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Monday, 8 March 2010

I've Caught The Bug

Must've caught the Money Bug during Chinese New Year! It's mine! All Mine! Don't touch my Angpau money.

Money, money, money ~
Must be funny~
In a rich man's world~


  1. ah haa..ah...haaa... all the things we could do, if i had a little money, its a rich man's world!!!

    *i continue the song for u* :)

  2. Hahahahaha!!! Teaching them from young, eh? It's a material world out there!

  3. Guess the bug man is on the prowl,,,, beware all the bugs, your days are numbered........

  4. LOL. So cutee !! Tycoon in the making eh ??

  5. First lesson of financial mgmt!

  6. STP

    Next...the chinese song "no money no talk" :p

  7. Hehe so cute but apa dia cakap? Chloe jie2 was so smitten by this cutie, she kept kissing him u know... kept kissing the screen while watching the video haha!

  8. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE8 March 2010 at 17:04

    Did joshua know how to use the $$ to buy things oledi??? If yes, then better not mess with his $$$!!!!..LOL

  9. Looks like Joshua is not just attacked by the money bug, but also by the handphone bug! See him holding the card against his ear as if he's talking into a handphone :-D

    By the way, since he doesn't tear money when holding it, then it's ok to once in a while hold money. Let him have the fun of it!

    Eh, the second video reminds me of Juan Or. Both also same one, sometimes when asked him question, he doesn't want to open the mouth to answer one.

  10. That's sooo cute. No money cannot buy toys and candies lor. :P

  11. Chleo

    Entah what he is talking about la. Some can be understood, while some di\ont know.

  12. MRC

    He knows $$ can buy yogurt :p

  13. Mummy Gwen

    Yup...if tear the money then cannot buy yogurt nor nutrigen :p

  14. Alice

    He knows $$ can buy yogurt. So he wont tear the money. He tear the angpau packet but not the $$.


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