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Monday, 1 February 2010

I Was Presented, Bombed and Stuffed Today

I was presented, bombed and now stuffed. Wanna know what happen?

This afternoon Khai Yeh and Khai Ma come over and PRESENTED me with this COOL Transformer Decepticon Police car. going to crash landing. Have no fear. It can turn into a robot!

Then I was BOMBED! Yup...they came to deliver the Red Bomb. They are inviting us to their wedding banquet.

Oh...I am so touch coz they stay very far. Mamarazzi had told Uncle Mac to post the Invitation Card to us. No need to go thru all the trouble of coming over to deliver the Invitation Card. But both of them took the trouble and made time to seek us out in order to personally deliver the Invitation Card.

After that, they took us out for a wonderful dinner at Restaurant Kwai Lam at Kampung Melayu Subang.

Nice cooling Sea Coconut Water with Lemon. Sori ah...Left half a cup coz Mamarazzi poured half into my mug.

Yummmm SENG! *Practicing for the wedding banquet*

Uncle Mac order Yee Sang. wah lau's not even CNY yet and we are already eating Yee Sang.

Wah...gave me so much Yee Sang ah?

My Khai Ma feeding me Yee Sang.Emm...sedap hingga menjilat sudu. First Yee Sang of the year.

Kwai Lam's famous Chicken Wings.

Really engrossed in eating the drummet. Delicious!

Kung Poh Yee Mee. Aiks! 1st time eat this dish. A tad spicy but quite good as it have pork lard.

Stir-fry Choy Tham. Quite a large portion.

Grill fish is another of their signature dish. Aiyo...cannot finish la coz we ordered too many dishes already.

Oh boy! I am really STUFFED. Thank you very much to Khai Yeh and Khai Ma for the splendid dinner and gift. And see you at the banquet soon.


  1. Hah, quite sometime didn't eat in this restaurant already. Missed the chicken wings!

  2. Pete

    me too. Coz usually have to wait around an hour for the food to come.

    Today's our lucky day as the food come within the hour.

  3. Hi SK, your boy sure is cute looking. As mentioned before, I love his day keep it long, like Elvis, ha ha.
    Love the foods come you guys eat out so often never put on weight? Ha ha.
    Have fun, best regards, Lee.

  4. ikan bakar. Miss that! Used to eat that in Penang! early eating yee sang already...sure Year of Tiger, lots of fatt chai like that! LOL!!!

  5. So fast "Lo San" already ka? hey i really like the wedding invitation card,looks so classy and i am pretty sure, Khai ma and Khai pa,sure got taste one,right?

  6. chicken wings look really delicious. smallkucing, you are so lucky. Get to taste so many goodies.

  7. Hmmm...yummy food. I love Yee Sang...

  8. wah...i also want to eat yee sang.

  9. Uncle Lee

    Cant keep the hair long ler as he sweats a lot. Maybe keep it Elvis style as when Elvis was in the army :p

    Entahlah why eat and eat and yet cannot grow fat. Gene kot..

  10. STP,

    I like ikan bakar, provided the fish doesnt have much bones. Kena 1 time fish bone stucked in the throat. Scared already

    The Khai Yeh love to eat YeeSang.

  11. Eugene,

    Ya loh, the Khai Yeh love to eat YeeSang.

    Very nice hot the Invitation Card. Simple and elegant.

  12. mNhL

    One of Kwai Lam's famous food is the Chicken Wings. Not cheap though. Last year we went the it was like rm2 for wing. Now not sure naik harga or not coz Khai Yeh belanja

  13. uLi

    Uiks? you also love Yee Sang ah? This round Joshua's Khai Yeh order "Sar Lei Yee Sang". Very refreshing and sweet.

  14. Wah...the chicken wings looks so very the delicious la...

  15. Chris,

    Dont worry wor. You got 1 whole month to enjoy Yee Sang. However, the Yee Sang price is going up, up and up. This YeeSang was RM28 for half "Mai". I wonder every year why they call it "Mai". Means what?

  16. Agnes

    The Chicken wings memang sedap. Well marinated but pricey also.

  17. Kwai Lam.....last time hubby and I ate there quite often before Juan Or was born. Go there eat kam heong crab. Last time, hubby and I usually come on Saturdays at around 5.30 to 6 pm to eat. That time, I didn't have to teach piano until so late in the evening/night, so can go and eat loh. Some more, Kwai Lam only opens from evening to night, and not during lunchtime, so we have never taken Juan Or to Kwai Lam before becos Kwai Lam's business hours don't conincide with Juan Or's timing. Hope to be able to go there to eat in the near future.

  18. Alice

    We used to frequent Kwai Lam too but not of late coz have to wait for long time for the food to arrive. Nice food but "hei choy very slow. Mana boleh tahan if bring along Joshua.

  19. High 5, kawan! LOL... I only like fish that dun hv bones!!! Ahahahahhaha... sebab tercekik wif bones, so got phobia! Yeee... takut! Nanti masuk kubur early!

  20. Cleff

    You TOO? LOL

    Eh...masuk kubur early never mind. it's the tak hidup tak mati part that I am scared of.

  21. So early got lou sang already good eh! Wish to get your vote pls

    I am no 3 you can vote every day , each vote a day , highest voter can get win a prize too :P

  22. Haha so early in the year already kena big "bomb" on top of the CNY mini "bombs". Wah smallkucing knows how to enjoy yeesang ar? Chloe won't eat wan :-(

  23. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE2 February 2010 at 17:07

    SK getting more "creative" with words -Joshua oso know Yam senngG...Good lar

  24. what bomb? someone fart ah? oppsie so rude sorrie, lol.

  25. Choiiii! Touch wood! Wud tak hidup tak mati? Dun cakap bukan bukan! Tak ong! Ahahaha!

  26. Cleff

    uiks u also believe tarak ong punya ka?

  27. Tuti

    Laaa....long time didnt see you. where u hiding la? Red Bomb=wedding invitation ler

  28. My grandma used to stay across the street. And Kwai Lam is one of the restaurant that we used to go.

    Sometime in last year, I have visited the restaurant once more and seems like their food is not taste as good as before.

  29. Sarah's Daddy & Mommy

    we used to got to kwai lam quite often but not lately coz the service very slow.


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