. Not gross at all. In fact, seems to indirectly teach about loyalty, sacrifice and responsibility.

Cham loh...seems that this book is a series of 12 books. Looks like Mamarazzi will be chasing after the balance of9 books. Hope BookXcess have them in stock.

As for me, I "no eyes see". Baik aku tidur.


  1. so you do buy stuff from book xcess?.. will check it out there

  2. OOh, I think this was made into a movie.. Cirque Du Freak : The Vampire's Assistant .. I remember my cousin brothers being insanely addicted to the series. Hehe, looks like Mamarazzi's found a new series to chase :p

  3. Wah...Mummy how do you manage your time blog quite often and read alot too. I read one magazine and it took me hours to finish haha.

  4. Eugene

    Not buy..more like borong kakakaka

  5. Mummy Gwen

    That's why Mamarazzi having dark circle and eye bag lor :(

  6. Joanna

    I went again last week thinking of taking the balance of the 9 books but no complete set. Hope next shipment have la

  7. Eeee...why you sleep like got wear make up - lips so red like wear lipstick...and eyelashes so black and long like got put on mascara? Hahahahaha!!!!

  8. How does it compare to the other vampire series out there like the Twilight series (stephanie meyer) or the Vampire Diaries (LJ Smith) or the Vampire Chronicles (Anne Rice)?

  9. so fast!!!!!! i am still struggling with moby dick hahahhaa hurry hurry hurry i keep telling myself, so little time, so many great writings to read haizzzz

  10. Good, mummy must keep her heart young, otherwise as you grow older she is even older. Wahahaha that is facts ma..

  11. wow... it's good that u managed to update so often! like it!

  12. I want the lamb, dowan the vampire, can? The lambie so cute1 LOL....

  13. Geng ar Mamarazzi...*salute*

  14. Chris

    Not really that bloody leh

  15. Hidayah

    I have yet to read the Meyer's book nor LJ. But this one is much different from Anne Rice.

    This one is more to teenagers.

  16. Molly

    very true

    mamarazzi have to keep up todate with the latest trend

  17. Carrie

    thanks :)

    love your blog too

  18. Cleff

    No lamb...u want lamb u have to ask from J lor

  19. Hi SK, Holy Smoke! That gorgeous lady YOU?
    This the kind of lady I sure let go handbrake, take no prisoners, ha ha....if old days.

    I have never met a woman who doesn't love shopping!
    I think since I got married, I spend half my life waiting for my wife.
    Luckily I have a fisherman's patience. Go get yourself a new dress, then a handbag to match.....then shoes too. Ha ha, no end.
    Have fun, Lee.

  20. *close eyes like meow meow*
    scary title and books dunwan read. :P

  21. hehehe...if I'm in your situation, I'll be like you too....faster read the book first before giving it out.:P btw, I like that last phhoto of Joshua sleeping - looks cute and peaceful.

  22. Uncle Lee

    Comment at wrong post la. But i know what u mean.

    That lady not me la. Hopefully when i wear that dress, i would look half as nice :)

  23. Tuti

    not scary la...very "educational";P

  24. now only i noticed his long eye lashes!!! so nice!!

  25. 2Ma

    ya he have long eyelashes. To bad no double eyelids


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