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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Winter Melon Soup

Big round Winter Melon. Saw Auntie Claire's post on Winter Melon Soup in December 2009. Am now going to attempt to cook Winter Melon Soup .

One Winter Melon, cut and cleaned. Two pieces of roast porkbones, some scallops, some dried oyster, some red dates and some Gei Zhi.

Alamak! put into which pot ah? one is too small and the other is too big.

In the end, Mamarazzi put into a BIG pot and steamed it. Alamak! How come the Winter Melon become "kedut" jor geh? Hmmm....must be Mamarazzi didn't "jaga" the fire properly and steamed too long.

Uh....lucky. The soup is still in the melon. Taste? Not bad la for the 1st attempt.


  1. LMAO.... must crown you Soup Queen la, mamarazzi... now you got me into soup fever liao! LOL...

  2. Wah..big winter melon!! Dun think i can make this soup cos seldom finding such a big melon and worst tak ada such a big pot to fit the melon..hehehhe.

    i guess de soup must be very refreshing.

  3. Good attempt. Actually what I do is I will cut the melon into smaller cubes, add some pork ribs, dates, and chicken feet into a pot of boiled water!! Let it simmer and add salt to taste. Simple. :) Happy cooking. At least, little boy like to drink soup. I still trying hard to get my gal to drink soup. Depends on her mood, she can drink a small bowl of soup.

  4. uLi

    A good try though tak jadi :p

  5. Cleff

    Coz orang malas is like that lo. Just throw everything into the pot, boil and can serve liao. So easy kakaka

  6. Mommy Ling

    Actually like Rose said, can cut into pieces and boil geh but i wanted to try and copy those from restaurant

  7. ROse

    Usually I would do like what you did. But this round thought try and copy theonefrom restaurant loh

    Currently smallkucing loves to drink soup.

  8. wah...not bad wor...i need to learn from u...orginal home cook soup....sure taste good one ler...

  9. yum look tasty. Maybe you can try another version as dessert, winter melon + longan + some rock sugar.

  10. Annie

    I made that too but it's a Leong Sui. I added Lo Han Guo

  11. Little Prince Mummy

    Thank God though outside looked ugly but inside still can drink.

  12. Little Prince Mummy

    I steamed for3 hours. Overcooked loh...maybe 1hour+ should be enough

  13. never tried it before...hmmm sounds and looks interesting..

  14. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE9 February 2010 at 16:40

    Bahagia the family :-)

  15. Ok..noted. Cut into pcs..i m such a doink..Probaly i also want to copy ur recipe..hahha. Feel syiok playing with such a big melon..

  16. Thanks for sharing the cooking idea!

  17. huge and giant melon! must be costly this one.. u put roasted porkbones? so how did it taste? if u want it sweet, u can just put in some red dates and kei chee plus a bit of mutt choe.. will make a nice dessert..

  18. Mommy Ling

    Not yet Halloween wor. I got this melon from the Wed pasar malam. Indian selling rm3 only.

  19. Alice

    hahaha...Ni L-lesen punya "chef". The winter melon also can overcooked kakaka

  20. Claire

    not that big la...slightly bigger thanJoshua's head :p. Surprisingly cheap at RM3. Sold by indian man.

    Any soup cook with roast pork bones sure sweet and nice one.

    Sometimes I make Lo Han Gua leong sui put winter melon shredded finely, longan and white fungus. Very nice. No need to put rock sugar, the leong sui already sweet

  21. Dearest Mamarazzi,
    Very creative soup and this is really good for you and your family.
    Good job!

  22. Winter melon kedut....forgot to apply anti wrinkle cream lah! ha ha ha!

  23. Shakira

    Ya..Mamarazzi boil sup nearly everyday coz it's easy and simple. No hassle. Just dump in everything wait an hour and can drink already

  24. Pete

    Next time I go your house and curi your specially formulated Winter Melon Anti Wrinkle cream. :p

  25. My mum used to "tan" this soup in the melon when we were younger. She also did a sweet version of tong sui... put cane sugar and red dates instead. Very yun and yummy :-).

    Nowadays, she just chop everything and put inside the slow cooker.

  26. Boey Joey

    sometimes when i want it simple, i also did that :)


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