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Friday, 2 April 2010

Island House Recipe, Kota Damansara(Update)

Yay..makan again. It's Island House Recipe located at No 25 Jalan PJU 5/21, Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damansara, PJU 5, 47810 P.J. . Mamarazzi had blogged about this place last year.Click here for our last Island House Recipe experience.

This round Mamarazzi ordered Ice-Blended Asamboi drink. Mamarazzi love the taste.

Papa's Ice Blended Coffee. Taste okay la

Kaw Por ordered "Wat Tan Hor" and said taste okay. Portion a bit small.

Last round Mamarazzi had Curry Mee, this round Mamarazzi wanna try their Prawn Noodles pulak. Sorry ya...photograph looked a bit unappetising but it really taste quite good. I guess this means Mamarazzi cannot be a food photographer or else all the customers cabut lari.

My plate of Fried Rice. Initially Mamarazzi commented why portion so small but after "korek-korek" the portion seems to be quite big pulak. Maybe it looked small coz the rice was made to look like a small hill. Taste good especially with the fried onions.

Alamak! ask me to belanja ah? Got money or not ah?

Got ah got ah..

Hmm...RM1 enough or not?

Aiyo...not enough? What to do ah? Stay back and cuci pinggan ah?

Aisey...trying to April Fool me only is it?

1 jULY 2012


  1. hahaha... mamarazzi april fooled u, joshua?? never mind, wait till joshua big big, can fool back mama.. :)

  2. Always enjoy reading the captions of smallkucing's cute photos haha! The photos look ok to me...

  3. Wah!! You always jalan jalan cari makan one ya? So nice.

    That Asamboi drink look yummy, but how come in orangy color geh? Look like carrot juice to me.

  4. Alamak arm twisting the poor little boy to pay haha. Why his pocket says he will pay 100%? Wow curry mee my fav, nice or not? tQ

  5. RM1 can go on kiddie ride only lah Joshua.. :P

  6. Wah!!! Your mum's drink looks so nice... Sour or not? The food so-so only lah! So kesian, they ask you to pay... Next time we go together, I belanja you lah!!! LOL!!!

  7. Chloe Mommy

    The food taste quite ok but the photo make it look not that nice

  8. Bananaz

    Muhahaha...kenot makan free mah...:p

    taste quite good

  9. Annie

    Jln jln become "white mice" :p

    I also dont know how come the drink is orangy in color .

  10. STP

    Thank you thank you thank you :)

  11. Merryn

    *sob*sob*sob* kiddy rides accept coins only wor

  12. Yummy...your food pics always look good to me. Aiyo, I'm craving for Prawn Noddles. *sob sob*

  13. Mummy Gwen

    which hotel?I ask hubi to deliver to you when he goes Jakarta :p

  14. Not enough money to pay nevermind, mummy and daddy stay back to wash pinggan! LOL!

  15. good gosh! you're so adorable! mamarazi can't take good food pictures but she can really make you look good! and she's got tricks under her sleeves to make you do things too.

    now go give her a big kiss...

  16. What a spread of food you have here! The prices range from RM5- RM7 considered quite economical for a restaurant.
    Have a wonderful weekend Joshua, don't forget to keep us update on your visit!

  17. hm...somehow i've been watching smallkucing grows up on the cyber space :)

  18. OMG... I really hate you right now. So hungry. I pi masak Udon mee dulu! LOL...

  19. cute!!!!

  20. cooling now look at the ice blended :D

  21. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE3 April 2010 at 11:49

    Concur with Pete above - esp for Kathy ...LOL...."Shap shap the water" for Kathy lor...Btw the drinks look extraordinary

  22. Alice

    Will do will do :)

    You have a nice weekend too :)

  23. Gus

    thankiu thankiu thankiu muahaha

  24. Cleff...Sunday post lagi a killer :p

  25. Chris

    lucky thru cyberspace..if real life, you are going to get a headache :p

  26. uLi

    Yumm....sweet sour...and cool


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