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Friday, 23 April 2010

BookXcess World Book Day, A Prize And A Gift

We went to BookXcess yesterday to check out their World Book Day Offer(to kaypoh lah).

A friend who knew that we were going to BookXcess texted Mamarazzi in the morning and told her that I have won a prize from BookXcess for Mamarazzi. Wow! Good news indeed. Kill two birds with one stone.

Check out BookXcess announcement here. Cute or not my photo?

Jeng~jeng~jeng... this is the prize that I've won for Mamarazzi. Kira as my belated birthday pressie to her? Thank you BookXcess for this prize.

At the same time, Mamarazzi also collected the gifts that a friend left for her at BookXcess. Alamak! real "paiseh". Mamarazzi went to the Customer Service to "mintak" the gift and the guy straight give to her without asking for identification. When Mamarazzi asked "Huh? you don't need my ID?". The guy said no need coz saw the face in Facebook liao. Guess, Mamarazzi is getting notorious lor

Wa..heavy wor.. what is it ah?

A Sidney Sheldon Two-In-One book and A Gift Voucher! Thank you very much, Auntie Claire.

As for BookXcess World Book Day Promotion..It's was great. Tarak tipu one. Really RM1, RM2 and RM3 books can be found there.

These are the books that Mamarazzi borong-ed. RM3 each and some of it are hardcover books.

Last month Mamarazzi bought Paulo Coelho's The Winner Stands Alone and she is halfway readingit. Found that it's very good. Thus she can't help but to grab two more of his books. These two are the ones that made him shoot to fame, right? Should be nice.

Papa applied for BookXcess membership (finally). And he got this FREE Book Thong for me.


  1. Me so jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =.=|||

  2. Cutenya small kucing's photo. Congrats! Wow..more books added to Mamarazzi's collection. ;) What a cute book thong..hehe.

  3. Wah so cool!!! Such cheap books! :)

  4. Angel Bear

    You not in KL ka this week? Thought last you went to Melaka?

  5. Lenglui Witch

    Brand new books at RM1,2,3 wor..*pengsan*

  6. Mummy Gwen

    Purposely choose that Book Thing forhim. Now he is crazy about "Kimi" Mouse. Don't why he kept pronouncing it as Kimi instead of Mickey..kakaka

  7. wahhhh you so learned, read so many books! in my lifetime i think i haven't read that much! hahaha

  8. Waaaaaa.... your Mamarazzi...really borong, borong ah. LOL...She sure happy punya, got present...bday over liao still got gifts pouring in. *grinZ* Summore smallkucing so clever go win the book for Mamarazzi oso. :P Your Mamarazzi sure happy wan lah, can makan buku! LOL...

  9. 3RM????????????????????? sob sob i wana go back wuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahaaaha

  10. Wah! Ur mamma so femes liao hor! LOL!!! Windmill of the Gods. Gosh!!! I read that so long ago. Sheldon's books then were a lot The Other Side of Midnight. Book thongs...LMAO!!! Tak tahan the sexy! Joanna says it is thus named because it fits nicely into the crack in the book! Hahahahaha!!!

  11. Wah! That Claire's such a nice lady - give you books some more. Timely present for your birthday, eh? Feel so bad, didn't send you anything... Wait lah! I go KL, I bring the yellow brinjal - terung Dayak! LOL!!

  12. OMG! Mamarazi is... wayyyyyyyy a book addict! :P

  13. u really make me jeles. i SOOOOO wanna go, but i damn pok edi. the books i wanna buy, its getting more! im worried! haha! u won tat book! congrats oh, i bought it for 69.90 when it first came out! eeeeeeeeek!

  14. COngratulations! Yes, that's a cute photo of Joshua reading! And yes, I think you are getting famous already, not notorious lah....hehehe! All the while I wasn't aware that BookXcess regularly got organize blog only I know. Thanks for sharing....hehehe...see-lah if got time to squeeze my brain juice for writing, then I'll participate :D

  15. Congrats! We are planning to drop by this weekend too... btw, is there any good buy for children books? How much per membership application har?!

    Please have a wonderful weekend!

  16. wahhhh u very keng lor...every mth u spend hw much on books ah? hehehe :P

  17. Wow....famous liau...haha

    Nice gifts. The book thong very cute with mickey.

  18. Wah buy books again....., house become library already....! LOL!

  19. Nice!! Banyaknya buku!!! So cheap some more!! Why Ipoh's books all so mahal one?!!!

  20. Yoooooooo, we wanna go!!! Wah, mamarazzi very famous already, that guy took one look at u in fb, could recognize u adi haha.

    Wonder where do you find so much time to layan these books?

  21. wow...ULAT BUKU...haahha

  22. Congrats Smallkucing !! Saw the pic sho cute !!

    Mamarazzi .... I is jealousssssssss !!!!! LOL ! Books so cheap !! :'( I wanna move to KL liao .. hahaha. Btw, both Brida and Witch of Portobello are awesome. They were the ones that got me addicted to Paulo Coelho..his style kinda differs with each book though, Enjoy !

    Enjoy your Kimi Mouse Book Thong lil Josh :)

  23. next time i know where to find you. hahahhahahah.

    So sweet of claire and now you're so famous in BookXcess, everyone know you without showing your ID and you are their no 1 loyal fans too!!

  24. wow so cheap??? where is this bookxcess thing held? got books for adults and kids?

  25. Tuti

    Each one got its own poison lor kakakaka

  26. Manglish

    Yes RM1, RM2, RM3. Tarak typo error.

  27. Cleff

    kekeke...ya lor..every month makan buku only :p

  28. STP

    Mamarazzi read all of SS's books already but would love to have it for her collection.Last time school time no $$. Pinjam from friends only.

    SS's old titles are much nicer than recents ones.

    Thong *pengsan* I wonder why they dont say Bookmark. easier mah.

    Claire is a very generous lady lor. Very kind hearted

    Brinjal, next round you come KL tell me wor. Want the Yellow brinjal leh. Then Mamarazzi can bully Auntie Florence to cook some more :p

  29. Medie007

    a KIASU book addict kakaka. havent finish reading an yet wana borong so many :p

  30. Chris

    Seldom can find lor RM3/book. Some for kids RM1 only

  31. Irene

    Yup now it's rm19-90. Last month bought "The Book Of Tomorrow" RM19-90 only

  32. Alice

    Every Friday they have contest. Notorious coz Mamarazzi banyak merepek..kakaka

  33. Alice Law

    You have Facebook right. Add BookXcess as fan. They have the T & C there. For this promotion, you need to buy RM50 and will get free membership + a Book Thong

  34. A Bookaholic

    Beh tahan wor since so cheap...RM3. Normal price like rm30+. You say my hands itchy or not?

  35. mNhL

    Not famous...Notorious coz mamarazzi banyak talk nonsense. Thats why all the staffs know Mamarazzi face. See Mamarazzi , they must be super duper alert else Mamarazzi would meleter.kakakaka

  36. Agnes

    Hope BXwill open a branch at Ipoh la. Then u, Claire, Elin and Joanna no need to come so far to get the books

  37. Pete

    Haiz...wish hse big enough to have a room special for book :(

  38. Prince and Princess Mum

    Got kids for bb also. The bath tub books

  39. Chloe Mummy

    Coz Mamarazzi "38"mah. So the guy know lor kakaka.

    Mamarazzi layan the books when J sleeping lor

  40. Joanna can do. You have to fly soon right?kakaka But your new place books would be cheaper I think.

    I hope so coz now reading Winner Stand Alone very syok liao.

  41. Annie

    Ya lor, very kind of Claire :D

    I used to "haunt" PayLessBooks Salebut nowadays PLB dont have much to offer. So I changed "target" lor

  42. Kristie

    It's at their shop. Their shop is in Amcorp Mall 3rd floor, opposite McD.

    Weekend Amcorp Mall have Flea Market. Interesting.

    Apart of the RM1-RM3 bargain, they have others too. Big section of books ofRM10 and below.

    Many genre. Yesterday at the RM1-RM3 bin, saw fiction, non fic, kids, and even computer books. I guess they open new box daily gua.

  43. you always go there?? i happened to go for a training in amcorp mall, and the bookshop is just opposite the training center!! i finally had a chance to go there and have a look.. and oh my, so many books and all slashed price, so exciting!!! will have training next week again, hehehe, time to grab some books then~~

  44. Was in Melaka - KL before head back home to KK last monday...but my week was filled with tournament and field trainings that no time to go after wards...too tired liao...uhuhuhuhu....wa wa wa wa wa.... =( month going KL again...hopefully can find time to go.

  45. SK

    Now that you have seen it with your own eyes, you know why I so gila when I saw BX having sale la?

    Looks like you be another fella who go hook on BX.

  46. Angel Bear

    Aisey...but never mind. They will have other sale and even their normal price books are always below the usual price.

    Hey, why not you go to their blog and join their contest. I regret never join the Dan Brown book contest coz it seems that they give prize to everyone who entered the contest. kakaka


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