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Monday, 15 March 2010

The All-New BookXcess Opening 19 March 2010

WAH!!! just saw the news in Facebook. BookXcess new store GRAND OPENING is on 19th March 2010.

Their new premises is at L3-60(the former cinema), just two doors away from the current premises.

There are great offers in conjunction to their Grand Opening. Checkout their Facebook page Be a fan.

According to the information in Facebook, OCBC credit card holders who use their OCBC card for any purchase of RM50 and above and get a free 3-year membership and book thong! Promotion runs from 19 to 31 March 2010.

Oh ya...Don't kiasu and go BookXcess on 18th March 2010 thinking can grab early birds offer coz they are going to be closed on that day. This is to prepared for the next day Grand Opening.

Though you might try "camping" overnight outside the new store but then again if kena tangkap by the security guards or police, kena tanggung sendiri ya. Nothing to do with Smallkucing blog nor BookXcess ya.

Short picture message for Papa.


  1. so how much "damage" are you expecting on that day?? haha.. :)

  2. waaa.............uhuhuhuh...wonder if sempat or not grab some nice books..coz only be in KL on 26th - 31st march...uhuhuhuhuhu~~~

  3. kathy, are u the spokesperson for Bookxcess? u will make a good one here!! i see what i can do.. maybe i can make it on wed.. :)

  4. lol.. ur mommy made u do dat eh kucing? poor boy.. how much bookxcess paying u to promote them like dat? lol..

  5. SK

    praying hard hard now lo that my card wont explode :p

  6. Really "book worm" wor.... =.="

  7. Angel Bear

    Sure sempat one coz they will replenish stock mah. But you go to their website's booklist and look thru 1st la. At least can agak what you want. when arrive their store, any additional books you wanna buy will be like a bonus to you.

  8. Claire

    Not spokeperson la. Morelike kaypoh. Spread the news to those who love books and cant afford the expensive price of normal book store mah.

    hope you can come all the way from Ipoh lo...can meet up and at least you get to buy the books you love

  9. Merryn

    Child labour mah :p. Otherwise how to get the Papa to drive me there wor.

    How I wish BookXcess do pay me for this but I dont think they even know my kecil-mayung blog exist. Maybe if masuk your blog or Claire's punya they will take note la. VVIP blog wor.

    I saja spread the news coz i know many of my friends love to read and definitely will love to go for the Grand Opening.

  10. uLi

    you see me "four eyes" also can agak la...kakaka...Cleff see my face aje she know me bookworm kakaka

  11. hmm..another bookworm.. LOL

  12. Chris,

    you too is a bookworm? School holiday wor......coming to KL?

  13. Hi Small Kuching, glad you love books. Can always tell when someone reads a lot too.
    Love that pic of your kid in sidebar, sure has a cheeky grin.
    When you going to give him a sister to fight with? Ha ha.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  14. Hrmm... hoprfully got good buy this time.

  15. LOL...kawan...there's also international Book fair at PWTC... I think, this one u oso oredi know...

    Eh, will papakucing notice this picture message? LMAO...*sigh* my hubby dun buy this kind of persuasion... sobsob... must use other tactic wan. LMAO...

  16. =.= One bookworm can identify another. I oso ulat buku... so when i first saw you, i oredi know ur same species as me. =( Too bad I am not feeling well these days, else we can go there tgt!

  17. Good! Develop the habit of reading! Most people are not bothered to read these days - kids would rather play PS or computer games or wtach TV!

  18. Alice,

    Already have my eyes on a few books that I want..kekeke

  19. Uncle

    Thanks :D

    Sure love books.The kid also love chew on.

  20. Cleff

    Ya i know about the PWTC thingy. Not my scene as the books tarak ngum.

  21. STP

    I agreed with you on that. :)

  22. Kathy, happy exploring the new bookstore.

  23. hahaha.....hinting to your hubby to bring you all there! :-D

  24. Lil Bulb

    If not on the Grand Opening, then hope to go this weekend :D

  25. Alice

    very direct hint know men hint they will still be blur. Must be a direct hint...kakaka

  26. Ha ha, papa got drag along to shopping again! LOL!

  27. I'm sure you gonna buy lots of books on the opening!~

  28. Wow..u gonna grab bags of books again. Btw, smiled.

  29. Pete

    Papa dont go then Mamarazzi have to jalan kaki lo :p

  30. Prince and Princess Mum

    Hope so hope so..saw some books from their list. Very good bargain.

  31. mNhL

    You think I should bring my trolley bag? If I cant make it on Fri, have to go on Saturday and Saturday is a no plastic bag day in S'gor:(

  32. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE16 March 2010 at 16:42

    ~ Good to see Joshua excited about books - Bright future ahead for this fella

  33. I miss being in KL !!!! sob sob sob... Ipoh has zero bookstores as cool as BookXcess to hang out in ..

  34. MRC

    He is more excited of the part going gai-gai than the part of shopping for books. Hears gai-gai will straight go for his shoes

  35. Joanna

    Saw in FB pic of the new store...wah lau eh...looks very big.

    Gosh I hope near future they wont increase the price of the books in view of the Overhead costs. Rental must be very expensive.

  36. Ann

    I think you better don't go since you are heavily pregnant. If baby decided to come out early, habis loh :p.

    But can shop online. I bought from them online before. Just email them the books you wanted and they will tell you the availability and the total price inclusive postage.


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