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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Balloon vs Batu

This is Hot Air Balloon Fiesta ya? many colourful Hot Air Balloon.

Uiks..there is an Invisible Man wearing Jean. Smart pant.

Alamak! what is the invisible man doing to the Darth Vader?

Oh Noooo..Darth Vader is going to collapse! He is going to pengsan. Must be the Invisible Man kentut-ed. That's why Darth Vader pengsan-ed.Not because too windy and dangerous to fly like what the announcer said.

Is that a kite? Why got people riding it geh?


I wanna go for a ride too.

Hmm....I wanna ride leh.

Hmm...think think think...I think I know...

Alamak! Cannot climb here. Got people "watching".

Cabut further away first.

If I cannot go OVER...

Maybe I can go UNDER...

Aiks...cannot also.

Mamarazzi, I wanna Balloon as a souvenir. Huh? No ah...take photo with balloon only ah?

No Balloon as souvenir...kutip Batu as souvenir also can la. What to do..Mamarazzi so stingy.


  1. i like the floating pants! like giant up there. if so, then he must have forgotten his pants! kakaka

  2. Hahahahaha!!! You're so cute! Come! Come to Sibu, uncle will buy you nice balloon!!! LOL!!!

  3. STP

    gonna buy me a balloon or the Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon

  4. Tuti

    Or rather he forgotten his shirt...kekeke

  5. Joshua looks so cute le.... ^^ Did he say he wants to ride on the balloon as well? :D

  6. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE21 March 2010 at 11:41

    Hahaha...Joshua looks mesmerised by the balloons....Bring him lar to LIMA air show Langkawi ~ He'll be blown away...

  7. Mamarazzi, why so stingy? kesian that kucing.. get him a balloon lah at least.. hehe.. cute lah the part where he tried to sneak in... :D

  8. oh my, ya ya how my mind goes kakakaka

  9. LOL... Joshua so cute. Auntie here like Darth Vader... the Darth Vader so funny!

  10. hahahaa.. kathy, kathy.. u r really good.. your passion for reading pays off!
    i love the part that buying balloons pun cannot ah? ok, kutip batu then.. so cham!

  11. wow~ Smallkucing visit the balloon fiesta... how is it? Nice >.<

    Got many people or not ?

  12. LOL!! Maine would have LOVED this place!!

  13. He he he, never mind lah, ask mummy to buy bubbles....can also fly high lor!

  14. So many hot air balloons! Nice. The pictures of him climbing the fence are cute lah. Can see Daddy's hand grabbing on the shirt..hehe.

  15. I like that Darth Vader balloon! : )

  16. LOL !!! Looks like it was fun. So the batu really brought back home?

  17. We went there too but at crowded.

  18. uLi

    He doesnt want to ride the balloon but rather the Glider thingy *pengsan* so ganas one

  19. Merryn

    RM5 each lar and he saja play a bit then will abandon it pulak. People say "new toilet"

  20. Cleff

    You should have seen Darth Vader doing "arrigato" stance

  21. Claire

    He merajuk he korek batu loh. He DID bring home a BATU.Now the papa say become his "Pet rock" like one of the cartoon.

  22. Agnes

    You think Maine will like. Then next year come la. Check out more beautiful photos at uLi's blog. her post so beautiful.

  23. TZ

    Yup was nice. Too bad we went at wrong timing. Windy. Didnt get to see many balloons

  24. Mummy Gwe,

    have to grab or else he would have gone over the fence...haiz...

  25. Pete

    he baru play bubble yesterday. Penat i chase after him. Will post about it tomorrow..if i got the time

  26. FoongPc

    We like that too but that evening, Darth Vader very shy. Kept turning his face to the other side. Didnt get the chance to snap photo from the front and they "took down"already as it was too windy

  27. wow..balloons!!

    too bad didnt get to.

  28. hahahhaha...mummy can buy lots of books, but no balloon for Joshua. :P

    Looks like everyone go for this Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. We didn't go, know that will be people moutain people sea.

  29. Cute antics of Joshua when at the fencing! :-D Btw, is there admission fee to pay?

  30. Annie

    coz Mamarazzi kedekut lor :p

    Yup there were mountain people and sea people

  31. he is so cute!!! trying really hard to go nearer to the hot air balloons *hehe*

  32. 2ma

    He wanted to go for the Glider thingy. Got excited seeing people flying here and there.


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