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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Is It Better Now?

Am still thinking of what I saw earlier. For you guys who have been following Mamarazzi post since day one, you might have remembered that Mamarazzi had blogged about a certain Petrol Station a Sg Buloh. if not, here is the link to the previous post.

After one and a half year...

The traces of the vegetable garden have nearly all gone. Gone were the jagung plant, the chili plants and the unknown seedlings. Left unkempt are the Banana Trees and Mango Tree.

Does it mean that our economy is getting better and people does not need to plant vegetable a garden at their backyard? Or does it mean that people is getting too poor to even afford to buy water to water the garden?

Que Sera Sera~


  1. wei..u so observant one! maybe u can take over the land and do some planting there yourself? :)

  2. Claire

    Unfortunately whatever that I plant sure to go to plant heaven ...

  3. Hehe...agree with reanaclaire, you so observant one :P

  4. LOL? You don't have green fingers ah? Wah... I terbalik... I have green fingers... i can plant anything, especially roses.

  5. Cleff

    Then plant pandan and serai la..very useful :D

  6. uLi

    I wonder it's good news or bad news

  7. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE6 March 2010 at 20:58

    If not mistaken our Ex-PM Tun Abd badawi & his belated wife got encouraged ppl to be green & cultivate growing own veges???..

    The equation "economy get better = no need plant vege" seems interesting

  8. it would be interesting if i have the ample place to do some gardening.

  9. this fella has an eye of a hawk.. can see every single detail one.. :D

  10. Merryn

    nothawk...more like Four Eyes kakaka

  11. Wenn

    unfortunately most of us live in the concrete jungle

  12. MRC

    Yup...and the prev post was published during the "Height" of his campaign asking people to "change their lifestyle".

  13. Dry season, water price going up lah!

  14. Pete

    cham loh like that....water rationing again ..*dies*

  15. Got water, no land! Always good to plant something to save money on buying. Too bad I don't have green fingers - just like you! Everything I plant...dies also!!! Sobs!!!

  16. STP

    My FIL have green fingers. Anything he plant sure to grow..serai, pandan, mint, kunyit, ginger, lada, ulam raja...and all with limited space. Just a tiny strip of land outside the house.

  17. Not quite sure if it works with edible plants... o.O Cuz I used to plant flowers, and the flowers come out like nobody's business when the plant grow. When I was living with my parents...the garden was practically mine to grow. Flowers and roses everywhere, and the bougainvillea, macam takde daun. All flowers only.

    I just plant jagung before, but dun dare oredi after harvesting the jagung, cuz saw snake slithering there. :( Sked leh!

  18. Cleff, snake in your garden? You should have called Pete...kakaka...ask him to catch and cook...yum yum...

  19. *puke* I halal wan... tarak makan ular, tarak makan katak. Ewwwww!

  20. Cleff

    Heard snake meat or soup is very good wor...


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