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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Second Encounter Mr Lion

It's that time of the year again. Mamarazzi's annual"pilgrimage" to Petaling Street. This year rather quiet without Auntie Enny. She is busy with Baby Lyvia.

This Sze Ngan Chye Roast Duck Stall is a MUST stop check point for Mamarazzi. Lucky we arrive early coz by noon all the ducks were sold. This year naik harga again. RM42/duck. But worth it. Very sedap!

After grabbing the ducks, it's time to cari makan. Madras Lane was a bit too crowded so we went to Tang City Food Court.


My bowl of Pork Ball Noodle. RM4. I ate just a few mouthful only. Not sure whether it's the noodle tak sedap or the hot weather.

Papa's plate of Wan Tan Mee RM4.50. Taste so-so la.

Mamarazzi's plate of CKT. RM3.30. The Keoy Teow was a bit too soft for Mamarazi's taste. at at Petaling Street sure expensive. Tourist area.

As we were shopping, that was when I had my 2nd encounter with the Lions. There were two Lions "raiding" the Fung Wong Confectionery. Psssst..pssst...Mr Lion, can give me some biscuits or not? Am still hungry.

Mr Lion came bouncing out from Fung Wong Confectionery. I guess their tummy full full already thus so happy la.

I wanna play "horsey, horsey" on Mr Lion but Papa kept holding me back.

In the end, I have to be content with sayang sayang MrLion. Hope that Mr Lion will pass some good luck to me. Hmm ....this Mr Lion tarak distribute Mandarin orange geh.

Then Mr Lion got bored and he climb up very high.Naughty naughty.

Hahaha...too scared to come down.

Okie, bye bye Mr Lion. Next time guai guai don't climb so high, ok. If fall down pain pain oh.

Alamak...Come buy CNY decoration also kena interview by RTM ka? Huh?will be aired in 8pm new? How la...? 8p.m. we have got "dating"wor. Hmm...okie will ask people to record for me.

Cheh....tarak pun aired in TV2 8pm news. Hmm....I guess they edited out my face gua.Not photogenic enough. But lucky Mamarazzi managed to record a bit using her phone's video.


  1. Woiks...become superstar liao ah? LOL... so femes... lol... can gv auntie here autograph bo? LOL...

  2. Cleff

    Superstar terkandas...hmm...never air pun :(

  3. Ha ha ha, your son is cute, sure lots of girls want to 'date' him for Valentine....after RTM aired the need to wave duck drumstick to attract girls anymore....ha ha ha!

    Happy Chinese New Year to You and your Family!
    See You again after CNY! Cheers!

  4. Wah... Petaling so near my hotel, never bother to go. Don't like the place, always crowded...and people pushing imitations, pening old man punya kepala!!! LOL!!!

  5. Probaly they want to wait till CNY only air..Seems that everyone in tv now...hehehe.

    No doubt de roasted duck is damn sedap n crispy...duno the boss is which generations edy.

  6. Ha ha ha.
    Must have been fun.
    Hhhmm...I do not like to go to Petaling Street


  7. heard that petaling street din really have much atmosphere this yr..thanks to the authorities

  8. yeah, those food in that foodcourt sure are not comparable with those in madras lane, they are for tourists only..

    aiks, i thot smallkucing is going to appear on tv, make me so excited~~ haiz!!!

  9. I recorded the clip but I think they cut the part d... Nehmind...Mamarazzi punya camera cukup baik dah :))

    Happy Chinese New Year to you, d papa and Joshua!!

    Berhati-hati di jalan raya ya!

  10. mebe today or tomorrow le, will air. haha! petaling str, kenot ingat when was the last time i raided the place man. ikan bakar, mata kucing cold drink. wahseh shiok!

  11. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE11 February 2010 at 16:40

    Happy CNY , small Kuching :-) to you & your lovely family - Papparazi & Joshua :)

  12. CKT rm3.30 mana got expensive? Even your other 2 noodles were very reasonably priced. Wah this family must be quite outstanding to be spotted by RTM crew :-)

  13. lol.. as long as got interbiu good dy lor.. means he ody stand out from the crowd! :D

    Petaling Street!!!! Aiyo.. i wont go there lah! faint :D

    Wishing you HEALTH,

  15. What to do!? Media is like that one loh. Cannot control what they choose or choose not to put up for the public to see. that ParenThots also mah, the hard copy version did not mention anything about Juan Or.

  16. Pete

    Hmm...RTM didnt air the interview wor :(. Not handsome enough gua :p

    So still need to wave drumstick to attract girls lor :p

  17. STP

    Ya Petaling St very crowded and the petty hawkers can be quite aggressive .

    I dare not ask for price at petty hawkers. Sure kena tembak one if dont buy. Moreover nowadays more foreigners running that stalls than Msian

    Only went there once a year to do CNY shopping and to get into CNY mood.

    True..thisyear not much mood :(

  18. Mommy Ling

    And fancy that the old man was still actively chopping roast duck.

    Hey...if you want the hp num,let me know la. Can call and book then just go there to collect and cabut. :)

  19. Chris

    Entah la coz we went there for awhile and cabut lari liao. Parking very expensive.

  20. Shakira

    Nowadays Petaling St is being invaded by foreign petty hawkers. For me and sis, it's an annual thingy la. How ever, it's been two years already that we didnt go.

    Last year coz Joshua was too young. This year, sis beranak pulak kakaka

  21. SK

    Unfortunately, smallkucing not handsome enough to appear on TV loh.

    We manage to tapau the Chee Cheong Fun from Madras Lane.

  22. Agnes

    Thank you very much leh :D

    ya..maybe the cut the part coz answer in english . after all the news is in mandarin.

    Gong Xi Fatt Chai To You and Maine . I bet she gets lotsa angpau :)

  23. Irene

    Ikan bakar, hokkien mee, air mata kucing.

    Eh now if you wanna drink air mata kucing no need go Petaling Street la. They open stall in Midvalley :p

  24. Chloe

    Expensive loh since the portion very little only.Not enoughto fill the stomach leh

  25. MRC

    Thank you very much and same o you...balik kampung mana this CNY?

  26. Shakira

    Thankiu thankiu thankiu same to you :)

  27. Merryn

    Know you wont got to petaling St one la...your second home is at 1U mah :p


    U eat roast duck punya or not? If eat next time i got buy, i bring you some la. Very sedap leh

  28. Alice

    Nevermind loh since i managed to capture a bit of it thru hand phone :)

  29. Joshua is not afraid of lion dance?
    Brave boy!

  30. Sarah Daddy & Mommy

    He was not afraid since the Papa was carrying him :D


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