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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Ipoh Mali Lengluis

See this, you think of what? Think of Ipoh mali, right? myself a nice table. Mamarazzi said coz we are meeting two Ipoh mali Lengluis. Auntie Agnes and Baby Charmaine.

eee...rasa tak sabar-sabar lagi ler.

Aiks! Papa bought such a big muffin for me ah?

Shy ler to eat alone. Wondering whats keeping the rest of them.

Fuiyoh...Ice Blended Mango and duno what.

*Suck*suck*suck..taste kinda weird

Yay..Auntie Cynthia and Princess Breanna arrived liao. Breanna wearing nice nice baju

Can I steal a kiss ah?

Wah...Auntie Agnes and pretty Charmaine arrived just a moment after Auntie Merryn and Kor Kor Ethan.

Cute or not these four Lengluis. Wah lau eh..they sure brightens up the day.

Group photo with two Papa being the camera man...uiks? Mana Kor kor Ethan?

Aiyo..paiseh photo of me"talking" non-stop trying to impress these two lenglui pulak. This round it's my turn to chit-chat with "blogger friends" pulak. Mamarazzi hardly have any chance to chat with the rest.

Ni must be Mamarazzi got jealous. I haven't finish chatting with my friend and hardly have time to chat nor have my photo taken with Kor Kor Ethan, Mamarazzi dragged me away pulak. Say got second appointment elsewhere.

I didn't even have the chance to thank Auntie Cynthia for this biscuit and Auntie Agnes for the Heong Peah. Thank you very much Auntie Cynthia and Auntie Agnes. And it was nice meeting you Baby Charmaine, Princess Breanna and Kor Kor Ethan.


  1. hrm....Ipoh....wanna put it into my destination...hehehe =p

  2. gathering again ya :) Ipoh mali one really lenglui leh...hehe!


  4. Righto... my post coming rite up :D

  5. Cleff

    Why sulk jek? You busy wor. How to ajak u out leh

  6. uLi

    yalor...another gathering yesterday afternoon :)

  7. Another mummy gathering??? I like that!

  8. *thrown tantrum* SULK. Gimme ice cream! Sobsosbsosbsosbs!

  9. Wah! Go to Starbucks, so kaya... LOL!!! Ur mama only wants you to kiss-kiss the girls...doesn't want to take your photo with Ethan kor2! Hahahahahaha!!!

  10. Cleff

    come la come la we eat ice cream at Amcorp mall la

  11. Rose

    yup another mommies gathering :p. Syooook max

  12. STP

    Kenot kiss Ethan Kor Kor and him not "gay" one leh..

  13. wah...all the lengluis and their princess, prince.. one prince missing though..that one celebrity boy, must be signing autographs somewhere..
    Agnes lose weight already.. now more leng. Great to see u all having a nice time.. hope one day u all come to ipoh pulak.. OK?

  14. Claire

    Too bad you were not there too

  15. Wow, what a fun meet up! Just look at all those smiling faces. Blessing!

  16. Hi Small Kuching, looking at the beautiful pics I now wondering whats the population of Malaysia today, ha ha.
    Nice pics, and love the kids pics, all really cute. Their moms too, *wink*.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  17. hahaha, so attracted to the lengluis from ipoh, until don't even realised the camera is shooting photo.. :p

  18. eh...i was expecting sis claire there in the pics

  19. Kristy

    It was really nice to finally put a face to the blog that Mamarazzi always read and to catch up with friends.

  20. Medie007

    No funny no laugh lor. As you know, laughter is the best medicine lor

  21. Uncle Lee

    I bet if you come back to Malaysia and held a bloggers meet up, the whole stadium also kenot fit in everyone :p

  22. Chris

    Claire just came to KL last month wor. So when is your turn?

  23. SK

    Haiz...boys....what to do :p. Only Ethan is so well behave. This smallkucing very ganas de.

  24. I would like to wish you and your family
    Many Easter Blessings and have you a great Easter!

  25. Jealous jor....even at homes praying hard for daddi comes back early..but no luck..sob**sob**

  26. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE5 April 2010 at 10:58

    Forget to ask this earlier on : Is Joshua going to betroth to that cute gal??.....Example of advantage of networking;-)

  27. How nice..gathering with blogger friends. :D Ipoh is famous for lengluis hor. ^_^

  28. wah....ipoh gathering for nice ler...organize one in KL! hehehe

  29. you ah.. so fast cabut!! we go jalan jalan somemore after that you know.. :p

  30. Shakira

    Same to you. Hope you had a nice day

  31. Mommy Ling

    Maybe next time lor

  32. Vialentino

    It was at Starbuck Ikano ler

  33. Cynthia

    coz have 2nd round appointment fir jalan jalan...haiz...wih my monkey how to jalan ler...more like running ler

  34. Eeee.... Amcorp mall pulak... this perempuan... I know what you're up to! LOL...

  35. Mummy Gwen

    I thought you also Ipoh mali lor :p

  36. Cleff

    Amcorp mall have McD wor...McD have ice cream wor :p

  37. Wah, Princess Breanna is getting very popular everywhere. She is very cute like you hor, kuching.

  38. Molly

    Princess Breanna memang cute . A beauty princess one day

  39. Boey Joey

    Too bad Ethan not in it :(

  40. We were supposed to be lepakking there on that day too... too bad tak jadi. Nice gathering you all had :-)

  41. Chloe's mommy

    I heard also.Supposed to lepak with Mummy moon right? Oh boy...if jadi, the two of you would have a nice surprise lor.

  42. Nice gathering! Wish I have the chance to meet up with other mummy bloggers.

  43. Alice

    Nevermind..there is always a next time :)


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