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Friday, 26 March 2010

Post Post and More Post

Yay! remember Mamarazzi's post earlier? Just received words from the recipient.The parcel arrived. Thus, this means this shop boleh diharap.Next time can use this shop again.

Meantime, I learn something new today. Also about post. Mamarazzi received this lovely picture of a beach. And behind this picture there are scribbles.

Mamarazzi told me this picture is called a Postcard. Postcard is something like a short letter that comes thru snail mail. Will this Postcard thing be obsolete in another decade or so?

Mamarazzi haven't receive any postcard for donkey years. If not mistaken the last postcard that she received was from Papa when he was studying overseas.

Thank you to Mamarazzi's "Partner in crime" that I learn about postcard. Love the serene beach.


  1. it's nice to receive postcards too.

  2. Never receive postcards for decades already.. hahhaa.. now all ecards and the latest is cny card from Merryn..

  3. ok...this shop boleh harap, can post there edy.

    Postcard..hmm think in my life never receive it before.

  4. yes, it's nice to receive postcards, cos the messages are always short and sweet :)

  5. Wenn

    1st postcard after more than a decade

  6. Claire

    Y mostly e-cards. Nice to receive postcards and letters coz of the stamps. Nice stamps sometimes. I dont really collect stamps but love looking at them

  7. kristie

    And also the nice picture ..

  8. Mommy Ling

    yes got SIRIM chop by Mamarazzi jor :p

  9. hmm, I wonder what crime the writer is refering to...

    'partner' sommore leh...

  10. snail mail is making a comeback ! :D

  11. Gus

    shhh...the crime is a BIG secret..conspiracy theory type..muhahaha

  12. Merryn

    lead by the one and only MERRYN!

    kakaka...u start sending CNY card now i get postcard i wonder is what. It's good to received CNY card and postcard instead of bills bills and more bills in the postbox

  13. God! Now only can comment! I almost gila wif the Inet. :( LOL.. omg... partner in crime! Dangerous tu! GOSH!!!

  14. Cleff

    Go and maki hamun TM ler

    LOL dangerous leh like Ma fia already kakaka

  15. personal touch to everything is always nice. e-cards are too digital. no 'human' touch. but better than nothing la hor? lol

  16. eh papa was supposed to study not kao leng lui eh

  17. I just sent a postcard to my daughter in NZ a few days ago...and I found out that the postage is the same if you send a letter or a card (sealed or unsealed). Last time, it used to be a lot cheaper... Tsk! Tsk!

  18. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE27 March 2010 at 11:29

    Convenience is what we always seek...Good for Kathy

  19. Tuti

    Each got their advantages and disadvantages.

  20. STP

    If not mistaken last time Pos Ofc sells a type of envelope letter where you write on the envelope itself and seal the four side and send. Much cheaper.

  21. Would you believe it if I said I've never posted a postcard before in my life ? :P *malunya* It was only greeting cards whilst growing up, then everyone moved to e-greeting .. hehe .. but postcards are nice :)

  22. Mafia war... lol... THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAA~ Lmao... ok, gua cabut dulu before the head get chopped off...

  23. Joanna

    *huh*really...tak percaya la.

    Greeting cards I have received many when student that time. Especially CNY card.Used to decorate the house hall with them for CNY

  24. Cleff

    head wont get chop off. Chop off your wings only so that you cant fly. Make you suffer


  25. Ya, this reminds me too that I have also not received nor send postcards for dunno how many donkey years. Now all the unused postcards that I have are being used as bookmarks instead!

  26. Alice

    At leastyou put the unused postcard into good usage kakaka


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