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Friday, 16 April 2010

Photo Tag From Wenn

I was tagged by Wenn. Seems that the rule of the game is to look in your first photo folder from either Picasa or hard drive for the 10th photo, tell a story about it, mention the blog that tagged you, and tag five other blogs.

So here is the 10th photo in my Picasa Album. Caught this bunch of idiots fooling around on the road. Two guys using their legs to push the motorbike in the middle. The middle motorbike tak rosak pun coz Mamarazzi saw them speeding away after the toll booth.

Like Auntie Claire, Mamarazzi won't tag 5 of you. Whoever who wanna join in the game, please do so :).


  1. indeed risking their lives!

  2. Wenn

    Their lives is in their own hands but they are risking the lives of the road users too. Later terlanggar them then become court case pulak :(

  3. :D tot it will be a picture of kucing :P so dangerous there.. haih..

  4. risking their lives.. when fall down, cry of pain!

  5. Claire

    Can cry never mind...if kenot cry?die liao :(

  6. Fuiyooohhhh... mat rempit lah tu! Eh, very bahaya lah. Last time, hubby oso almost langgar them because they ride their bike liddat. :( Stupid ppl... live too long liao. This kind of ppl, should go and check in in bilik mayat for them!

  7. haiizzz mat rempit...still around ar?

  8. idiots. Thought they having fun....

  9. WAH so dangerous these ppl. When wil they learn the value of life??

  10. Oh, it's about photo tag again ya...

  11. Cleff

    Haiyo...lucky your hubi never langgar them else the whole gang might have beat up your hubi leh :(

  12. Manglish

    Still around. More so during weekends :(

  13. Lenglui Witch

    ...when they lost a limb or two baru they will learn gua..but then they most probably will make muka kesian and ask hand out from the government la

  14. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE17 April 2010 at 13:43

    Ermmm Mat rempit downgraded to "samseng jalanan" - Their goal is to attract attention lor

  15. MRC

    Have to be very careful when see them

  16. So dangerous..and risking others ppl lives too.

  17. they never know the value of life


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