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Thursday, 15 April 2010

All The Way From Taiwan...

I was doing some "business" when Mr Postman came knocking at the door yesterday.

Huh? A registered mail for me? I wonder who it is from

Aiks! Inside the big envelope there is another small envelope.

Finally. A card with something attached to it.

Fish for me to eat? yummmmm... Mamarazzi jahat. She snatched the card away. Say wanna use as bookmark coz very pretty.

OOOh!It's a gift from Wenn. She have visited Taiwan recently and have posted a lot of lovely photos of the trip in her "Experiences" blog. If you sees all the photos, you'll sure wanna go too.

Cantik or not this fridge magnet. Anyone can help to translate for Mamarazzi ka? The Chinese writing say what "water"? Thankiu


  1. I also dont know how to read CHinese but I asked hubby. It said "Thang Sui", a place in Taiwan! :p

  2. been there! lovely place. it reads "dan shui", meaning the other type of water from the lake, not salty one. i think. lol.

    got a bridge there too, something like a lovers bridge that if u walk over it with someone you might end up as a couple. funny thought. but night scene there was super pretty. :D

  3. LOL! I also can read only the word water. Nice gift!

  4. So nice of Wenn!!

    It is read as 'tam sui'

    Tam is tawar and sui is water lor... :D

  5. So thoughtful of Wenn.. Hi5! Me also can read the "sui" only. Considered can read 50% of it, pass lah! Haha :p

  6. first, auntie have to close one eye, shy shy to see u doing biz la..

    secondly, i tot your mama know how to read mandarin? No? so she is a banana like me too?

  7. the first word means bland hahahhaha...bland water...

  8. i also cannot read chinese. but that chinese words represents one of the tourist spot in taipei

  9. Rose

    OO thank you and to your hubi too. :D

  10. Lenglui Witch

    hahahaha 1 more banana chinese :p

  11. Medie007

    Thanks for the translation. got "try out" walking over the bridge or not? :p

  12. Agnes

    hahaha....should have ask you to translate when i saw you online last night. Thanks :D

  13. mNhL

    Ya lo...some more susah payah bring from Taiwan then send here pulak. Very ho sum :)

  14. Chloe Mommy

    Betul jugak...i didnt think of it. Can read 1 word out of 2 words kira as Pass lo. kakaka.

  15. Auntie Claire

    Dont worry. Censor liao. Wont see my ahem ahem one.

    As for Mamarazzi..she is banana lor

  16. Manglish

    Thank you for the translation. Nice place. :D

  17. uLi

    nice "two"...the card + the magnet :p

  18. Its 'dan shui' a tourist spot at Taiwan. Got very nice view and a good place for all range souvenir hunt.

    Urggh... I do miss Taiwan now.

  19. that is tan shui :)

    since mummy is banana, is joshua gonna go to chinese school? :)

  20. Me too..only can read "water"..hehe. The postman really chose the right timing lah...haha..small kucing doing his business..funny lah.

  21. Supia

    I've never been to Taiwan. Hope to go one of these days :)

  22. Kristie


    As for Joshua...not sure yet.

  23. Mummy Gwen

    Ya loh...the "biz" end up aborted and the end up in this diaper:(

  24. Prince and Princess Mum

    Ya very nice

  25. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE15 April 2010 at 20:44

    nOTHING more TO SAY lor - cronyism & favoritism lor...

  26. just a small gift. glad u like it.

  27. Taiwan makes me tink of food and their huge pasar malam. :( Die la, die! Makan again... cis...

  28. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE16 April 2010 at 16:51 the style i employ in comments , there shouldnt be anymore "huh" from you to me, concur??

  29. Wenn

    It's the thought that counts.Yes,Like it very much :)Thanks a lot.


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