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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Bak Kut Teh @ Sun Fatt Kee, Seapark

We are at Restaurant Sun Fatt Kee, Jln 21/11B, Seapark.. We passby this shop many times before and always saw many people enjoying their food here. Thus this time when Mamarazzi gila babi again, Papa brought us here to eat BKT.

Service was super fast and efficient. A bowl of "oil rice" with a lot of fried shallots. Smells real nice.

Yau Char Kwai, one of the MUST when comes to eating BKT.

A pot of BKT for 1 person. Gosh! It's really full to the bream.

The boss was real clever. Even give an additional bowl of soup coz he know people will sure ask for more soup.

Chu Kiok Choh for 1 person. First time tasting this. Initially I didn't like it and neither does Papa.But after a mouth or two, Papa start to gobble this up. Mamarazzi said it tasted very good. Boiled long enough.

A plate of Yau Mak. Made just the way Mamarazzi likes it. The vege not overcooked nor too raw. Very satisfying dishes.

Alamak! as Papa and Mamarazzi was enjoying the food, suddenly my stomach ached. Big Business on the way. As Mamarazzi caught a whiff of my Big Business, she lost her appetite and I kena scolding for doing Business at inappropriate time.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Nasi Briyani @ Restaurant Salma, Shah Alam

Sorry ah...mouth cannot open coz full of this Nasi Briyani. Yes, we were at Restaurant Salma located at No. 19, Jln Waruna Ar U5/ar, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor.

Mamarazzi was hungry and didn't know what to eat as more restaurant and stalls was closing as it was already 2pm. Thought of eating Maggi Goreng but then she saw Salma still have Nasi Briyani. We ate this Nasi Briyani mana times before. taste not bad. Got the usual stuffs like raisin and gajus. Mamarazzi love the chicken. Very soft, tender and well marinated.

It comes with Papadum. My favourite.

The nasi Briyani comes with Acar. But Mamarazzi added two more types of vegetables. Looked messy hor? Actualy it wasin two separate plates but Mamarazzi ate liao baru remember have to snap photo. Thus all put into one plate loh.

As for me, I was busy stuffing my mouth with Papadum.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Sri Ayutthaya, Medan Damansara

This happen more than a month ago. This round we wanted to have Thai Food pulak. We simply tembak one Thai Food Restaurant. We arrived Sri Ayutthaya, Medan Damansara at around 8.30p.m. Parking was expensive at RM5 per entry.

We went upstairs and we were greeted by this beautiful scene. Waterfall from the ceiling into a pond with many fish in it.

As we were being seated, Mamarazzi took the opportunity to go to the "Powder Room". Gosh! even the sink is gold coloured.

I am ready to order. Where is the Captain/Waiter or whatever you call it?

After a long wait, finally somebody came and took our order. Gosh! what an untidy fella! There is a spot of grease on his baju. I thought this is supposed to be a reputable restaurant.

Oh my goodness!!! after like 15 minutes wait, the fella came back and said he misplaced our order. He again took our order.

Hmm...boringnya. When will the food arrive ah? makan biscuit first la.

Ah...rice. Hungry-nya. Papa had to ask them for a plastic plate for me. If not they would have ignored my presence totally and serve the adults only. All these small things should not have to wait for Papa or Mamarazzi to ask mah. Should have been given to me earlier.

Seafood Tom yam. Gosh what a messy presentation. The Chef never been trained properly ka? How la that the oil can stain till outside of the bowl. At least wipe it off a bit la for nicer presentation. Taste? so-so only.

Beef cook with pepper and ginger. The beef was alright except that it's a bit too much of pepper. No ginger taste.

Pandan Chicken. Taste average.

Kerabu mangga. This one Mamarazzi liked. I tried a bit and I don't like it.

Too spicy for my taste. Thus I eat white rice with pandan chicken only loh.

However, I do love the Watermelon juice. I finished nearly the whole glass by myself.

Dessert time. Another long wait for the Dessert Menu. It finally came in a tray with many bowls of dessert in it. We just have to choose and they will make for us. Aiya..forgotten what it's called. I like it very much especially the red sago.

Overall, the food was so-so but the service was not up to our expectation. Well, all these were what we observed that day. It's our personal views and opinion only. It may not represent the truth. We are not the expert here. Maybe they are just having a bad day. Do come and have a try.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

It’s Spring-Cleaning Time at BookXcess

Good news to all bookworms and non-bookworms! BOOKXCESS is moving to it's new premises and guess what...they are spring cleaning now. They are having a MOVING OUT SALE starting tomorrow to 10 March 2010!

There are over 200 selected titles going on sale at 3 amazing prices: RM3, RM5 and RM9.90! Fiction, non-fiction, children and young adults.

So...GIDDY-UP! Horsey...bring me to BOOKXCESS as fast as you can!

Checkout their blog for further information checkout

2nd Day of CNY

On 2nd day of CNY we took leave from Kong-Kong and Ah Mah. Papa gotta start work lor. Or else no more milk milk for me loh.

The 2nd Day of CNY not many cars on the road. Managed stop many places and bought some goodies. Bought some lemangm Ciku and Lambai Rambai.

The name is actually Rambai but I kept calling it Lambai Lambai.

Naughty Papa lambai lambai the Rambai in front of my face.

*GRAB* Caught you! Muhahaha!

I've got one Buah Rambai.

*Ngap* Hmm..nice favourite. Sweet sour.

Then we meet up with Auntie Woo. She gave us so many goodies! Mamarazzi forgot to snap photos of the goodies before we "ngapped" everything. There were goreng pisang, cookies, mini mandarin oranges, Satay, gulai and two BIG angpau for me. Thank you very much, Auntie Woo.

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Auntie Jenna was there too. Auntie Jenna made this lovely Layer Cake. Wow...very sedap. Not too sweet. Mamarazzi said really salute her as it's not easy to make Layer Cake. Takes a lot of work.

And of course Papa and Mamarazzi also stopped to pick up this Rocking Chair for my Birthday. Syoknya...

The man wanted RM80. Bargained, got it for RM65.Am sure can go lower but the weather was very hot.Papa and Mamarazzi felt lazy to bargain some more. Well, since t's CNY..the "extra" kira as angpau to him loh.

By the way, Mamarazzi saw the same Rocking Chair selling at the Kampung Baru Sg Buloh Pasar for RM78.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Tenang Seafood Restaurant, Pantai Batu Buruk

Where is Kaw Kaw Lay Liew? Wanna wish her a very Happy Birthday. It's her Birthday today.

What a wonderful thing! Our Birthday is like Do~Re~Me~ . Papa's on 22nd, Mine on 23rd and Kaw Kaw's is on 24th. Anyone 25th?

Back to some CNY Cari Makan. The 1st day of CNY we had a nice dinner at Tenang Seafood Restaurant located along Pantai Baru Buruk. Saw many people "makan-ing" there. It's a relatively new restaurant. According to the owner, they just open two months ago.

Very nice interior decoration. There are glass wall with water that makes the place cooler. Tastefully decorated.

Now let's see if the food is as good as the decoration. Let's order.

Two watermelon and one pineapple juice.

I had watermelon juice with mamarazzi. Aiyak..Papa already told them don't add sugar and yet they added. Thank goodness it's not that sweet.

Alo BOSS! How come the next table got their food first padahal we came and ordered first? Double standard ah? Sorry no cure. I want my food now. Hungry.

Puyuh Goreng. Hmmm..the meat was very tender and well marinated. Papa said it's a bit salty.

Tomyam Seafood. Hot hot hot. Mamarazzi liked the way that they did not shred the Lime Leaves. They put the whole leaf into the soup. Easier to eat.

Sotong Goreng Kunyit. Very "bouncy" sotong. Nice. Again Papa said a bit too salty.

Salted Fish Kai Lan. Not over cooked. Confirmed there is no pesticide in this Kai Lan coz Papa found a tiny worm sticking on one of the leaf. Hentam la..big worm eat small worm. In Thailand people not only eat worms but also bugs.

Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin. Not bad. Found a lot of salted fish in the rice. Maybe that's why Papa kept saying the dishes here salty.

The Sambal Belacan to go with the Nasi. Yumm..yummm...really berasap.

BOSS!! One more Watermelon Juice and fill it up with Ice please. Smoke is coming out from my ears.

Total damage? Less than RM50. Forgot the exact price. Mamarazzi said it's better than Pasta.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A Quiet and Peaceful Birthday Lunch

Today is a low key kinda celebration. Last night somebody suggested for Mamarazzi to make Red Egg for me to eat today. Mamarazzi said I don't eat punya.

But don't know why this morning Mamarazzi went and made Red Egg. I surprised her by finishing a Red Egg by myself.

Around noon, there is another surprise. Kaw Por rang up and said she is on the way over.

Jeng~jeng~jeng~...she bought me Glenmarie Meng Kee Char Siew and Steamed Chicken Drumstick!

Aiyak...they chop up the drumstick already.

Hmm...beh tahan...I curi makan first.


Now...which piece shall I take?

Ah...this one...


Sumbat it all in.

Sedaaapppp.....thank you very muchie, Kaw Por.
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