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Monday, 12 April 2010

Restaurant TK Chong at Damansara Perdana

We went to "makan" Hor Fun at Restaurant TK Chong at Damansara Perdana again the other day. The restaurant is located at No. 5-1, Jalan PJU8/51, Perdana Business Centre, Damansara Perdana. Been here a few times before. Mamarazzi love the Taugeh here.

Wah..service very fast wor.

A large bowl of Hor Fun at RM5-50. Worth every sen. A lot of "liu" and the soup very sweet. I love it so much that I ate nearly half the bowl of Hor Fun. Mamarazzi wanted to order a second bowl for herself but then they ran out of Hor Fun. We arrived there just before they were closing for the day. Next time must go earlier. But the parking is very hard to find at that area.

Here are the Taugeh that Mamarazzi raving about. See! the taugeh are like those Taugeh from Ipoh. All bulat-bulat ones. Taste juicy and sweet.

Here are the pricing for the food there.


  1. Kathy, come to ipoh la for these.. by the way, the koay teow chicken looks good eh.. one bowl in ipoh cost around 3.50..
    so when coming?

  2. wow...the hor fun really looked very flavourful. Big and fat taugeh tast really nice !

  3. 5.5RM?????????????????????? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa increase so fast liao........

  4. I dont really like those fat and short taugeh. I prefer the skinny long type. haha!

  5. Aiyo it's now lunch time and I'm so hungry! Looking at your hor fun makes me even hungrierrrr!!! LOL!

  6. Wah, chubby chubby ipoh mari taugeh....everyweek also I buy! Nice!

  7. Claire

    will definitely go Ipoh lor . Have to find a day or two kekeke

  8. Rose

    I like Ipoh Taugeh coz for me it's juicier

  9. mNhL

    I like the Hor Fun with soup that have red color oil. Normally those very sedap one

  10. Pete

    Lucky you lar since near your house ada jual

  11. Lenglui Witch

    Time to go makan lunch lor

  12. oh, long time never eat Ipoh Sar Hor Fun already.. you make me suddenly crave for it so much now.. so bad~~ :p

  13. Wow! Expensive! Never mind...KL people all very rice one. Certainly looks nice and delicious!!! I quite like hor fun...but the dental surgery upstairs!!! takut! Hahahahaha!!!!

  14. SK

    Sorry la...I also craving for it> Lucky to get the last bowl before the close shop for the day :)

  15. STP

    That is good ma..if you eat and half way sakit gigi then can go to the dentist lor. Or even after an appointmentwith dentist normally cannot eat hard food geh. So eat Sar Hor Fun la. Niceeeeee

  16. Always cari makan around PJ/Damansara hor..hehe. The Ipoh hor fun is so yummy looking. RM5.50 mahal also eh.

  17. Mummy Gwen

    Ya...seldom go far. KL traffic as bad as jakarta :(

  18. wah...I can say really look like the Ipoh kind! But VERY EXPENSIVE!! What to do....cannot go Ipoh, have to eat this.

    Nothing like a fat crunchy taugeh!

  19. Ann,

    price ok la since the food is nice. Sakit hati if kena lousy food and expensive price


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