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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

My New Home

Omigosh! I am speechless. My new "home". Do you like my new home?

A kind Orangy Fat Cat had helped Mamarazzi to upload this new "home" for me. This "Cat" is very talented. If anyone got problem related to PC or web service, you can contact the "Cat" by clicking here.

Meantime, here is what I have to say to the old "home". Bye! Bye! Bye!


  1. everyone is going, me, and another blogger reanaclaire...

  2. Where? Got new theme meh? Can't remember the old one - can't tell the difference... Hahahahaha!

  3. cool home.. housewarming bila ? :D

  4. OOOOH... I LOVE THIS TOO!!! Too bad i m a bit too late, u beat me to it, Joshua.. young boy sure can do things faster than old auntie here!
    So..when is your mama going to give buffet party for us bloggers?

  5. Eeeeeee.... why J so nottie look wan... Auntie wanna laugh liao! Like snickering, got evil genius plan! Evil Joshua!

  6. It just feel great to visit someone's new home!!

  7. I like your 'new home'. Really gave me a 'wow'. Hmm....maybe I should consider a new home too?

  8. Very nice!!! Love the 'feel' of the whole layout!! Got happy feeling :D

  9. nice home lei.. I also want...

  10. Yes, it's nice :-) *envy* Everyone is moving to a new "home"... i want one too!

  11. ah, i thought the new home is the new haircut small meow meow had! lol.
    and nice home! bright and sunny. full of good cheer.

  12. Manglish

    Errrr...cant expect me to go pink gua :p

  13. Garfield

    Thank you very much for the help :)

  14. Claire

    Buffet ah? When u coming down again?

  15. Merryn

    House too warm like...hope rain soon.

  16. Cleff

    Evil laugh new "toy" kakaka

  17. Wenn

    This one is called Paradise Valley :)

  18. Rose

    You getting new home soon?

  19. mNhL

    I didnt know I can use special design template till i was informed by Claire. She teach me to go to here and select template

  20. Chloe Mummy

    Go go select a new home. Many choices :)

  21. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE14 April 2010 at 17:04

    Ehh nice layout...period


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