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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Tenang Seafood Restaurant, Pantai Batu Buruk

Where is Kaw Kaw Lay Liew? Wanna wish her a very Happy Birthday. It's her Birthday today.

What a wonderful thing! Our Birthday is like Do~Re~Me~ . Papa's on 22nd, Mine on 23rd and Kaw Kaw's is on 24th. Anyone 25th?

Back to some CNY Cari Makan. The 1st day of CNY we had a nice dinner at Tenang Seafood Restaurant located along Pantai Baru Buruk. Saw many people "makan-ing" there. It's a relatively new restaurant. According to the owner, they just open two months ago.

Very nice interior decoration. There are glass wall with water that makes the place cooler. Tastefully decorated.

Now let's see if the food is as good as the decoration. Let's order.

Two watermelon and one pineapple juice.

I had watermelon juice with mamarazzi. Aiyak..Papa already told them don't add sugar and yet they added. Thank goodness it's not that sweet.

Alo BOSS! How come the next table got their food first padahal we came and ordered first? Double standard ah? Sorry no cure. I want my food now. Hungry.

Puyuh Goreng. Hmmm..the meat was very tender and well marinated. Papa said it's a bit salty.

Tomyam Seafood. Hot hot hot. Mamarazzi liked the way that they did not shred the Lime Leaves. They put the whole leaf into the soup. Easier to eat.

Sotong Goreng Kunyit. Very "bouncy" sotong. Nice. Again Papa said a bit too salty.

Salted Fish Kai Lan. Not over cooked. Confirmed there is no pesticide in this Kai Lan coz Papa found a tiny worm sticking on one of the leaf. Hentam la..big worm eat small worm. In Thailand people not only eat worms but also bugs.

Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin. Not bad. Found a lot of salted fish in the rice. Maybe that's why Papa kept saying the dishes here salty.

The Sambal Belacan to go with the Nasi. Yumm..yummm...really berasap.

BOSS!! One more Watermelon Juice and fill it up with Ice please. Smoke is coming out from my ears.

Total damage? Less than RM50. Forgot the exact price. Mamarazzi said it's better than Pasta.


  1. Wah....the tomyam seafood looks apetizing! I love hot and spicy food! Makes my mouth water already!

  2. so yummy & must giv the resto address..lah

  3. Sure better than pasta....gimme lots of spicy food anytime!

  4. Alice

    Sedap lor and some more i see the restaurant very clean and got ambience. Service a bit slow, maybe due to the large crowd

  5. Oh..i duno puyoh also can be eaten...hhehee..i m one Paliah ah sou.

  6. Vie

    It along Pantai Batu Buruk at K.T. Can't give you the address coz I forgot where I stuffed the receipt. Have to dig for it.Will let u know later if I find it.

  7. OMG, spicy food! I heart them anytime! LOL....

  8. Cleff

    Am still waiting for your Nyonyah Chicken la

  9. Irene,

    Too late la...already finish. Next time you follow me to K.T la

  10. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE24 February 2010 at 17:11

    Alo BOSS! How come the next table got their food first padahal we came and ordered first? Double standard ah? Sorry no cure. I want my food now. Hungry.

    .........> funny, : Ayo tempat makan oso got doule-standard? Shud be "First come-first serve" mah

  11. MRC

    Ya loh...really double standard leh..our drinks came already and we drinking halfway then the next table baru come and order. But their food arrived first. Asked the Boss he said coming coming...haiz...

  12. Happy Birth day Kaw Kaw!
    Very cute girl!

  13. haha, did you notice their tagline is "Pasti Sedap"?? i find this a bit hilarious.. so how was the good under this guarantee?? haha :p

  14. I like tomyam and spicy food. Wow... this one of go wif kerabu mangga, very nice leh!

  15. SK

    Duno think got guarantee lo...dare not try and claim "guaratee". Scared the boss will chase me out with penyapu...LOL

  16. Cleff

    I tried to order kerabu mangga but the shop doesnt have kerabu mangga :(

  17. look at his lips!!! so merah dy! hahahahahah.. ethan kenot eat spicy food one..

  18. Merryn

    Joshua also kenot tahan eat spicy food.

    he kena "play" by Papa a few times who fed him curry or something spicy.Now when papa feed, he wont take liao..kakaka


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