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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Little Painter

CNY coming. Mamarazzi said many years never paint the house. House painting time.

See! I am painting. Nice leh. Acah aje...Mamarazzi said I am too ketot to paint.

Actually I DID help in painting the house geh. I help by not kacau-ing Mamarazzi and Papa. I guai-guai sit in my High Chair and become "director".

"Yo! Mamarazzi! you missed a spot there."

Hehehe...within 2 days completed the Living Room and Dining Area. Now left Papa and Mamarazzi's room and my room yet to be painted. Any volunteers? 1 container of Nga Ku Chips for a room?


  1. Good job.
    I really love the smell of new paint.
    getting ready for CNY?

  2. wah...DIY painting? very good.. can save $$$. Nga ku for one room? hahaa..i hope u will get some volunteers.. soon!

  3. hardworking!! And, it's fun too rite?

  4. Shakira

    This Jotun paint real good . No smell at all.

    Been wanting to paint the house since last year

  5. Claire.

    Small place.No need to ask painter to come loh.

  6. Chris

    Kinda fun la the painting part. But hate the cleaning uppart. Didnt know small place also have so much rubbish kakaka

  7. I have not had my house painted since I moved in during the late after you've finished with yours, can come and do mine! LOL!!!

  8. So good and guai wor smallkucing :)

  9. After painting, the whole house will look so bright and clean. Just like women put on make-up. hehe....

  10. sometimes I let the kids paint the wall at my garden....they really love it!

  11. One Nga Ku Chips, very tempting..but my hse also not yet sapu and to earn ur nga ku chips..hehheh

  12. aiya...i thought want to "borrow" your small kucing help me to paint. Now looks like you give better offer for people to help you to paint the room. :( hahahhaha

  13. STP looking for helpers too leh :p

  14. Pete

    Uiks? Child Labour? hahaha...

    When I was young i love to paint too

  15. Annie,

    LOL Nga Ku Nga Ku lelong lelong

  16. Mommy Ling

    No need to sapu nor mop la coz the house will become dirty anyway :p

    Come and paint for me ler :p

  17. Wah, Joshua is a good boy, can kuai-kuai sit at the high chair without making a fuss so that Papa and Mamarazzi can paint in peace! Good and clever boy! for Juan Or, when he's around, I cannot do any housework one! :D Sure kacau one!

  18. u come paint for me lar, my living room, oni one side main wall, we are sooooooo malas!

  19. Irene

    what bribe are you offering *$$ minded grin*


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