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Saturday, 13 March 2010

A Gift From LV

What is it? What is it? Faster open la, Mamarazzi.

Flower la..It's Key Chain from Jie Jie LV. Wawawow!

I like it very much. Thank you very much Jie Jie LV. Hope you have a good life in your new country and in all your future undertakings.
Wondering who is Jie Jie LV? Check out her blog here.


  1. wow.. lovely gift from LV.. :)

  2. What a contended smile from Joshua (refering to the last picture).

  3. Who's cheche LV? hehehe.. so kay poh me.. nice gift there :D

  4. Claire

    Lovely thoughtful pulak...she is the one leaving to another country, terbalik she pulak give souvenir/gift

  5. merryn

    Jie Jie LV is a lenglui left Msia to follow hubi lor. Very nice blog. Also a lot of good food leh

  6. lovely! mine is a merlion.

  7. Wenn

    Very nice of her hor...

    Paiseh..she leaving Msia, I didnt get her any gift terbalik she got me a gift pulak

  8. He he he, i got one too from LV!

  9. Hey there,
    Thanks for visiting my blog...
    Sorry i had no time to drop by yur blog earlier...
    Been reading yur past posts...I have added u to my blogroll...C yah!

  10. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE14 March 2010 at 12:17

    Saw this post in Wenn's blog as well ~ I can only nice person / acts will always get the same return...Hahaha though i had chat wif u online, I'll still prefer address u by SK....

    God bless u & family

  11. Leona

    hi! Thanks for dropping by :D

    Saw your call sign in many blogs that I have visited. Thus added you page to my reading list.

    Still laughing at the intro where you mentioned three aged 38..kakaka

  12. MRC

    address as anything also can la...but i think the call sign SK sudah ada empunya go check out his blog at

  13. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE14 March 2010 at 19:05

    Awrite Awrite ~LOL - I dont to be stubborn & egostic ppl like some ppl in my office- Okie Kathy :-)

  14. Pete

    wow...seems she is sending to ALL her readers goodness...that would be hundreds?


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