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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Restaurant Sisters Char Koay Teow Kopitiam

Mamarazzi have been planning to try out this Sisters Char Koay Teow ever since she read it in Uncle Pete's post. Check out his post here.

Wow...apart from CKT, they seems to have a variety of food here too. Curry mee, fishball noodle, CCF , Fried Rice and etc. pork? CKT without porklard nice meh? Aiyo..don't play play here ah. There is a hidden camera too.So make sure when you sit down and makan, sit properly and gaui-guai loh.

Shhh...don't tell Mamarazzi. It's not plain water in my Happy Mug. It's 100 PLUS.*Drinking with a kiasu face*

Mamarazzi ordered a big plate of CKT. Wah lau eh...look at the prawns. As big as Mamarazzi's thumb. No Lap Cheong. It's replaced by sotong. A lot of Kerang.

Mmmmmm...delicious till I can't describe it. How come that Mamarazzi's plate of CKT is more oily than Papa's ones? Mamarazzi's one is without egg while Papa's is with egg. Could it be the egg absorbed all the oil?

One plate of CKT is not enough for Papa. He ordered another plate for himself while Mamarazzi ordered a bowl of Curry Mee since it looked so delicious in the photo.

Hmm..the Curry Mee is a BIG let down. Tak sedap geh. In fact, Mamarazzi said the Curry Mee at her school canteen tasted nicer. But that is her own opinion and may not be the truth. Others might love it.Must remember, the next time we come, must not order Curry Mee Mamarazzi.


  1. =( Gua hungry. Feed me pls? *buat muka kesian*

  2. Cleff

    wait ah..gua go cook mamee duck noodle..u want how many pkts?

  3. I WANT THAT CKT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so much liu

  4. ROTFLMAO!!! Your son's face is the indicator of the quality of the food! Wah! KL also got Sisters kah? No relation to the famous sisters CKT in Penang, I'm sure...

  5. The CKT looks great but i still prefer LAP Cheong more than choice since it's Pork free. Btw, i got attracted on the bunting stating..Buah-Buahan Dari Syurga..i m wondering wat's that..hehehhe

  6. Oppps, Uncle Pete name there ah! ha ha.
    Haven't tried the Curry Mee. Maybe I will go for the Kueh Teow soup next round. LOL!

  7. 100 PLUS...all the kids love it.

  8. LC

    wait ah...i got tapau and freeze it then mail it to u in NZ..mau?

  9. STP

    got all sorts of funny face one.

    Ya no relation to the Penang Sistrs CKT. Too bad I have yet to taste the Png Sister CKT. Everytime went the wrong timing

  10. Mommy Ling

    Despite no Lap Cheong it still taste good. Coz of the Wok Hei, I think

    Aiya...should have snap a photo of the full banner :p. thing some kind of health drink

  11. Pete

    ya loh..had my saliva drooling since reading it. Finally got the chance to eat. :)

  12. mNhL

    I think kids simply love soft drink a lot :(

  13. Little Prince Mummy

    Yup yup yup :D

  14. One day must really go try this! I'm drooling like a baby now haha!

  15. Your blog with all the delicious Malaysian food is making me hungry.
    That is a dear little chap, he will not be hungry,

  16. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE5 February 2010 at 16:28

    Joshua's face say it all...Perhaps one day when he grow-the-up, enrol him in filming academy or sth to polish his talent

  17. Chloe the CKT is nice
    Not sure about the rest of the food.

  18. MRC

    he is shy when in front of strangers wor

  19. Glennis

    Come to msia again and "makan"(eat) the taste food that we have here :D

  20. omg, im so hungry noooooooooooooow!

  21. Irene,

    go tidurler. Tomorrow have towork. tidur liao no more hungry :p

  22. Eh, is this the one very famous at Penang one ar? Penang one is road side food stall oh, I tried before ...super nice leh!

  23. uLi

    Not related to the Penang famous one. But this one taste good. no need long queue nor going all the distance. All thanks to Pete :D

  24. the ckt looks so good and got my tummy rumbling now... not a good thing at midnight now :-(


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