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Saturday, 1 May 2010

I Search High And Low For The Girl That I Lost

After having Ninja Joe Burger, I went to the Playland in front of Toys 'R Us

As i was playing, I chanced upon a lenglui.

We played together for awhile.It might looked like we were kissing thru the window, but we were not.

This lenglui was more elusive than the elusive Auntie Cleffairy

I kept looking for her



and over

Going up..

Peek everywhere. Sometimes, I see a shadow.

But most of the empty window....


  1. haha the last 2 sentences rhymes! ;P

  2. Wow starting to 'khow lenglui' at this tender age? haha. Happy Labour Day. tQ

    Special Tribute 2U;)

  3. Medie007

    Guess Mamarazzi got influenced by some of Shakira's Haiku lor :p

  4. Bananaz

    Better for him to "Khow Lenglui" than he goes about "Khow lengzhai". Then Mamarazzi will sure pengsan kakaka

    Happy Labour Day and Happy Weekend to you

  5. Wah! So fong-liu...kecil2 already know how to chase girl!!! Nanti 15-16 already kahwin lor!!! LOL!!!

  6. STP

    Modern age. Kids getting smarter. Not like when our days.

  7. Wow, you kid looks so enjoy! You should give him a little sis instead!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Cheers, Kristy

  8. looking for his lost princess ah?
    maybe must find her pumpkin first, and then her glass slipper, haha

  9. must be very disappointed when can't find the gal you have lost... Nevermind you still young... plenty of them along the way. >.<

  10. oh poor boy... dont worry, joshua boy so handsome, sure got girls looking for u :)

  11. Alamak, girlfriend went missing ah..hehe.

  12. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE2 May 2010 at 12:38

    It's like an anology of dating games - Joshua's gonna break alot of gal's heart when grow-the-up :-)

  13. lenglui balik already :p

  14. Kristy

    LOL how like Uncle Lee's comment. Not as easy as that ler. If comes out another boy..then got two monkeys liao. *pengsan*

  15. Tuti

    Then must be looking at the wrong place. Should have search in Carrefour...sells pumpkin and slippers :p

  16. MRC

    As long as girls, ok gua. Just hope it's not guys. Then cham liao

  17. haha, mysterious girl!! the more you wanna find her, the more she'll try to hide from you, the more she hides from you, the more you're gonna miss her~~ :p

  18. SK

    Must be very experienced :p

  19. young already got romance story to tell ah!? :P

  20. Alice

    some more seems to like "older" girls...cham liao

  21. uLi

    Ya lor ...haiz..kecil kecil likes kau lui...

  22. wah... so young already kao lui... geng. keep it up, Joshua boy :-D.


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