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Monday, 8 March 2010

FoongPC Tag & Contest

I really have no idea how to do this. Been "garu-ing" my head over this tag. Saw it in Claire's blog, then Cleffairy's blog and now Cynthia's . All seems to got this fun tag and contest from FoongPC’s blog. I guess, I'll join in the fun la

1. Najib vs Mahathir - Mahathir, the man gotta be something to be able to stay in power for so long, right?

2. Facebook vs Twitter - Facebook coz have more feature and I have no idea how to use Twitter. Gosh! i wonder what's my twitter password.Forgotten again.

3. Lady Gaga vs Beyonce - Beyonce coz I prefer a sexy woman than someone who is of an unknown sex. Anyway, Beyonce's track record is much better.

4. PJ vs KL - KL despite the high crime rates

5. iPhone vs Nexus One - iPhone coz I have no idea what is Nexus One

6. Blackberry vs HTC - Blackberry though I heard our neighbouring country have come out with some thing called Blueberry

7. Firefox vs Google Chrome - Firefox, easier to use

8. Nikon vs Canon DSLRCanon DSLR coz am a die hard fan of Canon. Btw, is the prize of this contest a Canon Camera? :p
9. sex vs sleep - so lack of sleep. If can, wanna sleep for 48hours straight

10. eating vs sex - eating coz sex need energy, right?

11. call vs sms - sms coz it give the other party time to reply. Mana tau, if the other person might be "engaged" with item 9 or 10.

12. sunny vs rainy - sunny coz seems happier
13. werewolves vs vampires - Vampire coz they seems to be sexier
14. healthy & poor vs sick & rich – healthy & poor but I won't mind healthy and filthy rich either
15. cakes vs doughnuts - doughnuts coz I can "celup" into my daily dose of Kopi O
16. school days vs working days – school days of course!
17. dog vs cat - cat! Do you know that though cats are more manja but they are more independent too.
18. single vs married - Married coz I get to be "manja-ed"
19. Malaysia vs Singapore - Malaysia coz the laws are less rigid

20. China vs USA - USA coz I can speak English but not Mandarin
21. Paula Abdul vs Kara DioGuardiPaula Abdul for sentimental reason

22. OldTown vs Papparich - Old Town coz of the kau kau Kopi O
23. Fitness First vs Celebrity Fitness – Celebrity Fitness coz of Jackie Chan
24. driver vs passenger - passenger of course. Don't think anyone would like to drive in KL
25. beautiful & dumb vs brainy & fat – beautiful and dumb coz they seems to have the most fun
26. handsome & egoistic vs ugly & rich – ugly & rich as gua beh tahan egoistic person

27. insurance agent vs direct selling agent – insurance agent as I have a very good agent. Alex, if you are reading this, you better gimme better discount on my premium.
28. horror movies vs comedies - comedies of course. Wouldn't wanna stay awake at night scared witless by own shadow
29. working for yourself vs working for others – working for others coz can bitch about the bosses.
30. Avatar vs Lord Of The Rings - Lord ofThe Rings coz have yet to watch Avatar. ya, i know. Am "ulu' a bit but it's kinda hard to drag a two year old to the cinema and have him sit still.
31. bus vs taxi - bus as RAPID KL service is getting better nowadays and they HAVE to go to the destination. Taxi tend to choose their destinations and doesn't use meters
32. Haagen Dazs vs Baskin Robbins – Haagen Dazs of course but if don't have Haagen Dazs, I'll take Baskin Robins
33. flu vs diarrhea - flu, at least I don't have to sit in the toilet whole day.

34. blue vs pink - blue, coz am never a pink person
35. chicken vs duck - duck! especially Petaling Street Sze Ngan Chye Roast Duck

36. dawn vs dusk - dawn as it represent hope and beginning
37. Tiger Woods vs Nicole David – Nicole David as she is dynamite

38. Gmail vs Yahoo email - Yahoo as i started with yahoo
39. book smarts vs street smarts – street smarts coz can always cari makan. If book smarts, not necessary will be able to cari makan.
40. foongpc's travel posts vs ghost story posts – foongpc’s travel posts as am terrified of Ghost Stories
41. Blogging or Reading a book - Read a book as I can bring it anywhere I go, I can't blog where there is not internet connection.

Finally finished answering the questions. Very tiring leh. Cracking my "coconut" like that.

Foongpc will draw 3 lucky winners. Lets hope one of them will be me. The deadline for this contest is 15th March 2010. Come and join the fun.


  1. Hi there! Thanks for doing the tag! There's a first time for everything haha!

    You are now in the running to win one of the 3 prizes! Good Luck!!

    Btw, enjoyed reading your answers : )

  2. Wah! You also joining this contest ya....hehe! Hope you can win la ;)

  3. hahaha... Joshua should get a prize for these cute actions!
    all of us elaborated on the answers.. i didnt.. ouch! making them so humorous.. this foongpc is so creative!

  4. FoongPC

    Thanks. Really a lot of questions. kekeke

  5. uLi

    Come and join la :D.

    the more the merrier.

    I kepoh. Would love to see your answers kekekeke

  6. Claire

    I "copied" idea from Cleff one. I think she deserve to win the prize la...her answer sooooooo funny...i laugh till golek golek

  7. :) good luck to you kucing :D

  8. aiyoh...all my blog friends also i wish u all will win...kekeke...

  9. Vialentino

    Winning is not everything. The fun part is reading everyones reply :D

    Why not you join too? Should be fun.

  10. I guess foongpc just spread the tags very well. Hope you get prize from foongpc.

  11. This one sure strike Foongpc jackpot!

  12. Superman

    Thanks. Come and join in the fun too:D

  13. Pete,

    You think mine will strike the jackpot? Think again...go check out Cleff's post Had me laughing till stomach ache. I think if she wins, I have to claim from her a bottle of Tiger Balm for the sakit perut

  14. Welcome to the Banana (English educated )club. Hope your 'coconut' not cracked yet after the 41 bashes haha. Good luck.

  15. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE9 March 2010 at 17:00

    Just to say : Hmmm Interesting...

  16. MRC

    joinla...maybe the prize is a date with a gorgeous girl leh ;D


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