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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Sidney Sheldon's Mistress Of The Game by Tilly Bagshawe

Wanna know why Mamarazzi didn't sleep last night?It was due to this evil evil book. Kept her awake all night. Very "scary" book. Its like this book have put a "charm" on Mamarazzi. Once she lay her hand on it, there is no stopping till she has finish and done with it.

Mamarazzi said it was very delicious, devilish cunning....It felt like Sidney Sheldon rise from the grave(Is it grave or did they have him cremated?) .

Mamarazzi didn't really like Sidney Sheldon's latest two or three books coz she felt they were lack of "feeling". Felt like he was just presenting the plots instead of telling the story and bringing the readers to the world that he had created in his imagination. Oh...if you are an avid reader, you will know that kind of feeling.

Check out this new book by Tilly Bagshawe. She got that from BookXcess. It really brings back the "feel"of Sidney Sheldon's earlier works. Full of suspense, uncertainties, glamour, betrayal, love and unexpected ending.

Now, Mamarazzi is hitting her head against the wall pulak. Something about should have bought other titles of Tilly Bagshawe's books as well when she saw them at BookXcess the other day.

Going Banana?

Mmmm...Secret Recipe Cake. Yum-yum...I remember when I was in Mamarazzi's tummy,I was crazy about Secret Recipe Cake.I wonder if Mamarazzi have bought my favourite.

Yup! Banana Chocolate Cake! Mamarazzi said this cake is fresh. How did she know it's fresh? Coz there was only 1 slice cut out from that cake. Her friend who work in a bakery before told her not to buy cake if saw many slice have been taken coz it shows the cake have been there a few days.

Meantime, I am going Banana on this Chocolate Banana Cake. Delicious!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

My "Eggs" Are Blue!!

These are the Salted Duck Eggs that Papa brought back from Nunukan the other day.

Eee...cold cold!!! Maybe that is why the eggs have turned blue. Papa said all the salted duck eggs there are light blue. Don't know why. These have been "bakar" so that the eggs can be keep longer.

Taste like our normal salted egg though the yolk not "red". A lot of oil came out when it was cut open.Smells a bit different.Maybe due to the egg being "bakar" instead of boiled. So...who wants a blue egg?

Monday, 29 March 2010

Sa Mei Lo?

What is that?

Eee...why got "frog eggs" on the mango geh? Apa ni Sa Mei Lo? Mutt kar for lei geh?

Taste a bit 1st...

A bit more...a bit more....*wanna grab the whole bowl*

Advertisement : Sa Mei Lo...bought at Pasar Malam ChowYang. Open every Thursday.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

You Are My Sunshine Catcher

Think am nuts doing this? Think again. Mamarazzi lagi nuts. Sendiri want the Sun Catcher that she saw in Chloe's blog, say I want pulak.

Last week, Mamarazzi dragged Papa and me to Sunway Giza to buy this Sun Catcher. RM6/packet.

She also beh tahan and grabbed a few other designs too. No price tag was on the key chain. Thus Mamarazzi asked the Jie Jie there. The Jie Jie told Mamarazzi the big ones are RM2-40(Pointing to a larger design Dolphin) , while small ones are RM1-60.

When Mamarazzi goes to the counter for payment, the counter girl had to refer to the Jie Jie. The Jie Jie got confused. Then she saw Mamarazzi and say cincai all design that Mamarazzi chosen lump as RM1-60/pc.

I hope Mamarazzi wil let me help her color the Sun Catcher too.

If you are interested, check out their website at

Earth Hour 2010

One, two, three, four, five..five tea candles. Should be enough gua..

3...2...1...lights off!

Wah...Mamarazzi gave me a piece of Cake. Got candle on it some more. Earth punya birthday ka?

Yay..blow candle and eat cake

After makan can play water pulak. Syoknya, this Earth Hour thingy.

Must wear "cap" just in case fall down in the bathroom.

Eh....censor censor.

Last year we "celebrated" Earth Hour too. Check out the posts here and here

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Restaurant Carnaval Churrascaria at Damansara Jaya

Huh? Cannibals? Makan orang one ah? Ooo...sorry's Carnaval. Papa had brought Mamarazzi here before on one of her birthday. It's a Brazilian Buffet Restaurant which speciality is meat meat and more meat.

Very efficient. Sit down aje, already gave me kids cutleries. Mana plate?

And soon after, came Mamarazzi's Green Tea.

Followed by Brazilian Mint Sauce does this works? We go and take food like normal restaurant?

Doesn't seems to be so. It seems that we only need to go pick up salad, rice, spaghetti and some savory dishes from the Salad Bar.

Otherwise, we just sit and the waiter will come to our table with the grilled meat on a long steel rod. They cut the meat at the table for us.

Huh? Can eat meh?

Grilled pineapple wor...

Mmmm...very nice. Sweet.I like.

Meat meat and more meat. Very tender and juicy meat. They have beef, turkey ham, lamb, chicken, prawns, sausages, chicken gizzard and ...errr...forgotten the names.

I am SO not going to eat that!

Eee...Mamarazzi really a's oozing with blood she also syok syok ngap!

Hmm...this is more to my taste...rice, salad and pumpkin..Love the salad. I think they squeezed some lemon juice in it. Taste very nice.

Papa loves the Dory Fish. Said very nice coz marinated with kunyit and some unknown herbs. table there is a Cik Mek Molek having her birthday la. Her friends is singing birthday songs for her and there is a BIG Cake. I wanna blow candles tooooo.....

Alamak! Must have been staring too much liao. They asked the Waiter to bring me a piece of Birthday Cake. Thank you very much ya, Cik Adik or rather Kakak Cantik. I finished most of the cake by myself.

If you are interested to give it a try, here is the address 77 Jalan SS22/19, Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya. Tel : 03 7725 2252.

If not mistaken on one of the week days, they have ladies night where they give 10% discount if a lady is present. As it is, adult full portion of buffet is RM50/person while kids younger than 12 years old is RM20/person.Mean I also kena charged ler.

Note to restaurant owner: Food was good but please invest on
air freshener.Thanks

Friday, 26 March 2010

Post Post and More Post

Yay! remember Mamarazzi's post earlier? Just received words from the recipient.The parcel arrived. Thus, this means this shop boleh diharap.Next time can use this shop again.

Meantime, I learn something new today. Also about post. Mamarazzi received this lovely picture of a beach. And behind this picture there are scribbles.

Mamarazzi told me this picture is called a Postcard. Postcard is something like a short letter that comes thru snail mail. Will this Postcard thing be obsolete in another decade or so?

Mamarazzi haven't receive any postcard for donkey years. If not mistaken the last postcard that she received was from Papa when he was studying overseas.

Thank you to Mamarazzi's "Partner in crime" that I learn about postcard. Love the serene beach.

Telco & Post

Recently a new shop have sprung up near my area. Telco & Post. Offer more or less the same service as the normal Pos Office. Can send parcel, pay astro bills, subscribe to TM utilities, top up prepaid card and etc.

Thus last Wednesday evening Mamarazzi decided to try out this shop by sending a parcel via Poslaju. Wow.. saw the sign that says this shop opens till 9 p.m. leh.

Very fast service.No need to queue up as in the Pos Office. Got nice chair to sit also. Service with a smile too. I hope the parcel will arrive safely ler. *praying hard*

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Restaurant Sunny Seafood(New Premises)


Found this restaurant again after the old shop was demolished two months ago. This new premises is very nice. Very clean.

Thanks to Foodbin who has been very kind.He e-mailed the map of the new location to Mamarazzi.

Ordered Salted Vegetable & Taufu Soup. Same taste as previously. Must be the same Chef.

Taufu with Dried Shrimps. The Shrimps a bit too small for Paparazzi liking. But the taufu was good.

Mixed Vegetable. A lot of gravy for my rice.

Marmite Mantis Prawn. Taste nicer than previous visit. More crunchy and not too sweet.

Overall, satisfying meal. Total RM38 inclusive of 3 rice and a pot of Chinese tea.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A Book And A Jungle

Last week we went to 1Utama to "jalan-jalan". And hey...what you know...came up from the parking straight walked into MPH Book Fiesta.

Mamarazzi bought only one book for me coz she know the next day was BookXcess new opening. Thus saving the buying frenzy for the next day. Moreover the offer here was not that good.

Then Mamarazzi wanted to look for Guardian Clearance sale at The Bargain Corner. Mana tau sesat into a jungle pulak. I know Auntie Alice blogged about it before but we didn't know where exactly the location.

Unbelieveable, greens everywhere.

Papa said next time we will go down there and explore.

Meantime, Mamarazzi found the Bargain Corner.

As for the Guardian Clearance sale...not much offer. Well, the good news is we have finally found the lovely jungle at 1Utama. Will definitely go back and explore some more.
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