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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Mamarazzi Left Me For BookXcess

Yesterday Mamarazzi very naughty. Left me with Papa and she went"shopping". I know where she went. She went to BookXcess. Didn't bring me coz say I "kacau".

People haven't open door, she pulak sibuk "camp"outside the store. Lucky not only she camp there alone. Quite a number of people "camping" there too.

Wow...rows and rows and rows of books

Very spacious and the display well categorised.

Mamarazzi managed to grab these two books at RM3 each

These two at RM5 each

These three are Mamarazzi's favourite. RM19-90 each. Gosh...Just 3 months ago Cecelia Ahern's The Book of Tomorrow was selling at RM69-90 at normal book store!

Mamarazzi read Chris Manby's The Match Breaker and it was good. Thus this round she grabbed another one of Chris Manby's book Marrying For Money. RM 17-90 only.

As for Darren Shan...tarak tau who the heck he is. Saja grab coz "kiasu". Saw one young girl kept begging the mother to buy for her. Thus, must be good gua. Hope Kor Kor Jon will like it. Kor Kor Jon, very sorry ah coz Mamarazzi was carrying too many books and the cover was slightly torn as a result.

Auntie Cleff, jealous or not this book? RM9-90 only

Auntie Woo, here are the books you ordered.

And here is the photo of the Tin Tin book set that Mamarazzi mentioned to you over the phone.

Finally my hoard. ABC Book for me.

This book a bit out dated but hentam la since it's RM7-90 only.

This musical book and

this Scooby-Doo musical book were priced at RM24-90 each. Wow!

I love my Scooby-Doo book very much

BookXcess even gave Mamarazzi very nice Bookmarks. Gosh...and Mamarazzi met Jie Jie Su Lyn. Mamarazzi said Su Lyn Jie Jie very pretty girl.


  1. waaaaa.......books...books.....hope there's still good books left when I arrive next week...uhuhhuuu.... =.=|||

  2. wow. heaven! Hey I didn't know that Sidney Sheldon's book is called "Mistress of the game". I thought it was 'Master of the game'. Is it a different one?

  3. Poor thing! Mama also needs time out sometimes mah!!! Can't have you tagging along all the time! Kids! Pening!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

  4. looks like all the good deals! This BookXcess thing sounds great... I love books, especially Patricia Cornwell that I am trying to search for.

    I wonder if there is BookXcess in Singapore :P.

  5. Angel Bear

    I think there are ample books. The store is BIG.

  6. Veron73

    Nope, it's not Sidney Sheldon's book. It's a continuation from Sidney's Master of the Game.

    This Mistress of The Game is written by Tilly Bagshawe. I just tembak try out this author. Havent read her book before

  7. LV

    They have Patricia Cornwell. If not mistaken it's less than RM20.

    Nope currently no branch yet. They do take online order the last time I asked

  8. PeckWm

    Yup...Crazy about books...fiction and true story only...not school books kakaka

  9. I think ar, next time Joshua sure very good in study one when he grow up...haha!

  10. wow great loots!!!

    i would go for the kids' books hehe :)

  11. I wonder if ur d lady i was talking to about Tin Tin Price?

  12. Wah, lots of book to read! Luckilly got one for smallkucing also, if not merajuklah!

  13. uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! benci nyeeeeeeeee aku!

  14. wow.. cool.. me.. katak.. have not been reading books for sometime now..

  15. wah so many nice books!
    small kucing will be so learned!! :)

  16. I is turning green with envy .. :P Hahaha. Great stash of books there !!

  17. uLi

    Good in study or not I dont know yet but hope he will enjoy the gift of reading :D

  18. Kristie

    I am so happy to find that they have a large section devoted to kids books at this new shop.

  19. Sinister

    Were you the man wearing white T-shirt that was at the shop around 11am?

  20. Irene

    Told you to go already leh....

  21. Pete

    Heheheh...must grab some for him also. I beh tahan see the musical books so cheap.

  22. Tuti

    gotta kept his stock of book replenish coz he kept "eating/chewing" them..kakaka

  23. Merryn

    Saw they got books on crafts too

  24. Joanna

    More stock as compared to prev. :P

  25. Not sure what colour shirt i was wearing (i think it was white), but yes around 11AM

  26. many books. Nice grab.

  27. Sinister

    Then must be met hat you saw the other day.I went again yesterday. Got a whole load again

  28. Mery

    Yup and went and grabbed some more yesterday :p

  29. No--lah, I wouldn't say Mamarazzi is very naughty. Sometimes must let Mamarazzi have some time to herself. Some more it's good to once a while let Paparazzi do the jaga anak part so that Paparazzi gets a taste of what Mamarazzi went through day in day out with Joshua.


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