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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Modern Carino : Moo Moo Kow Diaper Giveaway first Mamarazzi thought don't wanna enter this contest. Not much luck this year. But then on second thought...why not jek...

What contest? well it seems that Modern Carino is having a contest on Moo Moo Kow Diaper Giveaway. Check out their website here. Very interesting website

As for the question why I wanna win a Moo Moo Kow Diaper...well...the reason rather paiseh la..

I've reach 2 years "young" . And yet I have only recently learn how to do Big Business in the potty. Yet to learn how to do Small Business in potty yet. Maybe with the help of Moo Moo Kow Cloth Diaper, I can learn faster. It's very urgent leh as Mamarazzi threaten me either to do my small business in the potty or I have to go around the house without diaper and pants. If I shh shh on the floor, I have to mop the floor leh. Child ABUSE!!!


  1. Got my size? Muahahahahaha!!!

  2. He's so cute :) Reminds me of the time my kiddies are his age...seems so long ago...

  3. Headache to have potty training for Shannen who is going to reach two next week, we gave up and will try it again after 6 months. Any tips to share?

  4. aiyo... go pee pee in the potty lor. :D

  5. wah....u sure win! Uncle support u!

  6. good luck in the contest. Haha..child abuse. Smallkucing, challenge your mum and said "You Can". Soon, you can la. Don't worry.

  7. STP..

    ahem...uiks? you not toilet trained yet ah ? :p

  8. Vpa73

    Hope your kiddies were not as naughty as him

  9. Medie007

    easier said than done lor

  10. Lil Bulb

    Me also pening. Guess both of us have to take tips from Cynthia :D

  11. niece knew this since 3 months back :P she is not at 2years 4months :)

  12. @ STP : i can ask them to tailor made for you..LOL, no worry of sizing..

    dearie, no worry sometimes different kids may have different development. Just give him more space n time, i m sure he can make u proud.

  13. Ha ha, cute.
    Two days of shi shi on the floor then they will try to shi shi in the toilet because wet pants unconfortable...try it and see.

  14. Good luck to you! Wah, I oso want to join the contest, but dunno got time to write or work pending here and there....hehehe.

  15. uLi

    Surprisingly girls always pick up faster than boys

  16. Prince and princess mum

    Thanks :D

  17. Mommy Ling

    it's the later part that is worrying...aiyo...disposable diapers are costing a small fortune leh

  18. Alice

    Thank you

    There is still ample time. Deadline is 15th.


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