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Friday, 26 March 2010

Telco & Post

Recently a new shop have sprung up near my area. Telco & Post. Offer more or less the same service as the normal Pos Office. Can send parcel, pay astro bills, subscribe to TM utilities, top up prepaid card and etc.

Thus last Wednesday evening Mamarazzi decided to try out this shop by sending a parcel via Poslaju. Wow.. saw the sign that says this shop opens till 9 p.m. leh.

Very fast service.No need to queue up as in the Pos Office. Got nice chair to sit also. Service with a smile too. I hope the parcel will arrive safely ler. *praying hard*


  1. Convenientnya !! Queuing up can be such a bore ! But then again, can curi masa to read ... hahaha :P

  2. Who did you send the parcel to? Me kah? *hoping and praying* LOL!!!

  3. it operated under Pos Malaysia? A subsidiary?

  4. Mamarazzi what did you send to me? thank you in advance hah

  5. Looks like a nice place to visit. Not like the blue color one hor.

  6. oh, now post office is called telco? let me tell u, so long i never been to the post office, with all the e-mails, i practically never send letters or cards anymore.. sorry, never send presents too, i must do that one day, paiseh to rec gifts and not sending in return.. :p

  7. Ya, I also saw this at my housing area.....seems not bad wo the service :)

  8. STP

    hehehe...but i dont have your address wor

  9. Joanna

    very near and convenient lor. But i think if pay bills they will charge 50sen

  10. LG

    okie waaaaaaaaiiiiiit ah :p

  11. mNhL

    Dont think it's under Pos Msia. Maybe franchise or something. Sometimes instead of Poslaju,there are DHL pulak. I wonder how it works. Maybe commission based.

  12. Medie007

    Monkey is Child Harness.

  13. Molly

    not many know about this place yet :)

  14. yea..the other day when i passed by also noticed this shop.

    Good for me also, no need long queue and slow service at POST office when i need to post things. Nearer to office..Senang lagi.

  15. Ya,, i can dapat the parcel or not,,,,

  16. Claire

    This one i duno whether under Pos Malaysia. Maybe franchise or something coz got similar shop but advertise DHL wor.

  17. uLi

    many are popping up. If the service is fast and the place is near, i dont mind paying a bit extra in view of the time and petrol wasted going to the Post Office.

    Some more this one open till 9p.m

  18. Oh I've never seen or heard of this... for a moment, I thought the pic is taken in a foreign country tim haha!

  19. ya, saw this telco pos shop before and I myself had been wondering for a long time already whether it's function is the same as the normal post office or not, and that if function is the same, how look differnet one? Now I have the answer alsready! Thanks, Mamarazzi!

  20. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE26 March 2010 at 16:49

    Joshua looks like mini-boss in the chair....Errm got send a parcel through Poslaju to australia once - Omitofut it safely reach the intended penerima - Got the website to track & trace the status of delivery...Sekian

  21. Oh.. I dunno got telco & post around...

  22. Eugene

    for parcel to be sent to you, I must have your address first lor :p

  23. Mommy Ling

    They have normal register post service to apart from poslaju.

  24. Chloe's Mommy

    you check out your area Not surprising if your area have one too. Seems to be "Mushrooming" everywhere. Saw one at Kota Damansara near "Neighbourhood Restaurant"But that one offer DHL service i think.

  25. Alice

    hahaha...for bills payment i think they charge commission 50sen

  26. MRC

    Just received confirmation from the receiver that the parcel received :p. Thus next time can use this shop again :D

  27. Prince n Princess Mum

    It's "mushrooming" everywhere

  28. Wenn

    Not sure about this shop coz not under pejabat pos. But I just received confirmation that it arrived ady :)

  29. Lil Bulb

    Sending parcel normal price. But pay bills and topup hotlink they charge like 50sen i think. I didnt enquire.

  30. if anything, i go to the post office in 1U my second home.. lol.. :D

  31. Merryn

    that is your second home lor :p. Go post office and can go shopping also.where is the location of 1U Post office i also dont know

  32. Mamarazzi, thanks for the info that they charge 50sen commission for bills payment. Hahah...will try to pay bills in the normal post office whenever possible (instead of this type one). :P

  33. Alice

    Not too sure abt the 50sen. Saw something abt 50sen but didnt read properly. Next round i go will check out. But for paying bills i normally use internet. no need to queue kakaka

  34. Hi Kathy,

    Donno that Mamarazzi came to my shoppe. Thank you so much for the free advert. Appreciated so much.

    FYI, Telco&Post Shoppe is a one stop service centre for telecommunications, post and other strategic products and services.

    The services are:
    1. PosLaju, PosExpress, Normal Parcel Mail & Stamps
    2. Pay Bills: TNB, TM, Indah Water, Celcom, Maxis, Astro (we charge 50cents per bill)
    3. Registrations on: TM Home Line, Business Line, Streamyx, Celcom postpaid & Broadband & Astro
    4. Reload prepaid
    5. Remittance service to Indonesia & Nepal for the time being.
    6. Takaful Insurance: Life & General
    7. Courier Services: India, Bangladesh & Pakistan
    8. Airline Ticket: MAS, Air Asia, Firefly
    9. Foot Reflexology (by appointment)
    10. Others: photocopy, binding & laminating doc.

    Hope this information will make you clear about Telco & Post Shoppe.

    Thank you again for your support and you are most welcome to my shop.

  35. Lizaz

    Thanks for visiting my blog many services ah including "Foot Reflexology"!? *pengsan* Got facial or not?:p

    Thanks a lot for the clarification. Many people are interested in the payment of bills.

  36. Foot Massage will be done by my hubby. He got certificate on that. He will be available by appointment.. normally after 7pm. His no. is 0193595147. Soon he will workout with his lady friend for the full body massage/ training for ladies.

  37. Lizaz that. Thanks for the information. Will take note :)


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