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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

K.Trengganu China Town 2010

As per Mamarazzi's earlier post, there seems to be some sort of contest going on at K.T Chinatown this year. Nearly every shops were busy putting up decorations. Let comes some of the nice and not so nice photos.

The big Pintu Gerbang greeting all visitors.

The Chinese Temple in the middle of the Chinatown. This year the temple was also extensively decorated. Next to the temple there was a portable stage. Seems that there will be shows during Chinese New Year.

Everywhere there was red red and more red.

Some decorations are simple.

While some are complicated

Everywhere people are busy decorating. Some with impressive disco lights and sound system.

While some are with ladies "attached" as models.

So many shops and restaurants were decorated extensively. I wonder how the Judges going to choose.

Wah lau like the gate to the Forbidden City pulak.

Many people walking around and snapping photos.

Car and more cars coming by the minute. Too bad we didn't go to Chinatown on the day of the competition. Thus, I can't tell you which shop won.


  1. Hi Small Kuching, Holy Smoke! Is that Trengganu town? Can't imagine KT like that.
    My last trip there was in 1985. Used to visit KT almost every 2 weeks for many years, always staying at Tanjong Jara or at the Primula hotel.
    As well going fishing of Marang, and to Pulau Kapas, before it became a resort.

    Love your well taken photos.
    Really colourful....and really nice to see these as we don't have them here. Brings back memories too.
    Have a great Tiger year, Lee.

  2. wow, competition for the best decorated!

  3. wah.. so nice.. didnt know KT got chinatown too!

  4. Lee,

    Yup...that is what the town looks like now. Remember the clock tower at the Pasar Payang? gone already.

    They are also doing some reclaimation of land behind the pasar and at Pantai Batu Buruk.

    Primula is still standing. A few hotels have made its appearance. There is even a hypermarket called Giant there and there are rumours that maybe there will be a Tesco Hypermarket too.

    May you have a Roaring year too,Lee

  5. Wenn

    ya..Guess to make this year more"lively" gua. Evening there is also Lion Dance and performance of some sort near the temple

  6. Claire,

    Got. small area. still can find one shop that fix the old type of Singer sewing machine there. The type that use foot to paddle

  7. beautiful decorations,
    it is cool to live close to China town.

    Happy New Year!

  8. Chris

    Ya wor...this year like very "happening" around there.Many sights to see

  9. Jingle,

    Yes, the grandparents stay quite near China town.

  10. Wah! How come KT so meriah wan? I went back to hubby's hometown not like this oso...but then, we dun go out at night la... kena perintah berkurung... lol... hide inside the room from 8pm-8am,. LOL!!!

  11. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE18 February 2010 at 12:22

    Never been to Kuala terengganu - Nice & enlightened here that there's a China town in KT :)

  12. Wow... so yit lau! Looks really interesting. Your little Joshua looks really cute too holding on daddy's head :-D.

  13. wow. didn't know KT's china town so happening one. really nice! last year when i went during normal days a lot of the shops were close ler. i wonder if china towns in other city got such competitions. haha

  14. Cleff

    Previous year not that "happening".Only this year seems more meriah

  15. MRC

    planning to go there some time soon?

  16. Boey Joey

    Ya this year Chinatown seems to be more Yit Lau

  17. Medie007

    A lot of the old shops have and are moving to new premises. Duno why they are going to demolish this historical place. Maybe that's why you saw many shops not open. The eviction were being done by stages...haiz...

  18. Wow...the decor all very nice lor...wonder who win the best decor in town :)

  19. uLi

    Me too.... didnt went and ask who won

  20. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE19 February 2010 at 11:55

    Let me check with my 2 determinant factors first : Time & $...ho ho ho


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