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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Papaya Soup Recipe

A few friends had asked Mamarazzi recipe for Papaya Soup. So here it goes. A half ripe Papaya. Mamarazzi likes to use Papaya Solo.Nicer.

Oppss...this one a bit too ripe but hentam la. Next time don't buy so ripe punya ya.

Ingredients. A hand full of red dates, ground nuts and a piece or two of pork bone. Those with kids or want "halal" recipe can replace the Pork with Chicken drumstick. Make sure peel off the skin ya or else the soup will be too oily.

Then a small piece of Dai Tao Choy. Just half a piece as indicated in the photo will be enough. Wash and soak it in cold water for a few minutes.

Boil the ground nuts, red dates, meat and Dai Tao Choy till the ground nuts is soft and throw in the Papaya.

Once the Papaya is soft, mean kau tim already. Nice Papaya Soup is ready for drinking.

Happy Easter Everyone!


  1. Aiyoh, I just came back from market and was wondering whether to buy the green papaya for soup but was unsure what to add in. Never mind, there is alway tomorrow. :)
    yum yum very sweet and tasty hor!!

  2. WOW .. I've never heard of papaya soup... and this looks so so so delicious. Mesti cuba =p

  3. ah, today is bigkucing's kitchen special feature! lol.

  4. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE4 April 2010 at 10:52

    Happy easter to the happy family :-D

  5. i wan..i wan... i heard papayas are good even as soups.. normally my mum gave me the half riped papayas... and do u know that papaya leaves can help to heal denggi patients?

  6. Wat's tat on the top rite picture of the ingredient??? TQ for sharing the recipe.

  7. Never cooked it like that - just kampung sayur rebus style - with belacan, ikan bilis and chilli...

  8. looks yummy! happy easter!

  9. LMAO... I oso have that Jacob's bowl. LOL...

  10. drink papaya soup liao boobie fa foo is it??

  11. Molly

    Yup very sweet and tasty

  12. Claire

    You so untung coz your mom give u the papaya. I had to buy. Here not cheap oh. Small one rm1.50 - RM2

  13. Mery

    In Cantonese it's called"Dai Tao Choy". A type of dried salted vege. I don't know what it is called in english.

  14. Wenn

    I love this soup. Happy Easter to you too :)

  15. STP

    Kampung sayur rebus? how how? teach me please. you have blog about it? link please. Thanks

  16. Cleff

    not jacob bowl's from ubat gigi Darlie

  17. hmmm, i've heard of papaya soup but never have drink it before..

  18. SK

    Try and make la. Very easy. Just get all the stuffs, wash and throw into the pot to boil

  19. interesting recipe!

    btw, what is Dai Tao Choy?

  20. i heard it can improve milk production.....true ah?

  21. Pete

    Heard so too but no more milk to produce ler :p

  22. Kristie

    I dont know what it is called in english. It's a type of dried salted vege

  23. Wah, never try that before :D
    Look yummy.. *slurp*

    Cute boy boy leh,hahaha

  24. Araleling

    Thank you :D

    Easy to cook. Just dump everything inside :p

  25. Kristie

    Dai Tao Choy is a type of Dried Salted vege.


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