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Thursday, 1 April 2010


Hmm...what is that great aroma waffling out from that shop? I want I want..or rather Papa said I want.

Mamarazzi finally bought 1 original flavor Rotiboy and 1 Blueberry flavor Rotiboy. Papa ngap-ed one Original Flavor Rotiboy before Mamarazzi had the chance to snap the photo. Taste? Ok-ok la. Could be better.

I also "ngap-ed"half of the Blueberry while Papa had the other half. I quite like the taste. Or maybe coz I was very hungry at that time.Hmmm...have to eat again when I am not that hungry.


  1. Got blueberry meh? Ipoh's Rotiboy got original and milk flavour only wor... But the milk 1 is super delish!!!

  2. Oh new product ya, have to check out :)

  3. Hey ... Rotiboy has blueberry flavor now ?? Cool. Love their original one. Crispy skin and buttery soft inerts. :)

  4. Joanna

    syok ya :p. The smell so nice hor

  5. Ooh, we just had this last week :-) Wanted to try the ButtermilkBoy but habis, so tried the blueberry one... not bad also.

  6. i didnt know rotiboy has blueberry flavour... must try, thanks!

  7. hey, i tot only coffee...or something like that.. now gotnew flavor?

  8. all these roti(s) very nice smell wan. and the more buttery the better! yum!!

  9. Heard of it, never tried... Buy me some when I go to KL next time, ok? LOL!!!

  10. Chloe

    The inti is not that much hor

  11. Claire

    I guess they have to keep coming up with new things lor or else people will get bored

  12. Kristie

    Now u know :p

    Actually this is the1st time we had Rotiboy :p

  13. Tuti

    u have to "puasa" for awhile ya... :p

    Hope your dental appointment goes well :)

  14. Mmmm..sedapnya. Aunty also want one. :P

  15. rotiboy doesnt taste as good as before :(

  16. got blueberry roti boy ah!

    Long time havnet eaten this already.

  17. Mummy Gwen

    Courier to you la :)

  18. 2Ma

    Maybe depend on whether it's fresh from the oven ornot

  19. Ann

    i guess they are coming out with more new taste .


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