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Friday, 12 February 2010

Restaurant Wai Kei, Old Klang Road

Remember what Mamarazzi said yesterday regarding having a dinner date thus not able to watch my "non-aired interview"? Well, we went for dinner with some close friends at Restaurant Wai Kei at S/Lot 2, Bt 4 1/2, Old Klang Rd, K.L(contact :013-3918269 and 016-2276210) . Got to know about this restaurant thru FOODBIN's blog.

Pomelo. Cut and peeled by Mamarazzi. Eat liao sure "Loh Yau, Loh Yau".

Chicken Wine. Mamarazzi and Auntie Florence like this very much as it's rich with wine taste. But the rest of the gang said the wine taste it's a bit too much. Weird leh..why they put fried egg ah?

Yong Tau Foo, recommended by the Boss.10pieces. Price duno. Mamarazzi like the YTF very much. The fish paste not much starch. A lot of fish.

Sweet Potatoes Leaves. Young and nice. And Mamarazzi can heard Cleffairy asking "Wat? sweet pots AGAIN?".

Pork Ribs with Bean Paste. To Mamarazzi this dish tasted so-so only.

Brinjal cooked with Dried shrimp. Nice. The dried shrimped was very crunchy.

See my "rosey" cheeks? Mabuk liao. Coz Mamarazzi fed me rice with Chicken Wine gravy....wiwangwang liao.

Uiks! Mandarin Oranges. The Boss give each of us a complimentary "Fatt Choy Kum". Wow...big big mandarin orange.

Alamak! Papa must be mabuk liao also. Sumbat two "kum"into my baju. Now I've got two BIG nen nen ....

Oh must be wondering why your comments for yesterday post have yet to be published. This is because by the time you are reading this, we have arrived at Kong-Kong and Ah Mah's home. Thus, no internet connection.

However, do feel free to leave your comments. Mamarazzi will reply as soon as we come back.

Meantime, do come and visit this blog when you have time during CNY coz Mamarazzi stayed up and scheduled a whole bunch of posts. Some are funny while some are about makan makan again.

Gong Xi Fatt Chai!!!


  1. so funny when i read abt the BIG nen nen *haha*

  2. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE12 February 2010 at 14:12

    Everytime i see those posting on foods, i always feel i'm the most deprived person of tasty foods!!! Da pao all the time mixed rice

  3. Love Joshua's rosy cheek! hehehe....naughty Papa, go and put big nen nen for Joshua :P
    Happy Chinese New Year to you, Joshua and your hubby! May the new year bring all of you good health, prosperity, and all good things in life! Gong Xi FA Cai!

  4. LMAO... u so pandai... Auntie Cleff here really wan say why eat sweet pots leaves again. LOL... tak jemu jemu! =.=

    LOL... drink soup until wiwiwangwang wiwiwangwang ah?After tht got fall asleep anot? If mabuk until fall asleep, den auntie wan give korkor alien eat oso

  5. pandai, oredi know Auntie here will ask why aet sweet pots again. Aiyoh, smallkucing, Mamarazzi oredi addicted liao... so chammm!

  6. Hi Small Kucing ,

    The Old Klang Roand was my favourite spot when I was a student. Usually i would take a bus from Shah Alam to go there. I used to eat at different shops around old klang road and did my shopping at one of the mall there (can't really remember the name because it was like 15 years ago.

    The photos of food you displayed were very tempting. Anyway, enjoy your Chinese new year holiday yeah?

  7. i think cantonese their chicken wine is with fried egg inside? Sometime my mil also cook with some egg inside.

    WOW! Small kuching got 36D nen nen!! LOL!!

  8. MRC

    why la so deprieved? Come come we go makan next time :)

  9. 2ma

    Gong Xi Fatt Chai!

    It was real funny when he was looking at his "nen nen" :p

  10. Alice

    Yaloh, he mabuk jor lo. kept laughing. But okay liao when he was in the car.

    A Happy and ProsperousChinese New Year to you and your family too:D

  11. Cleff

    LOL know you will comment about that liao mah.

    You better not try on little "alien". kakaka...

    The Papa gave him some Calsburg the other day and end up he merapu at night kakaka...will post the story when I sorted out the video and photos

  12. Willie

    Gong Xi Fatt Chai to you

    Wow...from Shah Alam to old Klang road ah? That's very far.

    Not sure which shopping complex you are refering to. If at OUG there was Kimisawa, Q-Mart, Yaohan OUG and now turned into Parkson and Plaza Central respectively.

  13. Annie

    Oo? Cantonese style have egg punya ah? I didnt know. It's the 1st time i encounter this. But I prefered it without the eggs coz the eggs soaked up most of the soup :(

    Big "nen nen" that have mandarin orange juice come out instead of milk :p


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