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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

He Saves

! today I am officially TWO years old. Here marks the start of THE TERRIBLE TWO.

I guess Papa and Mamarazzi are still amazed how fast I am growing.Some people thought that I am THREE years old when they see me for the first time.

Alamak! does it mean that Mamarazzi have to start flashing my Identity Card when we go to makan-makan where kids of certain age eats for free?

Many have asked why the name Joshua? Pretty common name. Guess only Mamarazzi knows. She have been fascinated by this name since the first time she saw it. It means "He Saves".Not that she thinks that I'll be saving lives or anything, but rather someone up there will always look after me and saves me from harm.

And true enough I had a few narrow escapes even before I was born.

Once when I was in Mamarazzi's tummy for barely two months, there were some bleeding. In between then on there were some ups and downs.

A case of bad food poisoning where Mamarazzi vomited from morning to night. Thank God, Kaw Por was around then


Three weeks before I was born, Papa came down with Chicken Pox and I was in danger again coz Mamarazzi never had Chicken Pox before. According to the doctors the most risky time to come down with chicken pox is between five days before giving birth and two days after delivery. Coz then I would have been exposed to the virus but doesn't have time to receive antibodies from Mamarazzi. Means, there's a high chance that I'll develop what's called neonatal varicella, or newborn chicken pox, which can be serious and even life threatening – especially if left untreated. And thank God again, He saved me.

Another narrow escape was on the day that I was born. I tried to come out the natural way. Mamarazzi huffed, puffed and yet I couldn't get out. The doctors saw that my heart beat was getting slower and slower. The doctors had to do emergency operation to get me out. Saved once again by someone up there.

Thus that is the story of my name. Mamarazzi said that I only get to enjoy sitting here in my lovely Rocking Chair coz He saved me many times. Mamarazzi hope He will continue to look out for me in my lifetime.


  1. oh Yes, He definitely will! Joshua is the leader too.. he led the troops to conquer.. hehehe.. so u r sort of a conquerer too..
    so Joshua, next time u must take good care of mama and papa.. your mama has gone thru a lot bringing u out into this world.. :)

  2. I am surprised that Joshua is only two,, he looks more" matang" than two.............and i am sure the ONE up there will bless him lot lot and he will sure grow up to be a nice young man...............

    Happy Birthday from uncle Eugene

  3. Happy Birthday! Going to have a big party?...Wah! Your mum had a tough time when expecting you hor! Is she planning to have another one? Bet you would like a little brother...or perhaps, a sister? LOL!!!

  4. Joshua look like big boss on the rocking chair!

  5. A Full-Timed Housefly23 February 2010 at 14:35

    He looks like a " towkay " in that rocking was your CNY ? Wishing you and your family happy and healthy

  6. Claire

    Now he is trying to "conquer"my computer leh.Lost interest in his own toy laptop coz not colourful enough:(

  7. Eugene

    Thank you very much.Hope so too. True...some times he will act very "matang".

  8. STP

    Thank you. Today no big celebration.Mamarazzi made red egg and Kaw Por bring Char Siew&Chicken.

    As for little bro or sis...any volunteer to babysit for free for the 1st 6months? :p

  9. Pearlyn

    Gong Xi Fatt Chai to you and your family

    As CNY goes there are some ups ad downs. Mostly is OK loh.

    The most fun was to meet up with a few lovely mommy bloggers out there :)

  10. Happy Birthday to Small Kucing. Looks like the age 2. Another year older and of course another year wiser... guess for little Joshua, it would be another year cheekier? hehe.

  11. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE23 February 2010 at 17:09

    hAHA ...True Joshua seems older than 2 years old; hence i thought earlier why is he still on milk bottle?..The whole family is christian?

  12. LV

    How very true... Another year older..another year cheekier :D

  13. MRC

    hahaha gotcha there...none were ever baptised :p

  14. wah , 2 yrs old...very big and tall boy...

  15. Oh, yes, truly a lot of blessings from God for Joshua and his parents! And a belated happy 2nd birthday, Joshua!

  16. Happy Birthday Joshua. are indeed the 'protected' one. Been saved so many times!

    @Cikgu, tht day he celebrated d... with us. Ahahahaha!

  17. Happy Birthday Joshua. 2 years old, same age as my youngest son!

    Looks like Mommy and daddy had gone through a lot to bring you out to this wonderful world!

  18. 2 years old only ya...i thought already 3 leh...looks so tall :) My niece MiaoMiao is 2 years 3 months now :)

  19. Aww.. Happy Birthday Joshua ! You've got great things ahead of you ! The big guy up there has truly blessed your mummy through her whole pregnancy. :)

  20. Vialentino

    Like father like son :D

  21. Alice

    Thank you. Not belated at all. You are on the dot :D

  22. Thank you Chloe and Happy Belated Birthday too.

  23. Pete

    Is it? Your son is a little Mickey Mouse also ah :)

  24. Thanks, Cleff and hope He will continue to look out for Joshua in future

  25. uLi

    Uiks...Miow Miow only 3 months older than thi smallkucing? But she very pandai bergaya leh. Pretty girl

  26. a star in the making.


  27. My son little piggy out very near to New Year before fireworks starts....good timing leh! ha ha ha!

  28. Pete

    Aiks a little Piggy ah...sure got "hau fook" coz the dad can cook so many delicious food. :)

  29. Happy 2nd birthday Joshua. Wow, that is story behind the name ya. :)

    You know what, i got some bleeding when i am 4 or 5 months pregnant, then my hub also got chicken pox and i never had chicken pox before also and worst is, that is during chinese new year time!!! My hub was staying at her sister's husband house (that time they still not married yet) then i stay alone at home with maid during the whole chinese new year. Poor thing lei.

  30. Omgh...Annie. So similar.

    My hubi got Chicken Pox during CNY too. At that time I was 8mth & 1 week pregnant. Due in 3 weeks. Was very worried coz if i were to kena Chicken pox most likely will be near delivery time.

    Hubi aunt lend us her apartment where I stayed alone. Food delivered daily.

    Thank God it work out fine for you and for me too.


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