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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Restaurant Tai Soon Curry House, Kg.Baru Sg. Buloh

We received a flyer saying that there is a new restaurant in Kg. Baru Sg. Buloh. The dishes there seems to be interesting. Pig Knuckle, herbal chicken and several others. That's why we came to try it out.

Upon ordering food, we were given free soup. Today's soup seems to be Luk Cook Soup with meat.

Taste very good. I kept asking for more.

Rice come in an interesting way. It's in a small container to keep the rice warm. Just like those that people take for picnic.

Sweet Potato Leaves. Not nice coz the vege was "old". Not young leaves.

Not sure what's it called. It's pork sliced thinly and fried with curry leafs and onions. Mamarazzi like the crunchy pork slice. Papa doesn't like it. The onion seems to be more than the pork.

Steam Egg. A bit too oily, otherwise taste okay.

Half a Roast Duck (RM15). According to the man there, it's a small/young duck. An true enough, there was not much fat. The skin taste crispy just like Roast Piglet. The duck was well marinated and taste good.

During dinner, I spotted a Lenglui at the next table. I waved my Roast Duck Drumstick at her intending to offer her a share. But she ignored me. Maybe she thought I am trying to clobber her with the drumstick kot?

Total bill was RM46. Rather expensive for such simple dishes.

Here is the address just in case anyone wish to try their Roast Duck 434, Jalan Taiping, Kg. Baru Sg. buloh, 47000, Selangor. Tel 012-2153488.


  1. Wah smallkucing, such good food!
    You eat so much ,can you fit in your CNY clothes or not? lol
    take care now.

  2. *pengsan* Mamarazzi oi.... sweet pot leaves again? You addict liao ah? LMAO... Wehh... the duck looks so nice la...roast duck, roast duck... Dono can make negro duck anot?

  3. Ahhhh, boy boy already trying to tackle young girls.....Valentine day coming mah! Mummy, can get me a rose to give to my gurlfren? LOL!

  4. Shakira

    Can problem coz Mamarazzi bought all my baju one size larger...muhahaha..Mean CNY i can eat more :p

  5. Cleff

    Eating Sweet Pots Leaves is Okay as long as not "planting" it kakakaka

    Negro Chicken...negro duck ...and what else :p

  6. Uncle Pete

    Uilks...ya wonder the girl ignored me.Should have been waving a rose at her instead of the Duck drumstick! *pengsan*

  7. Half a duck for RM15 is cheap... In Sibu, at least RM17. Btw, you seem to be in Sg Buloh a lot. You live around there?

  8. STP

    It's a small duck the skin. So Crunchy. Going to petaling street later to grabs some of the Sze Ngan ChyeRoast Duck :p

    Ya. Staying in Shah Alam. Kinda neighbor to Sg Buloh :p

  9. gong hei fatt choy to u and ur family. Besok i nak balik kampung..woh woh woh woh!

  10. yes, pretty expensive, but i like the way they serve the rice...nice container.

  11. The roast duck looks nice and the skin must be crispy :) Happy CNY to you and family too ya...:)

  12. Hahaha! A small cat waving a duck at a chick! ;-)

  13. No-lah, I think that lengloi jual mahal only-lah! :D

  14. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE10 February 2010 at 17:01

    "During dinner, I spotted a Lenglui at the next table. I waved my Roast Duck Drumstick at her intending to offer her a share. But she ignored me. Maybe she thought I am trying to clobber her with the drumstick kot?"

    = tHIS is FunNy- Joshua oledi learnt the art of "Kau lui" & gentlemenship..LOL

  15. The shop name is something curry house so i thought got curry but end up not even a single dish is spicy one. Hahaha! Anyway, the duck looks good. But Sg Buloh... too far from my hse.

  16. wah..i also want to drink the soup like smallkucing. I love soups!!

  17. Goolypop...

    you banned me from your blog again ah? i go look see tarak saw your blog jor geh...sob sob...

  18. Rose

    The rice was kept warm and you can take the portion that you want so that it wont go to waste

  19. uLi

    The skin was very crispy. Like the roast piglet type of skin. yumm

    Gong Xi Fatt Chai, uLi

  20. Chloe


    Hey Gong Xi Fatt Chai :D

  21. MRC

    haiz....duno learn from where.....

  22. Alice

    Should have wave a rose or a lolipop :p

  23. Little prince Mummy

    Love the Roast Duck :)

  24. Chee yee

    They have curry but we didnt order since smallkucing cant take spicy food and there is only two of us. Cant finish the whole pot of Curry Fish head loh. Thus didnt order.

  25. Chris

    I was surprised that they gave Luk Chuk Soup. Tasted the meat in the soup.Think maybe duck meat. Soup was very sweet. Next table asked for refill.But we shy to ask la :p


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