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Thursday, 25 February 2010

2nd Day of CNY

On 2nd day of CNY we took leave from Kong-Kong and Ah Mah. Papa gotta start work lor. Or else no more milk milk for me loh.

The 2nd Day of CNY not many cars on the road. Managed stop many places and bought some goodies. Bought some lemangm Ciku and Lambai Rambai.

The name is actually Rambai but I kept calling it Lambai Lambai.

Naughty Papa lambai lambai the Rambai in front of my face.

*GRAB* Caught you! Muhahaha!

I've got one Buah Rambai.

*Ngap* Hmm..nice favourite. Sweet sour.

Then we meet up with Auntie Woo. She gave us so many goodies! Mamarazzi forgot to snap photos of the goodies before we "ngapped" everything. There were goreng pisang, cookies, mini mandarin oranges, Satay, gulai and two BIG angpau for me. Thank you very much, Auntie Woo.

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Auntie Jenna was there too. Auntie Jenna made this lovely Layer Cake. Wow...very sedap. Not too sweet. Mamarazzi said really salute her as it's not easy to make Layer Cake. Takes a lot of work.

And of course Papa and Mamarazzi also stopped to pick up this Rocking Chair for my Birthday. Syoknya...

The man wanted RM80. Bargained, got it for RM65.Am sure can go lower but the weather was very hot.Papa and Mamarazzi felt lazy to bargain some more. Well, since t's CNY..the "extra" kira as angpau to him loh.

By the way, Mamarazzi saw the same Rocking Chair selling at the Kampung Baru Sg Buloh Pasar for RM78.


  1. A good buy RM68! I never knew that fruit was called Rambai haha! Now I do ;).

    Looks like SmallKucing going to be enjoying the rock rocking!

  2. I dont know if rambai and belangsat are the same, for i have never tried rambai before but they look like belangsat to me after all,can englighten me on this or not?

  3. i've never seen buah rampai...interesting!!! Hahaha. Look like langsat though...

    Btw, bookxcess moving out sale..!! Yays. Will u be going?

  4. Smallkucing smile until tak jumpa mata lor....hehe!

  5. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE25 February 2010 at 16:56

    PAPA & MAMA oso can tumpang the rocking chair what :-)

  6. Love his smile in the 'Caught you' shot!! So cute!!

  7. Oh rambai... it's a long forgotten fruit. I think i've only tried it once cos it's so uncommon and hard to find. Looks like a very short holiday for you too. Same here lah, our papa also didn't take extra leave. Early2 went back to work liao...

  8. LV

    He is already enjoying the Rocking Chair. Hopefully he wont destroy it anytime soon.

  9. Eugene

    I dont know what is Belangsat. Could be the same coz different states might call it different name.

    This one have 3 seeds in the middle and the pulp is something like mangoesteen

  10. Joanna

    Last time i thought is langsat too.

    Not sure whether going to the moving out sale yet or not. Have to find time :)

  11. uLi

    Coz he caught a Rambai mah :p

  12. Chleo

    Maybe coz it's very fast to get rotten. that's why people dont really sell it in KL gua. But smell very nic. Took into the car aje can smell the nice sweet smell

  13. Little Prince's Mummy

    Ya wor..very sedap.Moreover it was not overly sweet

  14. Never heard / seen that Rambai fruits. Btw, the rocking chair is soooo nice.

  15. mNhL

    Seldom sees Rambai in KL.

    Joshua loves the Rocking Chair very much :D

  16. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE26 February 2010 at 16:49

    Oops sorry - It's supposed to be for children's rocking chair...LOL, sometimes i'm very fast to comment (Hopefully No offend) :-)

  17. MRC

    Cheh...u think so "siew hei" one meh :p


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