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Sunday, 28 March 2010

You Are My Sunshine Catcher

Think am nuts doing this? Think again. Mamarazzi lagi nuts. Sendiri want the Sun Catcher that she saw in Chloe's blog, say I want pulak.

Last week, Mamarazzi dragged Papa and me to Sunway Giza to buy this Sun Catcher. RM6/packet.

She also beh tahan and grabbed a few other designs too. No price tag was on the key chain. Thus Mamarazzi asked the Jie Jie there. The Jie Jie told Mamarazzi the big ones are RM2-40(Pointing to a larger design Dolphin) , while small ones are RM1-60.

When Mamarazzi goes to the counter for payment, the counter girl had to refer to the Jie Jie. The Jie Jie got confused. Then she saw Mamarazzi and say cincai all design that Mamarazzi chosen lump as RM1-60/pc.

I hope Mamarazzi wil let me help her color the Sun Catcher too.

If you are interested, check out their website at


  1. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE28 March 2010 at 19:45

    Joshua looks cute with that thing on(as in earlier posting)

  2. This is a lot of fun... more for Mamarazzi than small kucing right?

  3. The keychain is so cute.....Never saw this type of keychain at Sibu.

  4. Last time my girl coloured one of the butterflies before...and lately the key chain broke already...
    so have joshua done it yet? show up his masterpiece please...

  5. Nice key chains quite unique. Like his 'helmet' haha. tQ

  6. Eyew...another naked photo! You're not turning into an exhibitionist, are you? Hehehehehe!!!

  7. Wah...Mamarazzi untung loh, the Jie Jie finally decided to lump everything as RM1.60 per piece! As for the 1st photo, I think Joshua looks cute doing his funny antics. :-)

  8. LOL! The bathroom pose is so funny! Eh, how come you didn't colour them then only blog?

  9. Heehee... Mamarazzi naughty hor Joshua?!

  10. MRC

    LOL...the power of imagination

  11. Claire

    yet to color. Wait till color jor baru show :)

  12. Mery

    I also didn't know till I went to Chloe blog

  13. Bananaz

    I didnt know got such keychain till i went to chloe's blog :p

  14. STP

    Maybe thinking of going to nudist beach :p ?

  15. Somewhere In Singapore

    I love the butterfly one also

  16. Chloe's Mummy

    Waiting for Chloe to help in painting :)

  17. fun fun fun! wonder if they sell this in subang? where is sunway giza?

  18. Kristie

    Heard some one said they have it at Pyramid also. But not sure which shop as i didnt enquire.

    Sunway Giza is at Kota Damansara

  19. Eh... so nice... i oso saw suncatcher before... and painted some with my anak... but all gone in the fire liao. *sigh*

  20. =( Sien lorrr...all my fav designs all gone at the stationary shop nearby. Those that i like no more liao. :( No mood paint ler, liddat. Very sien.

  21. "cincai" one ar, so you untung lo. Paying all for the same price. :)

    Post up your master piece ya. :)

    Love the 1st picture, Joshua look cute!

  22. Cleff

    if it's yours, yo will find back the design some day :p

  23. mmm ok, thinking of getting it too... just have to look out for it. Might drop by sunway giza one of these weekend! :)

  24. Kristie

    I think place other also have. Check out Alice Law's blog at

  25. try to do it on a trans so that you are able to peel off your design and stick it on mirror, window or wall.

  26. Jessica

    Ooo...that's a good idea.Will try :)


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