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Friday, 19 February 2010

Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara - TIMES Books Clearence Fair

Went to Cari Makan last night. A bit too early. Thus, decided to visit the newly open Sunway Giza.

Surprised to see that TIMES Bookstore having Clearance Sale there. Details as follows :

Date : 11-28 Feb 2010
Venue : 1st Flr Sunway Giza,Kota Damansara
Time : 11am to 9pm

Mamarazzi's hoard? Just a few books. Not much "appetite" as most are repeated books from previous sale and the price were not that cheap. Those RM10 for 3 and RM30 for 3 were all jumble up with the rests of the books. Needs a lot of digging.

What was I doing while Mamarazzi was busy digging? I had 1901 Hot Dog.

YOH! Auntie is 19TH!!

And I play peekaboo with myself.

Saw a BIG butterfly

Cheh! fake one eh.

What's this...Got torchlight here ah... many Century Eggs on the floor geh.

Wah...quite heavy wor this "egg".

Ahhh...I've got an egg!

I "seludup"one home under my shirt. Maybe the "egg" will hatch into a Century Chicken...


  1. We wanna go too! Got cheap books, will go :p Hehehe the "egg"... hatched already ke belum?

  2. lol.. i always like to read ur caption.. so cute n funny! See ya tomolo :)

  3. to uli: hahaha...i also bought some books for dylan during mah!!!

  4. Wenn

    yup..very happy to be able to run loose kakaka

  5. Chloe

    the books not that cheap...have to dig.Not much of children book but a lot of adults books. Happy digging :)

    "Egg" kena Mamarazzi confiscated and put back with the rest of the "eggs". :p

  6. Vialentino

    "Mai Shu, Mai Shu"="Dun want kalah" Kira as good also, right :D

  7. Back to his normal self, I see! Stay away from insects now... LOL!!!

  8. Gong Xi Fa Cai !!!

    Lovely smile from a cheerful boy.

  9. Angel Bear

    Your side don't have books warehouse sale ah?

  10. Mery

    Gong Xi Fatt Chai to you too :)

  11. STP

    Yes, he is very easy going :)


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