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Friday, 29 January 2010

One In The Pot

The other day went to Auntie Merryn's house and meet Princess Breanna. Had a "chit-chat" with Breanna. Aiyo..malunya. Breanna told me she already know how to do "biz" in the potty and she is one year younger than me.

Don't know why leh. .Mamarazzi tried many times to let me sit on the potty when I get the "Poo Poo Face". Each time when I sit in it, poo poo refused to come out pulak.

Finally, today marks the day. It happen. Mamarazzi! I've got one into the Pot! Time to washy my bum bum.


  1. wah congratulations on a successful potty day! lol!

  2. :D

    if he dont go potty, the mamarazzi will go potty soon

  3. hahhaa....all naked when doing biz? hahaa.. really cute pic.. he will love these pictures in a couple of years from now!! hahha...

  4. alamack, when she grows bigger, she will want you to delete her photos.

    My second daughter now 21, refused to let me post her photos.

    My son, can't help it, he needs to model for me otherwise I won't take him to long hols.

    came via wenn's site, was curious why you call your blog kucing. Kuching was my father's home in his later years. I was from Sibu.

  5. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE30 January 2010 at 12:09

    Joshua might say this when he grow-the-up in future : "WHY U DO THIS TO ME, MUM??????????? WHY WHY THIS PHOTOS !! :D

  6. Claire,

    coz planned to mandi him after he poo. hahaha

  7. MRC

    then i would reply coz MRC wants to see you naked :D..muhahaha

  8. Ann

    maybe he would want me to remove the post when he grows up but's here to stay :p

    This blog have nothing todowith the city Kuching though I have a cousin staying there with similar name as you.

    I named it smallkucing coz am just small player in blogging world. Still blur regarding blogging and all the gadgets and stuffs. Learning from the experts daily.

    Once again, thanks for visiting my blog

  9. Wah...naked post...18SX ya.. :D

  10. Congratulations and celebrations, Joshua! You finally did it!

  11. Alice

    finally after so long. Hopefully he will continue


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