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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Chap Goh Meh & A Wedding

Finally arrived at Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Resort. Now where is Khai Yeh?

Opps... go there ah?

Is he hiding behind this thing?

Or under the photos frame?

I guess I'll wait for Khai Yeh at the front of the restaurant lah. that who I think it is?

Ahhh....Khai Yeh playing hide-and-seek.

Still early. Time to go round around the place first.

If I hide here I wonder if Khai Yeh can find me? Hmm...on second thought, better not.Or else I would miss out on the events.

Wah...Khai Yeh very handsome lah today. Like a Superstar.Eric Chang?

I tidak kurang handsome jugak. Aiyak...Mamarazzi wanna tumpang glamour pulak.

Let's the show begin. romantic leh....I wonder if I ever old enough to get marry, I would have such a romantic photos taken.

Jeng~jeng~jeng~..the Happy Couple!

Hooray!!! wow ! there are confetti too.

Lovely aren't they?

Naughty Khai Yeh pretending to minum habis the Champagne.

Yummm SENG!

I also join in the celebration! YUM SENG!!!

Wah lau eh..KhaiYeh serenading Khai Ma with a love song. And also a promise in front of relatives and friends that he will only love Khai Ma.

*Clap hand* Clap hand*

A close relative singing a song for the Happy Couple and supported by a cute "dancer".

Uiks! This fella looks familiar.Ooo... he is Khai Yeh's cousin who is in the group called Frienz that won the Ultimate Group Competition by 8TV last year.

Alamak! Khai Yeh and Khai Ma come over to YUM SENG!

Yummmm Seng!

Yum seng...yum seng....alamak..where is my mug ah? Mabuk liao. Drink Coca-cola also can mabuk ka?

The close of the delightful evening. Sorry ah...Papa no in the photos coz he is holding the camera.

Congratulation once again, Khai yeh and Khai Ma. May your love last forever and year I will collect angpau from you guys ya .


  1. Hahahahaha!!! Very cute! Don;t worry! You're so handsome, sure the girls will line up one!!! Your turn will come soon enough!!!

  2. Congratulations to the lovely couple!

    He dressed up for the occasion ya. Nice Chinese costume and very matching colour with Daddy's. Mummy, you are pretty and sweet looking. ^_^

  3. Happy Wedding to your kai yeh ya :)Mamarazzi so pretty one ar :D

  4. Wah Small kucing got his own personal cup for yum seng. Hahaha! Small kucing is wearing a nice baju. Where does mamarazzi bought it?

  5. STP

    Hopeso lo...hope it's girls and not guys :p

  6. Mummy Gwen

    Thankiu thankiu thankiu *blushing*

    His CNY "yum sam"...kakaka...wear from Chor 1 to 15...kakaka...must wear puas-puas coz next year the baju wont fit him anymore.

  7. uLi

    The Khai Yeh and Khai Ma very matching. Both also very happy-go-lucky type :D

    Really had fun at the dinner.

    Thankiu thankiu, uLi for the compliments

  8. Chee Yee

    Yup...his own personal mug. been teaching him YUM SENG for this event kakaka

    The baju was bought by his grandaunt from China last year.Ngum ngum fit for this CNY. Not too small nor too big. Material also good. Just too bad he wont fit this baju next year. Thus have to wear puas puas this round. Each time wear this baju for him he will say "nice nice ah". This boy really "oi leng".

  9. hahaa cute! I love the way you tell stories like that of Joshua.

    wishing Khai Yeh and Khai Ma have a blessed marriage.

    Oh Kucing, please check your email :) Thanks!

  10. oops! posted with a different a account pulakz..

    hehe it is ladyviral here :P

  11. wah. so cute ler that chinese traditional wear. :D love love love! me also want. but mine all marrooon jor. hahaha

    mamarazzi looks pretty wor. :)

    but didn't know she's so kiasu till buy so many books at the flea market hor? hahahhahahahahahhahaha

    jk. jk. ;p

  12. Walao.... mamarazzi looks very pretty with her light makeup.... dono got ppl wan kow mamarazzi anot? LOL...

  13. LV

    Thankiu thankiu thankiu :D

    Yup hope their marriage will be "Pak Taw Tho Lou"

    Okie will check my email.

  14. So nice ho, the khai yeh and khai ma's wedding coincided with the chap goh meh... happiy ever after hahaha

  15. Wah... Joshua looks very yeng there wor... mummy also "mo zap shu", very pretty also!

  16. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE2 March 2010 at 17:36

    mammarazi kena red bomb...Nice hor all the weddings....

  17. Hi Small Kuching, I really enjoyed looking thru your very well taken pics here.
    Beautiful bride and good looking groom. And your boy enjoying himself.
    You look very nice in the a Taiwanese bintang, *wink*.
    Where was this wedding dinner held?
    Best regards, Lee.

  18. Cleff

    Thankiu thankiu....belanja u eat ice cream later :p

  19. Eugene

    A romantic day for a romantic couple. Well, guarantee the Khai Yeh wont forget the wedding anniversary that easily...not that he would :p

  20. Medie007

    LOL so this year you will be very RED ya :p. People say "Hung Wan Thong Thaw"..very very lucky loh

    As for the books it's from BookXcess. Didnt get the chance to dig at the flea market this round

  21. Little prince Mummy

    Photo nice coz both the bride and groom are very photogetic :D

  22. MRC

    This Red Bomb dont go kenot coz this round Mamarazzi was the Miu Yan Por :p kakakaka

  23. Boey Joey

    hahaha....have to put on the best dress loh :D

  24. Uncle Lee

    Thank you :D

    If you wanna know, where the wedding banquet was held,do come back tomorrow. there will be a post on the venue and food.

  25. *sulk* Tipu punya... mana ice-cream? Tipu!

  26. Congrats to the bride and groom! Good timing for a wedding during Chap Goh Meh!

  27. Pete

    and in future sure wont forget anniversary ...kakaka

  28. Cleff

    ice cream in the fridge...kekeke

  29. handsome meow meow.
    mummy also very pretty.
    i laughed when small kucing said mamarazzi wants to steal some glamor also, haha.
    loved how papa held meow meow high up and he has his own little toasting drink!

    congrats to the couple!

  30. Tuti

    Thankiu thankiu thankiu *blushing*

    yup...the little kucing can be very kelakar sometimes.

  31. Joshua looked cute and handsome with the samfu. I like the way he use his sippy cup to yam sing!:-)

  32. Sarah daddy & mummy

    Been teaching him to "Yum Sing" for this event :D


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