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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Belated Thank You

Aiya this Mamarazzi really Mong Char Char. She forgot to thank some people for the gifts received.

I have to be model again coz Mamarazzi lazy to put on make-up. Without make-up , later look like Pontianak again. Susah lo.

Thank you, Auntie Vampire for this little red lovely number.

This pressie very tightly wrapped. I wonder what is in this.

Oh..a beauty serum. Good. Put liao can stay young and pretty. Thank you very much, Auntie Siew.

And this one Mamarazzi discovered under the pillows.

Lovely bunny card

I helped Mamarazzi to "unwrap" this pressie.

It's a brand new laptop! Thank you very much, Papa. Now I can monopoly the laptop to watch "Kimi" Mouse Clubhouse liao

Mamarazzi's desktop had gone to heaven some months ago and Auntie Siew had generously loaned Mamarazzi her laptop. Thank you, Auntie Siew for lending Mamarazzi the laptop.


  1. Prince and Princess Mum

    Mamarazzi punya lor :p

  2. heehee... your mamarazzi always use small kucing as a a ... a... how to say.. mannequin? the youngest boy model to wear his mama's clothing...

  3. Waiyor...kucing become a girl now kah? New ur mama can blog more eh?

  4. waaaaaaaaaaaaaa.........hahahahhaaha y not u dress and show us leh? like tat we cant see nice or not leh hahahha redo redo hahahaah

  5. haha, dress up game ah?
    lovely presents, because you're a lovely person!

  6. Wah so many pressies! Got new laptop tim :-) Mamarazzi must be one very happy girl!

  7. gosh, poor thing smallkucing gonna get makeup and wearing that dress!! ish~~ how can mamarazzi do that to him?? :p

  8. now smallkucing can blog with more often ... fully utilize the lappie eh~

  9. so many presents oh, papa is so seng mok!

  10. Wow...very very nice gifts. The red top is really chic. Your Hubby is so sweet. Mamarazzi will look more "leng lui" hor. ;)

  11. Uh Oh, Mamarazzi let me wear ladies clothes, shy to let girlfriend see. :P

  12. Waseehhhhhhhh... like a princess! *pengsan* Red really suits smallkucing. Hope ur Mamarazzi likes the blouse lorr... at first Auntie tot wanna get her books... but tink back and see... Mamarazzi gets too much books liao. :P So buy stuff that she wun really bother to buy. LMAo...

  13. Wow..papa so sayang mamarazzi.

    psst..mamarazzi, paiseh to tell u that ur lil pressie still with me..i cannot post it cos too fat time i c only pass to u,k.

  14. Wah....laptop for bday sweet of your hubby!!!

  15. STP

    No daughter so have to get the son to errrrr...."model" lo :p

    Still trying to get the hang of the laptop.

  16. Claire

    Mamarazzi not pretty mah. Put Mamarazzi face in the blog sure everyone will have nightmare one. Thus, have to get the kid to be "model" lor..kakkakaka

  17. Manglish

    Eeee...dun want la. Mamarazzi lazy to go put on make up and dress in the red top. Without make-up sure readers will have a fright :p

  18. SK

    No female model had to temporary use him as a model lo. And when he grows up can use the photo to blackmail him muhahahaha..

  19. HL

    Thank you. Lucky to have some good friends :)

  20. Mummy Moon

    Hehehehe..after long hinting

  21. TZ

    Now still mong char char. Trying to get use to this lappie

  22. Mandy

    when he grow up this pic will be very "useful" *evil grinz*

  23. Mummy Gwen

    Thank you thank you :)

  24. Cleff

    Looks like Princess Astrea or not :P

  25. Ann

    Yip...after hinting for long long time :p

  26. Mommy Ling

    Huh? Got some more? *pengsan* no need la aiyo...

  27. Oops... that HL here is actually C's mummy ;-) Soli.

  28. nice leh. So many presents :)

  29. LOL... Princess Astrea not botak. *pengsan*

  30. Chloe's Mummy

    So many ID leh kakakaka

  31. Cleff

    Princess Astrea new hair do mah. The Evil Witch sent an evil barber to botak her head so that Prince Narcissus cannot recognise her

  32. Ooh... mamarazzi punya blouse.... at first I thought I see wrongly how come small kucing was wearing lady shirt. Hahaha!

    Wah papa so nice... give mamarazzi big present. My hb ah.... still owe me my last year bday present! >.<

  33. Chee Yee

    continue hint hint and hint hint...sure one day he will get it :)

    This one hinted nearly a year liao :p

  34. aww.w...a brand new can blog more!!!

  35. mNhL

    terbalik laptop kenot blog more coz not biasa with the keyboard and the stuffs yet. had to slowly learn again :p

  36. Oh poor thing, don't wear your mama's cloth anymore! Btw, wishing you a Happy Belated Birthday! May many more happy returns. A new laptop!!!! Best present ever! hehehe....
    Best wishes,

  37. Kristy

    Not he wanna wear one. Mamarazzi "forced" him to be Model coz lazy to put on make-up

    Thank you thank you for the wishes :)


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