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Monday, 15 March 2010


I have seen how Mamarazzi operate this Sewing Machine. I think I can do it by myself too.

Ada gaya ka? Haven't found the way yet. Wait till I learn how to operate this Sewing Machine. Then I can sew nice nice stuffs like Auntie Boey Joey and/or adjust my baju like what Chloe's Mummy did.


  1. LOL. I used to love playing with my mum's sewing machine too ! Only I didn't want to sew...Pedal pedal pedal to imaginary lands with my bro :P ..

  2. curious again. Don't broke your mummy's sewing machine orr. haha

  3. Hah, mamarazzi knows how to sew! Cool

  4. I line up first .. do me a cheongsam when u can sew, Joshua..
    i think by the time u know how to sew, i wonder i am still around or not.. :p

  5. My mum has one old sewing machine just like this one..hehe. I've used it to sew curtains before.

  6. Aiks, this Chloe's mummy use hands only la... dunno how to operate a sewing machine wan! *Malunya* You learn first, then teach auntie ok! Haha!

  7. mNhL

    Very curious..everything also wana touch

  8. Hahaha....Joshua has to wait till he has longer legs before he can start learning how to use this sewing machine! :-D

  9. Joanna

    what an imagination...Pedal to the Faraway Tree to see Moonface :D

  10. Claire fast give such complicated job already ah....

  11. Pete

    Last time Mamarazzi's school don't have "Perdagangan" lo...had to go for "Sains Rumah Tangga" :(

  12. Mummy Gwen

    I use it for "minor repair" work . No talent for sewing :p

  13. Chloe's Mummy use hand oni ah? And can "re-make" Chloe baju that day so nice....wah lau eh..tabik

  14. Alice

    hahaha..that would be the day :)

  15. Wah smallkucing want to sew too - come teach aunty pls! That's the only thing that I did not get to learn from my mom. :(

  16. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE15 March 2010 at 18:16

    Kathy chung

    Is that a singer brand??

    I remembered last time my 5th sister used the old sewing machine (reminisence)

  17. Aiyoyo...this machine Long time x see dy...used to have 1 in my old house :)

  18. uLi

    yup ancient machine but still can move...hentam lor

  19. MRC

    You wan someone to play "Yi Wu" while you reminisence..kekekeke

  20. Prince and princess Mum

    I kenot sew la...saja patch the pocket can lar.

  21. Given me this machine also duno how to operate....not my skill doing sewing..

  22. Mommy Ling

    LOL..gua also tak pandai ah


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