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Sunday, 11 April 2010

My Blog Is Carbon Neutral

What the heck is this? First saw it in Auntie Merryn's blog. Then it shows up in Mummy Ling's Blog and now at Auntie mNhL Blog.

Thus Mamarazzi went to the website to check it out.

Read in the website that Alexander Wissner-Gross, PhD, physicist at Harvard University, have conducted a study. Said blogging also can create Carbon Dioxide. He said that an average website causes about 0.02g (0,0008oz.) of carbon dioxide for each visit. Eeee...this is not good at all. Some hor...he said that this can be tracked back to the immense energy usage from (mainframe) computers, servers, and their cooling systems. Betul or not? Got so "Kua cheong" meh?

According to him, assuming an average blog gets 15,000 visits a month, it has yearly carbon dioxide emissions of 3,6kg (8lb.) Wah lau eh...if this blog have that many visits a month then I be kaya already loh. But yet...prevention is better than cure, right? Though this blog doesn't have that many visit per month, better help and spread the word lor. Hope it will be a greener world when I grow up.

Ahhh...don't wanna pening lah. How to verify all this? Mamarazzi is not a rocket scientist. The main thing is that they say they are going to plant a tree in Plumas for each blog that write a short blog post about their programme “My blog is carbon neutral”. Planting tree is good, right? Planting tree helps the environment. The tree is said would be planted in Spring 2010 by the Arbor Day Foundation. It's good that somebody is taking the initiative to do so and Mamarazzi shouldn't be so skeptical.

co2 neutral shopping and coupons with

Anyone else wanna join? Here are the simple steps:-
  1. Write a blog post about the initiative + insert your favourite button
  2. E-mail the link to your post to
  3. They plant a tree for your blog in Plumas’!

I wonder what tree they are going to plant? Durian? Mango? Rambutan? Let's hope it's some useful tree.


  1. Hahahahhaha... Durian the best kot?

  2. Congratulations on adopting a tree! You'll get an email from them soon :)

  3. Cleff

    I LOVE durians :p. Very easy to grow leh. See so many durian hutan at Cameron Highland. Even at the hill slope also can survive

  4. Merryn

    Let's hope they will plant one for this blog lah.


    Hope not e-mail to ask me to remove the post as not much information given. I don't know how to write long winded post lah.

  5. Aiyor, it's like a fluke... everyone is joing this campaign! I'm joing too, but my post is pending, too lazy and trying to give myself a week of grace period to do this.

    Have a nice day ahead!

  6. Alice

    Like I said no harm lor.Tanam ke tak tanam ke.Kalau dia betul tanam bagus la

  7. Good! Good! Everyone's doing their bit for the environment...

  8. yeah i read this in a few blogs.. so next time belanja me makan your durians when they r ripe!! ok.. i chop chop first.. lol..

  9. I have planted chilli*5, Guava*1, Lime * 2 plus markisas - is it enough mamarazzi?

  10. Longan tree ar? I want la..hehheh

  11. *high 5* we all turned green. haha.. so far I've not received any email from them le. Hopefully they will not ask me to remove the post (like what u mentioned in the comment). hahaha....

  12. Well, I know that sitting in front of PC is not good, but never knew they go down into details in doing research on blogging. Oh dear, does it means we need to reduce times in blog world? :p

    Well, no harm spreading the news. It sounds interesting, and I would love to have a tree named after my blog. hahaha!

  13. Opps all the mummies are turning green like incredible hulk, hulk like durians?.....ha ha ha!

  14. LG

    Tarak lulian tree or Petai tree meh?

  15. Claire

    Dont know Ang Moh will plant durian tree or not wor

  16. Mommy Ling

    why not u ask them?longan nice also

  17. Rose

    Then it's time to sit down and blog about it :P

  18. I want peach tree, have anot?

  19. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE12 April 2010 at 16:30

    Wa lau eh....Betul ke ini?? Haizz but tenk kiu for the spread of the awareness of this...It dampen my mood to blog oledi

  20. lulian smelly - later my neighbour thought got corpse in the house how?

  21. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE12 April 2010 at 16:33

    No wonder Joshua's the eye terBELIAK....Hey i wanna congrat the "director" behind the scene

  22. Cleff

    Guamana tau wor..u ask the company la

  23. MRC

    Cheer up la...u also blog about it lo..hope they will plant a trees for you.What tree u want?Money Tree?

  24. uLi

    Lets hope they will plant the tree:)


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