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Friday, 30 April 2010

Ninja Joe -Tropicana City Mall

Hey! I think I know where we are. Mommy Ling had blogged about this place before.

It's Ninja Joe. The place that sell pork burger. So many flavors to choose from.

Papa, I want one also can or not?

Two Lemonade Drinks. Tarak free refill ka?Taste refreshing. Doesn't have the irritating powder taste.

Yay! Papa bought3 Ninja Joe -Original, Teriyaki andBlack Pepper Sauce.

The size rather small. Once again, very sorry for the poor quality of the photo. But thetaste ...yum yum. The nicest of the 3 is Black Pepper.

The fries also extra bigsize punya. Papa love it very much.

Hey! This one is mine.Don't touch.


One Black Pepper Smallkucing coming up!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Belated Thank You

Aiya this Mamarazzi really Mong Char Char. She forgot to thank some people for the gifts received.

I have to be model again coz Mamarazzi lazy to put on make-up. Without make-up , later look like Pontianak again. Susah lo.

Thank you, Auntie Vampire for this little red lovely number.

This pressie very tightly wrapped. I wonder what is in this.

Oh..a beauty serum. Good. Put liao can stay young and pretty. Thank you very much, Auntie Siew.

And this one Mamarazzi discovered under the pillows.

Lovely bunny card

I helped Mamarazzi to "unwrap" this pressie.

It's a brand new laptop! Thank you very much, Papa. Now I can monopoly the laptop to watch "Kimi" Mouse Clubhouse liao

Mamarazzi's desktop had gone to heaven some months ago and Auntie Siew had generously loaned Mamarazzi her laptop. Thank you, Auntie Siew for lending Mamarazzi the laptop.

Tail (Update)

Botak head again. My "tail" seems to be growing longer.

Here is a video of me getting my hair cut.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Meng Kee SteamSoup @ Paramount Garden

Eat here ah? By the Longkang?

Roadside wor.

What is good here? Soup soup ah?

Okay, order Herbal Chicken Soup for Mamarazzi

And Lotus Root Soup for Papa

For myself, steam eggs. Consist of Chicken egg + Century egg + salted egg.

Steam Pork With Salted Fish

And of course Vegetables

Wah..with only the Steam egg and Steam pork I can eat a whole plate of rice.

Overall, the soup here was ok-ok la. Mamarazzi boiled ones are nicer as have more "liu". But good for those who are single or those who don't have time to cook. Can enjoy the soup here. Price depend on what kind of soup you take. Agak-agak RM5-RM6 per jar.

Address : Stall No 9, Jalan 20/16, Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya(Adjacent to the Post Office)
Contact No : 012-2390623(Ah Boy)
E-mail :

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Oh...I Have Passion...Fruit

Most people know what this is right? Passion Fruit.

Mamarazzi blend them for me to drink. Taste? Sweet sour.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Prawn Noodle From Sri Petaling

One of Mamarazzi favourite hunt for Prawn Noodle is in Sri Petaling

She loves the Prawn Noodle from the stall at Restoran Good Tea. Every time she goes Sri Petaling, she will tapau the Prawn Noodle from here. The Prawn Noodle lady boss is a very friendly and nice lady.

Once again the photo doesn't do justice to the food. It actually taste quite good. Generousheapings of "liu". The soup was lovely and sweet. Not too spicy nor oily. Price wise...less than RM5. Haiz...hard to get liao lor at that price for a good Prawn Noodle.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

I BookXcess-ed Again

Third Floor is it? Cannot reach the number 3. How ah?

Why the Lift moves so slow one?

Faster la, Papa

There! There! There!

So many people liao. Habis loh.

Where shall I start? Huh? where is Mamarazzi. Cabut-ed to the RM1-RM3 section ah?

Okay lor..I also cabut to Kids Section la. Eh..there..the Pooh Bear Chair

Nice nice Pooh Bear Chair. Read book.

Wah..Jie Jie Winnie worked till like Thousand Hands Guan Yin. Non-stop. Queue though many people but very fast.

Mamarazzi managed to grab this RM1 book. Don't know what is the story but hentam la. RM1 only mah.

Found this book at RM10 and below section. Mamarazzi thought she recognise the author name. Sound familiar. Featured in one of the Newspaper or Magazine.

Wah..two RM2 book. Something to do with Singapore and a book by a Malaysian author Yvonne Lee wor. Her famous book was The Sky Is Crazy. Mamarazzi had read that and love it very much. Hope this book will be just as good too.

These four Hardcover books were going for RM3 each.

This stack is RM3 each. books wor. As cheap as the 2nd hand books sold at PLB warehouse sale.

And another two more books that Mamarazzi bought for somebody. The Customer Service counter girl gift wrapped it for free.

Speaking of which, the Customer Service Kakak was real nice. Very polite. Nearly every word she speak starts with "please" and ends with "Thank you".

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Motherhood Means...

Auntie Agnes of LilHyppo's Hypopotamum is having a Mother's Day Contest at her blog. Check out her blog here.

For Mamarazzi...Motherhood means... a blessing...

FREE A(H1N1) Vaccine Available Now At Government Clinic

Papa went to the Government Clinic yesterday morning. Found that there is a Free Influenza A(H1N1) vaccine shots counter open for members of the public. Papa immediately got a jab for himself.

Papa came home and told Mamarazzi about it. But Mamarazzi was too "chicken" to go and get the jab.

It's very bad of Mamarazzi to be scared of jab-jab. I kena jab-jab the other day I also never cry.

I guess Mamarazzi don't realise that there are many brainless people out there.They could be sitting next table to her or standing next to her. Dah la sakit and yet still run here and there spreading virus.

If sick, stay home and rest la. These people are very selfish and brainless. They thought now with A(H1N1) vaccine available, it's okay for them to infect others. They never thought of what if they have infected those high risk group like me?

I am just two years old. I don't wanna die yet and there are just too many things that I've yet to drinking Iced Lime Juice. If they wanna go early to "play mahjung" with their ancestor then go lah. Don't bring others along with them.

They should practice self quarantine when they or their family members have contagious disease. This is not limited to A(H1N1) but all others disease as well.

Mamarazzi! You better go to get the jab fast else I don't wanna Friend you liao!

Note: Please check with the Government Clinics nearest to you whether you are eligible for the jab or not. It's available for certain age group only.
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