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Saturday, 24 April 2010

FREE A(H1N1) Vaccine Available Now At Government Clinic

Papa went to the Government Clinic yesterday morning. Found that there is a Free Influenza A(H1N1) vaccine shots counter open for members of the public. Papa immediately got a jab for himself.

Papa came home and told Mamarazzi about it. But Mamarazzi was too "chicken" to go and get the jab.

It's very bad of Mamarazzi to be scared of jab-jab. I kena jab-jab the other day I also never cry.

I guess Mamarazzi don't realise that there are many brainless people out there.They could be sitting next table to her or standing next to her. Dah la sakit and yet still run here and there spreading virus.

If sick, stay home and rest la. These people are very selfish and brainless. They thought now with A(H1N1) vaccine available, it's okay for them to infect others. They never thought of what if they have infected those high risk group like me?

I am just two years old. I don't wanna die yet and there are just too many things that I've yet to drinking Iced Lime Juice. If they wanna go early to "play mahjung" with their ancestor then go lah. Don't bring others along with them.

They should practice self quarantine when they or their family members have contagious disease. This is not limited to A(H1N1) but all others disease as well.

Mamarazzi! You better go to get the jab fast else I don't wanna Friend you liao!

Note: Please check with the Government Clinics nearest to you whether you are eligible for the jab or not. It's available for certain age group only.


  1. aiyoh mamarazzi don't be so "kiasi" lah, just a jab for like two sedonds, and it's never too painful.. even smallkucing also never cry~~ :p

  2. SK

    Scared of the "jarum" leh...but must go must go...have to find a "good day" to go.

  3. Better go for it coz it's free! Don't be scared lah, it's not that painful. Are you bringing smallkucing for the jab as well?

  4. Mummy Gwen

    Had a bad experience with school nurse so now scared to see Government nurse. Really have to pluck up the courage to go and have the jab

    If not mistaken, the jab available for those 18-60 years old only. That was what my friend to me when I told her about this. Thats why I put a note to check with the government clinic for eligibilty

    I guess have to check with pead first before get a jab for Joshua

  5. What about you, little kuching? You had yours? May show some symptoms of flu - side effect but not too serious, ok after that.

    My missus - senang2 cucuk orang (nurse) but refused to get a jab too - scared! Dunno why these women - so silly one hor! LOL!!!

  6. smallkuching, "ohhhh then u cannot go out ohhh, cannot go shopping, must stay at home" hahahahahhha....

  7. Hi SK, we have that here too, but never gone, and I think you know why? Ha ha, have a nice weekend, Lee.

  8. it is good for u to go for it since ur hubby has already done it :) pluck up the courage!

  9. i guess there is no way to stop this pandemic unless you quarantine yourself and your family at home so you won't meet those 'brainless' ppl.

  10. STP

    Ya must go and have the jab. Coz see the needle takut lo. Have to check with the Pead whether can jab for J or not.

  11. Uncle Lee

    Huh? You too? Scared of needle ah?

  12. Manglish

    Ya loh...have to be very careful lo. Better go jab jab

  13. Brain

    Healthy people just need to get the jab loh. Those who got the flu should have practice self quarantine instead of going around and infecting people. Some parents know their child is sick and yet send them to school. What if if it is your child(if you have one) or your parent who got infected and died because these people don't practice self quarantine?If only everyone would do their part then the world be be healthier.

  14. wat is the waiting time...i did at dylan's hosp...rm 300 per test....not covered by insurance sumore...aihhh

  15. dont know whether here free or not... ok, i check it out next week.. free wor.. what is free is good.. hahaha... just kidding la...
    the clinis now must be crowded then..

  16. Oh they offer free vaccine now? So nice! Better go mamarazzi!! Better be safe than sorry! I assure you it'll be over before you can even sneeze :P

  17. TQ for the info.....must get it too since is FOC.

  18. Small Kucing good boy!! Braver than mamarazzi :p

  19. Valentino

    Papa went to Klinik Kesihatan Kelana Jaya. Papa said tarak waiting time pun. Just go there at the A(H1N1) vaccine counter, show NRIC and they straight jab. Don't even have to pay the usual RM1.

  20. Lenglui Witch

    Will try to go soonest lo :)

  21. Andy

    Papa said the counter for the A(H1N1) jab was swatting flies. Guess not many people aware of the Free Vaccination.

  22. Agnes

    Ya lor...each time he kena jab tarak cry pun

  23. Mery

    Like Lenglui Witch said, better be safe than sorry

  24. Nowadays, everywhere I go ... I hear people coughing or sneezing badly. Scary . I always run the opposite direction. I don't know why people can't take more precautions and stay at home.

  25. Leona

    That's why Mamarazzi so benggang. Sometimes they think now got vaccine, if others got infected never mind. But they didnt think that even with vaccine, those from high risk group might die also.

    Some even think that if so scared, then high risk group should stay at home. *pengsan*

  26. when you are coughing or sneezing, the doctor will not ask you to stay at home. plus, errands and groceries need to be done so how to stay at home? however, if you think that you are in the high risk group, you should stay away from crowded places like the mall. better still don't visit the toilets. bring your own potty :)

  27. Brainless

    If urgent need of groceryor do some errands and yours is a normal flu then can go out but make sure wear a mask lah.

    If H1N1, then stay home and get friends or family to help to buy the grocery for you

    As for the call of nature, no need so troublesome to bring potty punya. Just make sure wash your hand and if you can afford it get the Hand Sanitizer. Available at all pharmacy at around RM5/bottle. Small bottle very convenient to bring around.

    If you noticed properly, shopping mall do provide hand sanitizer ..even in the toilet itself.

  28. You wrote here calling people selfish and brainless which I think is not very nice. IMHO, people with H1N1 will be too sick to go out, what more infect others? There is no need to tell me how much the sanitizers cost and which malls have them. If you are so scared of getting infected by these selfish and brainless people, you ought to stay at home and avoid going out...even to buy books.

  29. i guess you'd better go get the jab before KK runs out of vaccine, coz you don't know when you'll get infected and sent to the graves to play mahjung with your incestors. Your son and husband already vaccinated, I'm sure you wanna spend the rest of your life with them, and not with your ancestors 6 feet under. LOL ! Sorry, I can't help but laff at yr comment about selfish and brainless ppl coz I am sure no one stricken with H1N1 is well enough to go out to the streets and contaminate others, sending them to their graves and with intentions too.

  30. Brainless

    I am sorry that you have felt offended.

    Not all who have H1N1 are too sick nor bed ridden. Some can still travel around.

    Polio used to be a pandemic until they have discovered a vaccine for it. Because of the vaccine, now all heathy people doesnt have to hide at home.

    Now Msia governement is providing the vacine to us. That is a very good of the Government

  31. Samatha

    Not all who are affected by H1N1 are too sick to "stay off the road". Some still go about their business.

    That is how a good teacher here was infected and pass away. He got it from one of his student whose parent sent to school despite the child being sick.

    Yes, will get the jab and hope you will too.

    Thanks for visiting

  32. Hey Thanks for sharing the info! We can go any KK? Or must be the one near our housing area. Yeah must go get the jap soon. Especially we have young children at home.

  33. Chee Yee

    Planning to do so when hubby is free next round. Cant take leave always.

    I got this from Modern Robinson Crusoe post. He listed down the klinik where the vaccine is available. Check out this website

  34. lol mamarazzi. A little pain is good for the long term.

  35. Chris

    Yup..finally got the jab last week :D


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