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Monday, 11 January 2010

Room Eighteen , Tropicana City Mall

This is another late post. Noticed the hair? It was makan time again. This round we went to Room Eighteen at Tropicana City Mall. Been hearing a lot of positive comments about this restaurant. It's time to "kaypoh" too.

Sit down aje, comes appetiser. Interesting. Some crunchy keropok, slices of cucumber and pineapple in sweet sour and spicy sauce.

Test first

Ngap! Very nice pineapple! Love the "keropok" too.

What's this? If not mistaken, Cantonese called "Chin Tooi".

No..No..No...I don't want. Mamarazzi ate a mouthful and she also "retired". There is a funny smell. Smell of oil that has been used many times.

Fresh Prawn Sui Kow Mee. Hopefully this one will be better as Mamarazzi was famished.

Aiya...everything I have to be "Guinea Pig" first ah? Taste okay la. Can eat. Since positive respond from me, Mamarazzi ate loh. Ngap! one time the noodle. Tarak ngum her taste. The Wan Tan Noodle still have the cold water taste and she "ngap" the Sui Kow...also not up to her expectation. Ming Keh Wanton Mee at Happy Garden taste nicer.

Roasted Duck Rice. Very long "woo lung" story. Papa ordered Roast Duck Rice. The first round this thing came it was correct. Papa was just going to eat it when they discovered it's for the next table. The second round this came, it become Roasted Chicken Rice pulak. Thank goodness, the third time correct or else.....Taste also so-so only.

One more final dish.

Herbal Soup Siu Lung Pau. Very nice presentation. Mamarazzi had one. Hmm...the soup inside is indeed very tasty. Yum-yum.. however the meat inside was not good. Minced too much till the taste are all mixed up.

Overall judgement? For the quality of food given on that day...I think it's rather expensive. Maybe the Chef having a migraine on that day due to the blur-blur-lan Waiter and Waitress.

Oh more incident...there were two packets of the restaurant's wet tissue on the table. I accidentally dropped one packet onto the floor. Then Waitress came to serve us the food. She saw there was only one packet on the table and asked whether we received two packet of wet tissue coz the Tissue cost RM1/pc. When Mamarazzi informed that we have received them and one had just dropped. She looked at the unopened packet of tissue on the floor and walked away.

Mamarazzi was hoping that the Waitress could have help to retrieve it coz her hands was full with me. Meantime I was hoping that she would bend down to retrieve it so that I could look at her....smooth and silky.... hair. Well, looks like she was more concern whether we received the allotted wet tissue than giving full customer service. Aiyo...forgot to ask Papa whether they charge service tax or not.


  1. Thanks for sharing the experience! Very informative!

  2. Hope that day is just a bad day and it does not reflect the restaurant normal food and service quality la, Alice

  3. really have time to top from restaurant to restaurant for their foods, not bad not bad. Keep it up.

  4. Lil' Bulb

    Coz sometimes mamarazzi lazy to cook loh

  5. Like that business cannot survive long lah!

  6. Does not look like a good experience wor.... and the food also so-so only. If I were you most probably I wont go back again. Hehehe!

  7. Pete,

    but surprisingly this restaurant is quite famous wor. Said to rival Dragon-i.

  8. thanks for sharing. Ok, will "avoid" this restaurant if we will be there next time.

  9. Hahaha...mayb the quality droppedonly for that day leh, Annie :p


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