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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Restaurant Carnaval Churrascaria at Damansara Jaya

Huh? Cannibals? Makan orang one ah? Ooo...sorry's Carnaval. Papa had brought Mamarazzi here before on one of her birthday. It's a Brazilian Buffet Restaurant which speciality is meat meat and more meat.

Very efficient. Sit down aje, already gave me kids cutleries. Mana plate?

And soon after, came Mamarazzi's Green Tea.

Followed by Brazilian Mint Sauce does this works? We go and take food like normal restaurant?

Doesn't seems to be so. It seems that we only need to go pick up salad, rice, spaghetti and some savory dishes from the Salad Bar.

Otherwise, we just sit and the waiter will come to our table with the grilled meat on a long steel rod. They cut the meat at the table for us.

Huh? Can eat meh?

Grilled pineapple wor...

Mmmm...very nice. Sweet.I like.

Meat meat and more meat. Very tender and juicy meat. They have beef, turkey ham, lamb, chicken, prawns, sausages, chicken gizzard and ...errr...forgotten the names.

I am SO not going to eat that!

Eee...Mamarazzi really a's oozing with blood she also syok syok ngap!

Hmm...this is more to my taste...rice, salad and pumpkin..Love the salad. I think they squeezed some lemon juice in it. Taste very nice.

Papa loves the Dory Fish. Said very nice coz marinated with kunyit and some unknown herbs. table there is a Cik Mek Molek having her birthday la. Her friends is singing birthday songs for her and there is a BIG Cake. I wanna blow candles tooooo.....

Alamak! Must have been staring too much liao. They asked the Waiter to bring me a piece of Birthday Cake. Thank you very much ya, Cik Adik or rather Kakak Cantik. I finished most of the cake by myself.

If you are interested to give it a try, here is the address 77 Jalan SS22/19, Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya. Tel : 03 7725 2252.

If not mistaken on one of the week days, they have ladies night where they give 10% discount if a lady is present. As it is, adult full portion of buffet is RM50/person while kids younger than 12 years old is RM20/person.Mean I also kena charged ler.

Note to restaurant owner: Food was good but please invest on
air freshener.Thanks


  1. The meat looks really juicy! Will drop by the place one day.

  2. Hmm...ya hor, pretty long time didn't go "gui-pa" jor...I shall do it one day with MiaoMiao too~

  3. should argue with them... how can charge Kucing? some more small kucing :p

    anyway, the beef looks very nice... I'm drooling now. :p

  4. OMG... ur mamarazzi must be auntie cleff's long lost sister. Auntie here oso carnivore wan, like vampire...

  5. Eyew..the meat sooooo rare!!! Not for me! Wah!!! U so young girl give you birthday cake kah??? *jealous* kuching got class, dine in expensive places hor!!!

    P.S. two years old liao, still sit in baby chair. Nasib didn;t get stuck in it! LOL!!!

  6. *shake head* u ppl... luxurious life! every time oso good food.. haih..

  7. Gus

    Go on an empty stomach and bring own drinking water

  8. uLi

    This "pa" u no need to "Gui" one. The waiter will"gui" for you. :P

  9. Cleff wonder crazy about the Meyer books ya.

  10. TZ

    The sign written there lor. Kids below 12 pay RM20 lo...hmm...can eat one round of Yuen ya :p

  11. STP

    if he dont sit in baby chair ah..then the Mamarazzi and Papa wont get to eat at all lor...habis busy chasing him loh

  12. Merryn

    Once in awhile have to turn into a Vampire punya..kekeke

  13. Hahaha, next time if any neighbouring table has any birthday celebration, Joshua must stare long-long, then get to eat for free loh! :P

    As for the meat with blood, yup, Mamarazzi is really a carnivore. Auntie Alice see also dare not eat already! :-D

  14. Oh this is near the Atria Shopping centre right? Always pass by but never thought of trying it. Rupa2nya it's buffet style...

  15. Chloe yup near Atria...same row as Maybank

  16. Been to this place too. You can also try another one located in Serdang. Cheaper and they served almost the same type of meat. Just that no air-con.

    I've blog it here :

  17. mNhL

    oo...serdang also have ah..thanks thanks will definitely go and makan.

    Do you still remember the price?

  18. yoooooor lapar laaaaaaa! huh air freshener? adoi!

  19. Irene

    lapar go makan la...mNhL says Serdang got one and cheaper leh


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