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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Bak Kut Teh @ Sun Fatt Kee, Seapark

We are at Restaurant Sun Fatt Kee, Jln 21/11B, Seapark.. We passby this shop many times before and always saw many people enjoying their food here. Thus this time when Mamarazzi gila babi again, Papa brought us here to eat BKT.

Service was super fast and efficient. A bowl of "oil rice" with a lot of fried shallots. Smells real nice.

Yau Char Kwai, one of the MUST when comes to eating BKT.

A pot of BKT for 1 person. Gosh! It's really full to the bream.

The boss was real clever. Even give an additional bowl of soup coz he know people will sure ask for more soup.

Chu Kiok Choh for 1 person. First time tasting this. Initially I didn't like it and neither does Papa.But after a mouth or two, Papa start to gobble this up. Mamarazzi said it tasted very good. Boiled long enough.

A plate of Yau Mak. Made just the way Mamarazzi likes it. The vege not overcooked nor too raw. Very satisfying dishes.

Alamak! as Papa and Mamarazzi was enjoying the food, suddenly my stomach ached. Big Business on the way. As Mamarazzi caught a whiff of my Big Business, she lost her appetite and I kena scolding for doing Business at inappropriate time.


  1. Hahahaha!!! Looks like yew char kway or not...what you made? ROTFLMAO!!! The bak kut teh looks very nice... Yum!

  2. i love bak kut teh esp with the yau char kwai!

  3. big businessman in future so must do big business anywhere got chance lor. :P hahaha. cute kucing. :)

  4. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE28 February 2010 at 11:05

    LOL...The last sentence is funny..Kesian Joshua or mammarazi? :-O

  5. Why u all everyday eat out wan? fuiyo.. i read oso i lose track of wat is wat.. haha.. when we do eat out, we always end up at the same place. Not as adventurous as you guys :D

  6. STP

    Duno the shape la since he sat on it...more like ham chim peah *pengsan*

  7. STP

    Duno the shape la since he sat on it...more like ham chim peah *pengsan*

  8. tuti

    ya big bizman...but poor Mamarazzi had to find a clean toilet to wash this big bizman's ahem ahem leh

  9. MRC

    Of course kesian Mamarazzi la...syok syok eating BKT suddenly kena attack by THAT smell...kekeke

  10. Merryn

    No la...ngum ngum gai-gai saw got many people eating there so "heau" lor.

  11. Drooling drooling ... I want i want i want ... BKT ;-)

  12. Waliao...Chu Giok Chou, 1 of my favorite leh!! Yummy Yummy :) Happy Chap Goh Mei to you ya ^^

  13. I stumbled onto your blog having not had breakfast yet. Very hungry now. lol

  14. sun fatt kee bak kut teh....hmmm, must go seapark and find it near to maybank?

  15. uLi

    Manyak sedap wor this Chu Kiok Choh

  16. TZ

    You have to keep fit. Go gym :D

  17. Dustus

    Oppsss...that is one of the hazard of my blog. Some times tend to make people hungry :p. Thanks for visiting. Hope to see you here again

  18. Vialentino's right behind Maybank

  19. u know what? i have not eaten bkt for over 10 years? now ur post is making me missing BKT!!!! now u also reminded me to bring my foreign friends to try bkt!

    any good place in kl for BKT?


  20. will check out this place

  21. Renaye

    What ? 10 years? Wow..that's a very long time. Due to health reason or being overseas?

    If you are familiar with Old Klang road, there are many good BKT shops around there with reasonable price.

    Or if you want a better setting there is one nice bak kut teh shop at Sunway After a fulltummy, can bring your friend to "jalan-jalan" at Sunway Pyramid :p

  22. Pete

    i saw many people order nasi lemak from the Mamak stall situated at the same restaurant. I think I will try itone of these days. So many people eating there...thus must be good gua.

  23. Hahaha! The last paragraph sounds so familiar! Can safely say that 90% of the time, Chloe will choose to do her big biz when I'm either cooking or eating. Sure wan :-(

  24. Chloe Mummy

    You kena too ah? kakaka

    Pening leh...he "mengeram" whole day don't wanna do biz...when makan only he sibuk wana do biz.

  25. thx alot for posting on your blog.. recently we also have a fan page at FB


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